A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 5.b. The bigger changes introduced in the environment according to our intentions, the greater the chance for directing, improving the properties of structures that interest us.

A reminder that the not so easy multi-issue articles are about the consciousness and potential of coexistence and development of us in multilevel structures of life and space.
It is a proposal to rebuild nature in us literally and externally, using self-replicating systems of autonomous industrial parks, which will develop in the direction of macro and microcosmic sizes. Such a more active contribution to the formation of life and space according to the potential of our system of values, interests, ideas, technologies with the inclusion of natural systems in cooperation (using their mechanisms and sources), but sometimes in competition – space is an infinite collection of natural, civilization systems less or more, by us consciously perceived or taken into account in the course of our existence and development.
So, we continue to learn and study, and …work out different tools – more or less on blunders, in the world of infinite interests and potentials, so that our existence and development would be more and more pleasant and harmonious.

We are still looking for, we improve the use of tools,
economic mechanisms mutually and naturally to solve business and natural existential and developmental stagnation.

A special enterprise is used and partly re-qualified for this undertaking … the special model of the economy is extra adequately presented because of the hyper (r)evolution undertaking – although economics and its mechanisms are as such one as mathematics.

Economics (selective) is aimed at maintaining a developmental, existential trend, which does not always have to be in line with evolutionary or creative trends of nature, management systems, competitive games of their evolution systems, competing with natural systems or … God … that more in relation to our own development goals, and not subordinate ourselves to other systems in this game of life and space.

It is about working out a natural (but exploiting the source potential and its mechanisms of functioning) system of achieving new, better, interesting us values, physical quantities, intentional values ​​according to the developed exploitation potential, and elaborating this potential.
The entire economy, its organization is focused on this production, technological and operational trend.
This economy is not only at the modern classical economic level, but making a business plan for direct manipulation of sources, a system of technological potential development, autonomous, automatic, working in parallel according to algorithms developed, technological and evolutionary trends according to specific goals, sometimes graded first strategic or direct in nature.

It is about evolutionary trends, our contribution to this natural mass replication self-management multi-mechanism of evolution, at the same time using the benefits of mechanisms based on these competitive, sometimes contradictory or compatible natural systems and … other civilizations at many levels of the structure of mechanisms etc. noticed through us or not.

Growing in … in yourself (as if next to you)?
Such exporters, importers of artificial autonomous structures
By flipping the production of autonomous hyper complexes outside in our own bodies (… mobile applications of micro complexes) or beyond, without risking not charging our own environment inside and outside … planet Earth … but on the Moon, Mercury, Mars or maybe Earths desert areas, etc.

What do you need to do to jump, often lower costs (due to risk, time-consuming, etc.)?
Answer – application of economic mechanisms in this natural hyper revolution) export, import of natural sources of potential and tools, innovation, reorganization, negotiation, cooperation, other sources, production savings … human resources or automation … to produce trillions micro / macro robots.
External workforce- Artificial bacteria robotization and “normally” very massive domino effect robotization. Telecommunication.
The purposefulness of the plan’s strategy. Marketing or what is happening on the market of sources, processes, structures, processing costs, restructuring, etc.

The bigger this kind of export, the import of potential interests of us and nature, the better – it would be good to use it -the greater chances for the changes introduced in the environment according to our intentions, the greater the chance for directing, improving the properties of structures that interest us according to our needs, in which these changes were made or according to the environment of changes other than those we are going to.
Of course, at the same time, it is necessary to control these interventions so that the whole power of our enterprise does not go as whole vapor through just a whistle.

This export of natural and artificial structures are changes that adequately take into account the external mechanisms needed for this exchange of their mechanisms, technological innovation tips, ideas from this mechanism import by nature and export of our improvements, … for more efficient management of natural processes.
Building breeding of new artificial genetic worlds
Evolutionary … how to use fields with special products for boosting growth .. specific production and technology parks … interesting to us and ..in us.
Micro biorobots controlled by telephone applications according to individual needs, as according to autonomous systems, potentials that continue as robots will also behave like phones, to which you can enter new applications at a distance …

to be continued with the brainstorm suggestions and of course with explanations of the open to further developing of the ideas and thesis.

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