Creation of hyper homo erectus. 9. Massive self automation system for neo creation/neo economics of resources.

So further we go with the very loose non(classic)-binding summer divagations of brainstorm unconditional proposals (not passive/but more pro-human) visions of life and space.
It takes to start this hyper homo erectus of the extra mechanical programmed self-shaping hand, constructively, efficiently self-assembled teams of robots … i.e. mass and other simplification of processes/structures(i.e.relativisation of processes and structures) “removal”(“unmassiveness of processes”), mass/energy – i.e. mass/structures teleportation -disenchantment, i.e. accelerator of neo creation of processes recognized so far as unchanging or unknown, so-far not worked out (not for discovering but for literally working/=reconstructing out!), i.e. raising to an ever-higher level of penetration/reconstruction, perception (and vice versa) of nature, breaking on the way (tomorrow, or maybe today) primitive – but in some areas technologically sufficient today – models of nature, exploitation of nature, contributing nature, replacing nature, this new active model of nature, the neo creation of the nature of its physical, biological processes, etc. is to support homo sapiens, homo erectus, homo economicus … just human life and dignity, in offered here the insane evolutionary, cosmic Olympic race in vegetative and/but  first at all humanist (social), individual, economic, scientific, religious, etc. meaning.

We are talking here about the importance of direct mechanical (supported by alchemy in a broad sense and widely used today … genetics, chemistry, etc.) processing can be said operational, programmatic towards micro and macro processing of materials/=constructions … energetic .. biological, astrophysical on the far and further deflections of the micro and macro barriers of the cosmos of life and space/matter/mass… this time not so easily simplified, dogmatized …, mysticized, determined by coarse juggling patterns, stigmatized.

So it is going to work out strategy of the essence of substructures, the foundation of our (not so only)evolutionary, but working active out part of the existence of life and space/matter/mass to cope selective economic above science and religions and by them to support the dealing with the essence…going on higher and higher stages of existence and development foundations of man and mankind.
So it is about not excluding but proper positioning science, religions, economic because of the essence in which direction we have to go and we building, constructing all-time through our history and future.

Determined directions, place in existence and development are pre-determined, but we can change these determinants and further define one or other patterns, directions of perception and … neo creation in development ie on the basis of current mental technologically, mental and technological but also (hyper) consumer really cosmic and really lively aspirations for our existence and …dignity.

Just as geocentrism, heliocentrism, the definition of Newtonian time, the contemporary definition of mass/energy, contemporary and the further development of these definitions, etc. were sufficient, so we can develop the design of perception but also the reconstruction of nature … and further definition of processes …
freedom of relations, the definition of mass, energy, any processes/structures according to the perception of utility.
But here we are talking about general design, not refuting the previous ones, which were enough or can be enough today, but about the foundations for the creation of vision generation, applications as well as specific retrofitting of already existing discoveries and patterns, their determination, as they were determined in accordance with temporary perception and vision in a more and more massive consumption, more and more massive description of processes, micro-macro structures of the biological, cosmic, climate, physical, … economic cosmos on the right track/according actually tools/needs strategy.
The proposal of this microdronic…”pills”…”blood cells”, mass connectors with organic, terrestrial, urbanistic, climatic, space re/constructions, like experimental lego smartphone (on the Bluetooth coordination system) in self-replicating and self-evolutionary teams is to be the primitive beginning of determining, constructing more precise directions, self-orienting, controlling, (mass/irritation)miniaturization, programming more and more consciously according to our programs by determining the tools for development directions
– not the old tooling perception backwardly determined development, determining “determined” the status quo already according to the (old)existing technological economic civilizational development.
New tools, their expanded awareness of use and reconstruction directly affect mega production technologies on economic, scientific and social systems.
So it is like a new workshop of the world, not made in china but made by giant smart microdrones robotic systems…just at the start, just for fun…

to be continued with the summer issue of neo creation.

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