Neo anthropologic/neo technologic, neo economic visions of DNA of life/matter of neo evolution/neo creation.

Race of primitive vanity of consumerism or race of consumerism of neo creation, as the primary determinant, paradigms of our and our universe development trends.

Perspectives and proposals in the increasing participation in process control, which until now have been recognized beyond the reach of modern science.

The prospect of neo creating, neo evolution of our own future, time and space, i.e., deeper manipulation of all processes/structures and their laws through the use of ever more profound and more effective technology of mass control, co-hosting, co-responsibility for our own living environment of systems, micro and macro cosmos structures/processes.
It is putting in more in-depth and further structures using the self-replication accelerator for increasingly by precision and speed building, co-building of structures, and processes.

I generally focus on the mechanism of putting more precise and more numerous bricks/hands for more effective, less passive cooperation in the process of evolution, creation of life, and matter.

It’s more about engineering than discovering phenomena, but it obviously has a mutually propelling effect. Although I feel more impressed that contemporaries are trying to adapt to the environment rather than co-creating the environment.

It is impossible to completely separate our own activity/production and separately adapt to maintaining or improving our position in constantly mutual, changing biological and physical processes. Still, it should act more as one organism or co-competitions of different organisms, systems ( apparently invisible).
It is about becoming better aware of the tools of this mechanism of co-competition in the shaping of processes/structures, as it has always been in history. Still, it is about increasing awareness of the influence of control over the deeper decks of these processes/structures, which science is trying to cope with and deal with surrounding phenomena.
The purpose is to draw attention to this mechanism of creation, adding additional bricks, remarks to further develop our co-creation, collaborate, discover, and … create further and deeper decks(and further=deeper laws) of life and matter, in increasingly effective/mass development of processes/structures of life and matter, their mechanisms and laws … for the further creation process, neo creation of life and matter.

Now it is a question of whether or not, but how to put this mechanism more and more effectively deeper and more comprehensive creation, re-creation, neo creation, co-creation of life, and the environment inside and outside us.

Showing, discovering, developing a deeper and deeper mechanism in which human, his potential for re-creation, neo creation of deeper layers of life and matter, is his equally active factor, as science has so far worked out natural phenomena with the addition of their practical development, transformation according to our more or less conscious aspirations in neo-evolutionary, creative initiatives, and enterprises.

The proposed vision, the proposal is of neo anthropological and neo technological nature, i.e., the approach of processes of all processes and phenomena with the active participation of man and developed by him technological/perceptual process/structural economy – neo economics/selective economics – very mass transformation processes, control of micro macro structures of cosmos/matter, influencing its evolution.

More and more anthropological/humanistic and less physical approach to transformations, environmental observations in us, and beyond supported by hyper evolutions or mega productions, neo technology, neo economics.
The previous economic, social, physical, biological, and ecological approaches will lose their significance in favor of a very dynamic approach to phenomena and their laws.

The use of knowledge about this mechanism of neo-creation, in the production of goods, the exploitation of creations, work with resources and tools/mechanisms, the self-replicating systems of production of multi-functional smartphone microdrones/autonomous and programmed robots Bluetooth satellite system of thousands per person as the first primitive micro-bricks/hands of this anthropologic neo-creation.

We make developing neo-creation strategies, establishing, developing deeper processes/structures previously (today also) unattainable with greater mass, mass as a paradigm of more responsible participation in all processes and structures of life and the existence/functioning of the cosmos.

Neither time nor black hole, nor any bricks of life, will no longer be determined by simplified energy and matter factors if we continue to enter more effectively deeper into the creation of these and other structures that are today considered intact.

The issue is dealing with monopolistic, dogmatics methodology of scientific and economic / consumer achievements and activities.

Biological, physical experimental achievements imposed a monopolistic determination of the final limits of phenomena and laws, e.g., time. At first glance, it’s ok according to its currently known energy/mass level. Deterministic approaches to processes/structures, phenomena. But if what we can’t see, according to modern perception, can’t do anything about it, even though it affects our lives?
It is about entering further decks of perception and influencing, neo branching the phenomena of structures/processes, e.g., today the time is forced to be defined according to the traditional energy/mass structure-process, current constructions achievements.
The presented concepts and thesis presented is also an attempt to finally deal with generalization, simplified relativism, Newtonian, and other dogmatic -biological, economic – patterns of reality.
Non-passive, flexible, constructive, not in a game of closed patterns/laws to look at further discovered, producing, efficient decks of DNA of the deeper bottom of structures/processes of life and space.
It’s like a further general look, general prediction of processes not yet measured, not yet perceptual, but potentially more constructional constructive.
The goal of this concept is perhaps more, not a refutation, but an extension of relativism of any processes indefinitely – without limiting it to simple calculations, experiments, production so far – to all known and unknown processes, including activities and enterprises.

Maybe it is not about refuting the current achievements in the study, using the dependencies of micro-cosmic processes/structures at the current level of knowledge and technological potential. Still, a further extension, reconstruction, determination in this case of multi relativism in infinity – without limiting it to the simplified so far available calculations, experiments, production, on all known and unknown processes, including actions and enterprises, new realism, new laws already more determined by intentional evolutionary consumerism focused on raising levels of existence and activating our civilization less addicted than the vain blind, sometimes relaxing, resonating processes development. It is a matter of balancing these factors of intentional protection, process management, as well as a bit of consent for the free, seemingly vanity, pointless improvisation of behaviors, trends, and resonances of development.

To be continued with the futuristic/present suggestions.

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