A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 5.c. Active participation in the direction of trends in nature, which will further contribute to our/nature strength in the “bargaining” position with nature.


The placebo effect is comparative, experimental, cyclothymic, that is mass “firing” the environment with changes, structural changes, its economy or exchange with nature, in order to artificially increase the distinction of changes, and further investigate what our interventional changes, cause some or other restructuring, directions of restructuring, obviously aiming at creating these massive changes, transformations and application, introducing gradually their own systematics of these reconstructions, these shells, for systematizing the direction of changes in the environment and further directional mass repetitive self-replicating, self-improving more and more precise in this material and chemical engineering, physical quantum mechanics, biological, reconstruction of production, technological and ecological investments.

Until now, we were more importers of nature’s debtors. It is time for conversion and taking over the initiative and a more active contribution to export, thereby improving the economic conditions of us as well as this nature – that is, to evolve, to create processes, structures with nature, for us and for nature at the same time. As always in any such exchange for the benefit of both parties, as the classical economy shows.

Frequently supported automation – sequencing, perception, and further (restructuring) investments – parallel with the use of a placebo effect of research and change in the time of active intervention into the structures of nature – using our own technologies and productions, but often modeled on natural developmental processes, evolutionary.

Artificially genetic, structural provocation of changes with simultaneous, observed, neutral placebo status, the greater the positive changes in a given direction, the more we develop investments in this direction, reinforcing the development of interest on the principle of feedback spur.
Of course, the so-called significant changes in abyss size of structures and processes, seemingly far-reaching or not achievable, will require a significant automatic massive investment of technological, production precision … such repetitive exercises and appropriate powerful bases, polygon models to conduct this type of experiments for investment total on a macro scale, and then more and more in a micromodel, more precise version.

That is, increasing the specific and literally accelerator of elemental particles – CERN – for discovering, but … and invoking, producing new structures that can be paralleled or faster produced, made than the discovery of these natural ones.
The same enhancement of passive and active (autonomy) applicability and robustness of robotic assemblies to induce structures that more and more effectively indicate advanced physical and biological structures, etc. for crossing at given levels of invented and developed properties not yet visible, impassable, unnoticeable, unobtainable.

This accelerator of economic benefits of exchange, cooperation of specific export, import with nature, to stimulate efficiency, its goal, will allow for further securing its position in life and space in surrounding us from the inside and outside of conflicting interests, evolution of trends, not always favorable for us that we can turn our interesting aspects into. Export to nature, ie participation in the direction of trends in transformations in nature in us and outside. Taking specific economic participation in the structured and process economy of nature, which will further contribute to our strength in the “bargaining” position with other systems, “impor- tive” environments that often affect the benefit of our own, closer environment and ourselves.

We create bigger opportunities for expanding the foundations of our further development … in relation to nature, as the widest cradle of development, from which we have already grown to a higher level as it should be, only we often lose this awareness of the process, i.e. we are not so consciously and effectively for moving forward in our position, not passivity in nature, and this because of the poorly distributed strategy and scattered potential ..
Of course, by increasing the standard of this incubation, indulge in the contemporary and further development, going further on heights of evolution, the creation of us and the cosmos more and more.

Then with such a surplus of export, i.e. our contribution, we can determine more decisively the directions and pace of economic development = coordination, exchange with nature … with evolution, with (re) creation of nature.

So far, I have presented the basics and chances of civilization, scientific, moral, economic contribution of humanity in the process of natural existence and development in us and beyond. As for the time of Christopher Columbus, where also
we brought our own civilizational structures to the world we discovered – for the reminder,  the new world was not as sacred as the ones who painted.
It is time to spending a bit more space to present more specific proposals of immense momentum of production and technology for co-natural development… e.g. Acceleration, multiplication, application, telemanipulation with mobile telephones – drones robots mega self-production(trillions of trillions… such 3D sub bricks of…new life and nature) for mass mapping, and for deeper and deeper (re)building structures/natural processes…and so finally (biologically, physically)properties as well.


to be continued

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