From homo Erectus to homo sapiens…to hyper homo Erectus til hyper homo sapiens. 10. Neo creation of life and universe.

Finally draft of neo creation/mega-production – a human (r)evolution thesis.
From homo erectus to homo sapiens and environment come to hyper homo Erectus, to hyper homo sapiens but together with entirely environment inclusion/neo creation. This means we have to work out to go out from an evolutionary/mind trap of our limited knowledge and low aspiration as human, as homo sapiens of today.
We need a further platform for our civilization existence and development.
We need a new tool, a new hand, a new straighten up man, and so a new hyper homo sapiens for spark our life for a higher stage of existence this time artificially supported by really massive (self-replicating) automation=artificiallly evolution of the whole environment literally in us and beyond with feedback effect.
For our today’s technology and mind and aspiration standards,  our environment is too weak. We have to strengthen our civilizations background for more efficient cope with the environment of our life, our but further and deeper space/matter.
Achieved physically, biologically patterns – for example definition(but very limited – my footnote) of mass/=energy – (some times countably very practical indeed) can useful for/by temporary achievement, but for really further steps of/for our life and universe just only primitive misleading games but of course it could eventually use for further development like helio/geocentrism on very, very limited use in the future.
We are talking about a really very mass automatic application of programming, self-improvement of systems for creating new structures in the direction of maximization, miniaturization, precision according to the respective tasks of the purpose of the tools … future tools and tasks of reconstruction, construction of matter / physical mass, biological, life itself and the environment on earth, in micro and macro space – the hand’s manufactory methods of more or fewer line production technologies are not sufficient for us and our environment literally and figuratively.
The automatic self-replication system should be further explained and expanded for evolutionary acceleration, in the establishment of increasingly better, more and more efficient laws and constructions of the cosmos of physics and biology.
Going deeper, further into the structures, creation processes, neo creation / generation of new structures and processes in our development and aspirations – not completely accusing the achievements of the existing in finally the calculated, useful at last at a some level of reconstruction but partly (and only partly or without effects) further neo-creation of structures – into the structures of life and matter than previously known DNA or mc2 … not primitive clinging to previous achievements, but already at a given level of existence aspiration and development, further exploration, construction of hyper evolution platforms, neo creation.
Generating own sources of creation of next generations … own big bang, own evolution, own new foundations of the cosmos and life as if parallel competing.
Which, in total, as we unwittingly do somehow, but let’s just do it more methodically.

A more methodical, purposeful, strategic approach to the course of natural processes, their manipulation, which we have made since homoerectus, will protect us against fatal errors in our coexistence with nature and will accelerate and raise our active level quantitatively- process/structures flow programming, engineering (time relativism processing/manipulating) in/by our qualitative and structural existence development .

And even if we do not want to stand out above nature on the path of progress, nature will force us to run forward, not backward – if we do not want to perish making the same mistakes and defects in merciless competitions of systems in our evolutionary micro/macro cosmos environment. Therefore, we need proper organizational, neo-technological preparation, new generation technology, a new, higher, multiple dimension to match the systems of nature in its joint creation, neo-creation. Such a transition from the current two-dimensional level of efficiency/productivity/mobility to the three-dimensional level of neo creation.
From manual counted manipulated line production to programed (always initiated by the strategy of people) self-replicating, self-improving physically, economically, technologically, structurally, processable mega-production/own creation -neo creation of life and universe.
Own reconstructive assistant / slave / robotic (more and more independent in its competence) system -new- biological and material / quantum bottom.
A neo-creative operating system, re-creation/neo creation parallel assistant for our inside and outside environment.
The proposition of smartphone application market of microdrones can be the first step in building hyper multifunctional, multiplication bricks-hands literally and figuratively transferring the level of civilization to another dimension – hyper homo sapiens – multiplication platform launcher, trampoline strengthening trillion times effects of the impact on the possibilities of human mind and ingenuity.
A multiplied chance for life for us and our nature in existential, civilizational development at a level that needs to be constantly worked and deserved.

On the Moon – for just a few robots to start this processing process, neo creation – could be a great training ground, starter of building this microdronic civilization of parallel assistant … a new robotic child-serving
Self-replicating, programmable, partially (but ever bigger part) self-programming autonomous infrastructure at appropriate levels on the moon from sources of moon materials, solar energy, which would be an assistant in our hyper buildings, neo creation, inventions, their multi effectiveness, and multi-support also by means of “terrestrial” satellite telecommunications systems … smartphone, in which everyone could contribute their brick literally and figuratively in the construction, neo creation of matter and life for themselves and others.

We are constantly talking about the transition, transformation from the two-dimensional level of technological perception, (line)production, to the three-dimensional level of perception and construction, neo-creation, mega system (self-replicating)production and systems by our direction, aspiration of the level of participation in the three-dimensional competition environment, but also the potential for cooperation between biological systems and physical.

I can agree on how efficient our micro-macro cosmos is as far as we observe it and influence it.

I can agree on how efficient our micro macro cosmos is as far as we observe it and influence it, but is this the end of our quest to overcome the plastic natural abilities of the environment … raw materials, can we not make our own contribution? – but we bring (now just in two dimensions) – into generating new changes, creations of competitive, mutating systems … we can and we must, who does not go forward, goes back in the endless, very active pushing competition of more or less lively systems. Nothing can stay in the status quo even if he wants to. This can be done but it will be a decrease in relation to the neighbors down into the abyss, you can stop some status quo on some sections but for this, you also constantly need intensive and very effective active work, cooperation with surrounding systems to make this status quo at the expected level and place maintained.

Assistant- extra hand – a guard Engel – a micro drone system to support hyper homo Erectus processes.
You don’t need and don’t have to get sick, die or not exceed the speed of light, for each biological or physical cycle/process – we can be responsible, precursor, and determinate for each cycle/process. Taking really more and more generating, neo creative part in external and internal processes.

A new look at creations … evolution
Neo creations have a direct impact on the functioning of all relevant modern human institutions, not only science such as physics, biology, medicine, technology, cosmonautics, but also of course economics, politics, religion in multiply dimensions and power.

This is the end of holiday talks about hyper homo Erectus.
Time to draw the right explanations, conclusions, and actions for a multidimensional scope…that You can draw private and public conclusions as well.

To be continued

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