Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.a. Auto(re)production of structures that will allow for more effective cooperation with nature. First suggestions/impressions.

We already know that our strategic goals -economic/logic&moral sense and law- are active/non-passive development of our (working out)position in nature.
It is time for bold proposals of unconventional, unconditional hyper-advanced undertakings, literally and figuratively, deeply interfering in processes, trends, evolutions, creations of surrounding so-called natural systems from inside and outside.

This is no longer the position of the “free” feathers of a bird in the wind, although this wind will also be used in acquiring the energy to sail in the directions of our intentions.
We, therefore, shall pay more attention to nature at a higher level of utility possibility, i.e. we do not adapt equally to the trend or background, but it is more about taking the natural factors into account in our actions, striving for better and more dignified life, not accidentally thrown, as by somebody has thrown stone in space.

With this activity, you can not and must not separate material structures from process, organizational, potential civilization in determining mutual relations, potentials, development opportunities.

If we get in our mega auto production, hyper-natural treatments to the level of precision and the number of photons, bosons, of some cells, etc, we can talk about engineering manipulation with photons of light, i.e. manipulation of equal speed of light and greater, of life-long of cell = of us.
In their mega production technologies specifying their activities to these levels within this specific engineering, innovative, creative export-import exchange with nature.

As in the application of rocket multi-module starter (because one big rocket was very inefficient) or other structures, which, like the multi-module rocket, will achieve natural and higher levels of the (mass) efficiency of this and other operation.
The reaching higher speeds without such a problem of mass and energy gain in multi-module rockets, the same or another innovation can be used when achieving any velocity by means of this and other innovations of the multi-missile/module systems…no longer quantum mechanics but advanced quantum engineering…if we will consequently continue work out (mega auto production technology) a way for achieving such level of structures and their re/co-production.

It is precisely this mega-production that is needed to compete with nature in the production of innumerable structures leading to properties that exceed the properties of natural process structures at levels that interest us.
Leading to such a technological level of gigantic auto(re)production of structures that will allow for more effective cooperation with nature trends, to achieve the level of structurality, processability, energy of nature more in line with our goals regarding quality and quality of life- further existence and development.

To achieve this (micro)cosmic abyss of borders of structures, processes, because of our infinitely potential and aspirations, one can say a new open university opens up, a gateway ( to heaven/space literally) to knowledge and, above all, action … to not only learn, but above all to master the abysses of systems of life and space , often to be ahead with technological level than the natural at a given level .. just as the rocket has overtaken the bird … in acquiring more space, but in this space of life … a higher space of existence and development than own position and existence justified by a poetical monkey – we are talking here already with a very advanced theory of hyper-evolution.

Multiple accelerations using super fast production and processing of sources and so exchangeable. It is a kind of acceleration, a steppingout of the industrial revolution one after another in a controlled automatic, autonomous momentum.

And this is what is specifically overtaking the nature of structures … before you get to know them.
Mega reproducing the environment, and in return, it further provides in the exchange of benefits for us for more efficient restructured units for the construction of energy processes to further process the improvement according to our quality needs and so on, and so interchangeably, progressively.

Overtaking nature like mapping a bird, and/but built own “bird” airplane parallel for not only achieving bird properties but further better and better properties for a needed level of our goals.

The Inca world did not have a wheel, and our world brought it …
We can also overtake this and another nature system (something export to the nature systems/systems) at an interesting us level and according to our working out potential growth.
By changing technological and mega production conditions for us, we create them for ourselves. And this is our technological and production potential as a better background under nature for its further creation, evolution, and in return, it gives/becomes a better foundation for our development and existence = export-import for us and our nature secure existence.


To be continued with… mega production/creation by of AI mobileĀ drones for robotic multifunctional(applicating) guardian “angels” for everybody and more.

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