Creation of hyper homo erectus. 8. Structural liberation of life and space/processes.

After my recent – provocative – quite marginalizing comments about science or religion, i.e. processes of learning, entrusting to processes/structures perceived by us, I have to explain a few aspects about my intentions, which are in fact very scientific and very religious. It is about their more effective location in the process of our existence and development.
Science, religion is also needed to further efficiently carry out the hyper mechanical acceleration of processes of interest to us, inter alia, violating absolutely and unconditionally all adverse classic evolutionary, physical assumptions and trends, etc. This construction of artificial acceleration construction is a conscious, aspiring, precursor, a paradigm of any effective scientific or religious intentional development and guarantee of this growth for any individual and collective existential position in the micro-macro cosmos.

These articles are not catchy songs or rhymes, but systematic pursuit, maintenance of the status quo … systematic irritation/resonation … for an ever-higher level of their development and existence on a global, timeless, cosmic, above evolutionary, above … natural existing(current economy as well) power systems
Working out more efficient foundations … hard-working and responsibility .. with the help of additional multi accelerating super hands trillions of times more effective- practically …finally/eventually infinitely for maneuvering of all processes of life and space/matter/energy.

It is a total race to reach structures, processes seem unimaginable, unattainable … literally tangibly-robotic and massively.
In reality, it is a hyper-consumption hyper race, hyper existential race, up to pain, economic development system that determines all other areas of economic, scientific … religious, social, individual, total, space activities, intended to detriment all possible micro and macro processes and structures. of life and every matter.
There is no just marketing fun with no score or discovery for discovery. Marketing, scientific, religious, etc. factors are auxiliary helpers, even possibly waste sometimes, in relation to the mainstream of this activity … selective economics … evolutionary, structural liberation.

Above existential/vegetative attitude … above scientific and religious – not translating an existing status quo, but to get out of the cocoon – this selective economy determining the directions of thinking and acting.
Yes, science, religion, but in experimental derivative phases
And this is to preserve this safe sentimental continuity.

Definition of science/religion. It is not about abandoning science, religion, which will be and are needed in developing tools, as well as behaviors to the directions of development, existence at higher levels.

This Olympics and adventure is a game for a better, more dignified position in life and space
rather than self-degradation and submission to competition processes, it is a trick of strategy hyper homo erectus, i.e. forcing the use of mass self-development – hyper evolutionary-controlled … bred-automated technologies.

… Not scientific, but productive (neo creative), conscientious shaping of work, responsibility, developing tools for environmental reconstruction

and here we come to the redefinition (neo relativism) of time, and more processes, structures of matter … life including mass relativism … but nevertheless (neo)relativism in favor of general phenomena for attributing to normal processes = physical, artificial or natural structures a transformation of their values, positions or their … (new)laws … working out to detect the level of perception/manipulation to further work out these laws. – more about the new (not passive) vision of issues of the neo relativism(astro)physics, biology, etc means direct (“neo relativistic”)manipulations of the (seems constant,inviolably by today’s laws/dogmas) processes (by mega production/=manipulation) – time means process/structures deep processing/neo creating, matter/mass/structures deep processing/neo creating=” neo relativistic freezing/defrosting time …neo relativistic defrosting/freezing matter/mass/energy….breaking the Emc2 pattern”, next possible time…in directions of …”soul” of matter/mass/process …of biological life, human too.

We need such first bold step of mind to start the avalanche/leap process of the neo creation of whole mankind and really whole universe, of life and space.

A proposal to prepare a powerful system of self-replicating micro drone production that would become the next small steps – among others in the production of themselves as multifunctional blood cells, climatic molecules, acquiring, rebuilding natural structures and those … broken by humans.

to be continued about the micro drone and neo creation revolution of life and space by economic, physics and other factors.

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