Creation of hyper homo erectus. 7. Neo creation…neo relativism.

Let us not justify/limit our evolutionary, creative position, existential and developmental fate, higher or higher scientific / = religious barriers/laws, so-called (but always temporary made)natural border laws … despite everything perceptually, technologically temporary due to the current level/faith of development/for development.
At the same time, we do not expect, do not (just) wait for a miracle of mercy or some tricks, ideas, but first at all let us take up systematic expansion, cooperation of our own(together with the rest of nature) evolutionary/ = economic (economization) biological and physical systems towards further macro and microcosmic co-control of processes / mechanisms … laws of life/biology and matter/space.

Conversity in this hyper homoerectus is simply putting the next steps for/but by hyper evolutionary development, triggering/improving… (hyper)manually=automaically …
to increasingly automatically limit productivity, – less naturally evolutionary but rather on our own initiative – further systematic filling of evolutionary/production “manual” deficiencies for further / for further stages of/for development/aspirations.

It is no just longer about the improvisations of the so-called faith, praying, fate, accident, the so-called discoveries of nature and tricks but systematic production, automatic – self-replicating and re/build-up higher and higher superstructures, mechanical, geometric, mathematical, mass taking over control of all known natural and non-natural processes. Layering restructuring processes at an ever-higher level of precision and massiveness of the processes.

It is about coming out of terms of further restrictions on the crust/cradle of physical or biological existential and development barriers.
That is, forcing the emergence/further development from the cradle of the eggshell using the technology of this new degree of micro/macrocosmic speed hyper evolutionary, hyper-creative homo evolutionary hand …. technology of the magic wand … schools/factory of enchanting …of
more environmental responsibility and( after that) power.
This new technological power can strengthen or kill our civilizations immediately because of specific civilization autism – a kind of megalomania, that is, by us established laws of nature, that makes it impossible mentally, strategically more efficient for the development of technology recreation/creation in nature with nature.

We are further mentally and technologically dumped in nature.
There is a need to develop a strategy of technology/economy of advantage, taking over a new dimension initiative on physical/= energetic, biological processes and structures – for chasing as quickly as possible new barriers, further micro/macro structures of life and space by a strategy of really mass technology.
Currently, we seem to be – or maybe we want – for now at the level of fun and developmental vegetation
We must work further – if we want – higher positions in nature than the position of a cow on the homestead.

It is about the strategy of introducing this ( already also because of the ecological effects) explosive/mass system/process of the mechanism of the development of hyper evolutionary civilization, hyper global/cosmic hyperphysical, hyper biological, hyper chemic, hyper-economic.

The diligent shaping of mass structures provides the foundations for further systematic progress … the realization of dreams … discoveries, science are a derivative of this hard work platform of mega-production(boosting evolution on our condition) but vice versa.
On our part, we are to create, just continue to build the hyper homo Erectus system for self-development, self-specification according to programmed directions of setting this constructional mega productive geometric domino process.
Our task is to master, subjugate it in this evolution / ecological hyper race, creative and neo creative.

Until now, this hyper neo creation accelerator has not been moved, which is why the whole socio-economic framework of this new production process, the new generation of hyperproduction, hyper(r)evolution is so important.
At present, the current hyper info telecommunications capacity lacks hyper manual/really mass production feedback … for further mutual driven the potentials.

It’s about dealing with this growing technology in the micro-macro dimension.
Dealing with this hyper-production potential and yield with this accumulation of processes artificially, avalanche-driven processes of material restructuring as well as energy consumption.
In energy consumption, systematic mass processing of materials, tele(portation)communication …
It is an artificial acceleration to create in itself such a global accelerator for an empty start based on the mass production mechanism such as for neo mass creation micro/macro cosmos.

The first proposed small step, and at the same time a mega breakthrough in this accelerated revolution/evolution of the mega-production, would be the smuggled concept of smartphone applicated microdrones “guardian angels” multifunctional satellites that maneuvering around human or selected areas for (at first at all) medical, ecological purposes – but also by/for cosmic, economic issues.
to be continued with sketches for acquiring productively and responsible for/of further/new areas of life and space/matter/energy potential…relativity…economically.

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