The neo creation law. Part 2.


The law of neo-creation, i.e., a signpost for developing mechanisms for manipulating, control, repairing, correcting, developing all processes and structures of life and matter.

Nature, in its tendency, digests, devours itself, and there is nothing to adjust to it by force. We can also take an active part in natural processes by giving our direction – not getting eaten. That does not mean being unaware of a certain symbiosis, cooperation, because we cannot go through these processes effectively alone without properly balancing our responsibility with our vanity, concerning the processes and structures that surround us from inside and outside.

Law, self-creation mechanism of self-healing bricks/hands as a strategic step breakthrough in neo-creational anti-inert management of the potential of using constructional (kinetic) energy.
The increasing time of inertial resonance (wave) formation of human participation, which has so far determined and at the same time spoils, distracts, inhibits, disintegrates strategies, the direction of neo creation instead of using the proposed mechanism of technology to more effectively influence the more harmonious symbiosis of this kind of vanity and the effectiveness of action throughout of life and the entire cosmos at a pace already exceeding any previously known physical, economic, social, psychological and psychological perception and reception of all processes and structures.

An essential factor in the initiated neo creation law is the relation of irritating, vain, inertia of the system as so-called massive energy, processes to the purposeful control process, reviving this system by activating structures, processes according to directions, the pace of planned further creation, and the creation of any processes and structures, any screening, i.e., assuming partial or full conscious responsibility for these processes

It is this kind of selective natural economics that determines the pace of neo-creative growth potential.
Here, in this process of making conscious, responsible decisions, you are subject to the mechanisms of the economics of selective control, initiating the reconstruction and emergence of new processes, asymmetrical structures for systems in the so-called modern science of nature.

Moving the pace of the neo-creation process depends on the ratio of vainness and responsibility in a neo-creative attitude, the will to change directly translates into a break of the so-called inviolable, conformist systems of type e = mc2, i.e., the design of energy efficiency / quasi-efficiency, the ability for a given mass and until now known structures, processes, properties of the object,
that is an unconditional change in the properties of each object.
It is an absolute neo-constructive relativism of mass, energy, time, and all other processes and structures, breaking at any given level any achieved/stated physics, biology, etc. principles, based just on this neo-creative law and its further interpretations and consequences.

After all, this vainness apparently not participating directly in the hyper evolutionary race of space and life, is also an essential and determining factor in shaping, directing neo creation processes, exploitation of re-creation of existing structures/processes of any energy/mass. Changing their relations entirely according to our aspirations, not at all, must be subject to the processes of direct sharing or to the evolutionary struggle of all structures known and unknown to the life of cosmos.
These sorts of asymmetrical approaches to evolutionary, structural, process energy / mass relations are the final development factor. Still, nevertheless, one needs to take into account (operational) elements required to implement these asymmetrical actions – more or less directly natural exploitation factors and neo-creative reconstruction.
It is about creating a mechanism in most autonomous but so-called one-percent shaped processes of decision-making man’s aspirations, his own and not external cosmic evolutionary goals, structures, processes, and laws.
Automaticity, as it was in the history of the development of civilization, made us more and more independent of direct whims of natural, evolutionary micro/macro cosmos processes.

It is about making this process-aware and introducing the production utilization of an increasing structural and tool advantage in deciding on the course of all processes. That will further strengthen the lead in establishing, reconstructing, improving the so-called hyper gene bricks/hands of the potential of natural process constructional energetic mass spaces and life, more and more according to our aspirations and not only external factors.
The construction of increasingly strong structural foundations for reconstruction, neo creational bricks is the basis for the development of the civilizational breakthrough of leaving the breeding pig position of evolutionary systems to the host co-host, initiator, decision-maker of all processes and structures, breaking all so-called unchanging and yet temporary, classic, primitive and symmetrical flat dogmas, systems of possibilities and impossibilities.

To be continued with the further, (positive)abyss/vast consequences of the neo creational cosmic big bang human (r)evolution search and suggestions.

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