Creation of hyper homo erectus . 5. Economic evangelism for liberation from economic/physical vegetative status quo means selective economics.

This economic gospel is created here and now in these articles because of the current need to become aware and to build (work out) own position in life and space evolution.

To some extent, we are always soldiers, prisoners, slaves, subjects at a given level of evolution of various levels of different systems of nature more or less known or unknown. We can gradually go away, mature to the next classes of existence, development, our own position to get out of this kind of care, evolutionary cage / evolutionary systems … other systems and their interests … we can also be only fertilizer, meat gun in this competition of these systems. We are in the micro/macro position of cosmic evolutionary systems as the potentially weaker or stronger David to Goliath, and here it is about this economy … of liberation, selective economics … the reverse of modern economics, where examples from the physical systems of nature projected the development of economic concepts. Here, in this case, we are talking about our economic systems, which are to determine the evolutionary systems of nature in us and beyond.

New technology, new production, new production potential, technological, organizational/economics of the development of a new generation for reaching very distant structural barriers. And here we are talking about a gigantic, super-efficient, super-rapid very massive changes to affect a truly new generation of relations not only on the evolutionary level of natural, economic, physical but also social, moral, personal, … religious level.

Historians = scientists attempt to determine, adapt themselves and us to the required perception, historically or now, but imposing the future status quo of nature, but not this is about determining working out the pursuit of its own status quo, own creation, own evolution or rather (mega) production of own homo erectus (modular of the future).
This gospel/economics of liberation, this selective economy is based on these new freed hands and this new strategy of new hands opens up new spaces, frees us from frames of inability, physical barriers (increasing – trillion times – max speed / length of life), organizational for new opportunities, new challenges new space, new time, new thinking and acting.
It is about laboriously working out, expanding, preparing hyper parks / industrial parks for competition with infinite, not known fully yet systems of nature. Let’s just say it’s manipulation of the evolution of natural systems, it’s the manipulation of the creation of nature, it’s a takeover of responsibility from…

Selective economics occurs in elements of ecology, medicine, space research, etc … but here it is more a symptomatic approach to nature
And the basis of selective economics is directly facing nature, wrestling with nature … in economic advantages in using scientific, technological and production aspects over nature in us and beyond.
Cosmic initiatives can be good examples for launch for the potential of development and civilization in a very broad and deep sense globally/cosmically physically and organisationally.

These selective economics initiatives are in unconditional relations with nature. They are supposed to accelerate the economic mechanism, the new market, determine the economy as in some respect ecological investments too.

Selective economics is going precisely, and its basic assumptions are simply economical acceleration, openly forcing this mechanism of nature’s hyper evolution, and moreover.
For further, but also repeatedly overtaking the barriers that today might seem impossible to overcome … in further cosmic speeds, other physical “closed” systems including biological – lifespan, etc.

Economics for new materials, for new tools that are still being created for even more newer materials, for even more newer tools, industrial parks, scientific, technological, robot … foundations for developing the basis of development, simple economies, etc.
These new tools are more and newer, more precise, smaller brick materials capable of further better creations, which gives newer brick materials, and further tools from these new materials and so on with the forced mechanism in the proposals for further continuation and acceleration of the already massive a process for taking over, replacing, racing in an evolutionary micro and macro space/life race.

It’s not just about the precise size of tools/hands, but about more and more precise, more effective, more capable, more remote assemblies to build the reconstruction of the new generation of bricks, also in the processing, material processing, … evolutionary on the distance – specific in micro and macro the quality in sending, and more in the processed environment, the reconstruction of environments for generating new waves, which at different distances will be different (also greater than light) speed affect the transformation of planetary, stellar, cellular, atomic engineering, more and more precise action creating a kind of artificial extra soldiers builders, hands at a distance to achieve goals just like us in a specific way generated at a distance, or rather sending (teleportation technology), rebuilding the system of this or other planet(climate, geology etc) or star etc of nature.

These artificially enforced development of micro-park parks, micro bricks for new further renaturation is the foundation, an effective platform for the classic new economic boom, which will further accelerate this neo-evolution, neo-creation.
So not only micro hands but also micro bricks are determining elements of remodeling structures larger than them.
That is, aiming for such tool sizes capable of rebuilding or building new competitive structures on biological or physical issues.

So not only micro hands but also micro bricks are determining elements of remodeling structures larger than them.
That is, aiming for such tool sizes capable of rebuilding or building new competitive structures on biological or physical issues

Lowering not only for transport but also specific teleportation using micro/nano drones, which will take over all possible functions, eg human for hyper-light (floating human organs – floating person … better performance / “rocket” capacity for this light ala teleportation drone – person.

Multiplication drones – flying bricks blocks can be at the beginning (Lego) to … comb dolls, etc.

to be continued to with the light but unconditional vacation notes for life and space human(ly) evolution.

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