Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.b. Mobile telephones with their multi-functional drones satellites of the size of a fly.

Our own work out contribution (innovation) to the outside and the inside of us, natural trends, evolutionary, creative, influences how much we will have a well-deserved benefit in the form of eg a longer healthier life, less vulnerable to negative factors of life, our more subjective ( less objective) position in macro and micro space.

Throughout the whole undertaking in the struggle for our vital opportunities and positions in the (micro/macro) cosmos, it is all about this massive
very accelerated production, or practically evolutionary transformations of micro/macro structures, this mega production is the key to mass transformations, our contribution, export into nature, i.e. a better balance with nature, and hence significant benefits in our development … achieves these abyss far structures that they seem to be unmanageable today.

This production for production is investment or the engine of the economy.
Here total (practically autonomous economically and automatically)automation is supported for the production of the next self-replicating components … self-applying.
So practically 100 percent of these automatic investments are for the next generation of production automation, from which practically the next 100 percent of these investments go to the next higher levels of automation for better performance transformations, and so on until they reach the levels of structures we are interested in transforming into us and outside.

Of course, the so-called ordinary market of economic consumption may use the current achievements of these investments to make any immediate initial improvements to the restructuring of life, which may be useful despite further refinements of this mega production for production to achieve more and more effective, sometimes even greater impact on the structure of life and space that has not been sufficiently implemented.

This new mega-industrial production hyper-industrial revolution of new generation and dimension is to open the door of potential for a new world of dimensions, new ones not even attainable in the imaginations of levels of space and life.

It is about developing tools … realizing this mechanism of catching up and transforming the systems of nature, so needed for our further existence and development.
Hyper revolution of mega industrial autonomous automatic industrial parks to catch up with “distant” structures of trends, structures of evolution processes, their targeting, management, joint / decision-making, better consideration of their processes and properties to achieve value through these dominant natural trends, which are independent so far from us, of course, at a given level in the abyss of infinity level of process/energy structures.

Only hyperproductive technologies are the only effective way to partner with nature. With contemporary manufactory technology and production, we can just continue to develop theories of unimaginable barriers.

It is about peculiar pursuit, chasing the barriers of light(energy/process structures), barriers to life, as it was from the sound barrier, where even the most capable innovative level of wooden and iron manufactures could not suffice for these effects, but the entire group of massive achievements of the industrial revolution, , and here we have new industrial revolution for next-generation productive civilizational leap, this time more than speed of light performance, which with modern production, perception and thinking technology have no chance, and then we do not actually go beyond the barrier of, for example, energy Emc2, a specific hypercosmic speed.

Three factors influence the actions of this hyper-industrial revolution.
– Speed of introduction of this mega production and its effects.
– Parallel to the normal economy, ecology, plus supporting it.
– Leading this mega-production (…self-developing) investments to distant quantum molecular structures for more effective manipulation of nature.
For today, for example, one can try with the massiveness of production, self-production of 3D solar models, self-replicating drone teams, mobile robot telephones that could improve their environment, and their individual and team structures, thanks to constant improvement, self-improvement … themselves.

These drones robots phones would initially consist of the main phone and his team of eg solar drones of robots the size of a fly, spider, working according to ever newer applications. Such a kind of multi guardian angel for protection, operations(laparoscopy literally too!), etc.
The production, repair and improvement databases of these telephones and their satellites would serve the automatic service of these telephones and their satellites as well as the constant application improvement of their services.

So like transformers figures further expansion and development individually and totally for the whole environment engineering/gardening.

Of course, any device supported by artificial intelligence does not guarantee 100 percent help just like any stick. This does not mean that we can not use it in one way or another experimental measure, without trial or error, we would be further in a jungle escaping from just a boar.

The enormous momentum of the production of her hyper-automatism will force and at the same time enable the production to expand on the Moon, Mercury, etc to start with her own materials, sources, and later their will already find a source on these objects.

Here, automatic multi-trillion economic growth will mean that ordinary economics, the policy of short fiscal tax dues of financial costs, will go aside, and more will have the principle of selective economy, that is managing the levels directions, the potential for existential development. The same phenomenon will dig up eg in physics – not becoming so dependent on environmental conditions, but more transforming them, directing, trending, evolving, overtaking them.

What does it mean?
Endless work for chasing one’s tail of these infinities of process structures? No! Even the work of trillions of people working 30 hours a day would not be enough. Only the automated Al mega production of the hyper-industrial hyper-evolution is able to reach these values, which, like the flight to the moon, were unthinkable a thousand years ago. So opposite, one could get more of own life both figurately and literally.

to be continued…with the far futuristic or contemporary already suggestion of even deeper impact of our planetary… cosmic, life engineering…but it depends on our decision.

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