A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 5.a. Economics is (gen of sources control) the fundamental factor that generic all structures and processes of nature.

Economics (natural or human – selective) is an absolute decision-maker who deals with all processes in nature, is an invisible hand that 100 percent affects the further use of potential according to all interfering directions of existence, development of processes, structures, and their properties.
Just as selective economics is the primary quintessence of economics, economics as such, this economics is the quintessence, the precursor of the processes of nature.

The economics is the invisible hand (of the free market of whole universe processes), a hidden steering wheel for controlling, directing energy, process, structural, restructural resources at every level of all transformations from/for us or other (competitive) systems, reconstructing, further creating nature.

This control is thinking and reconstructing within the framework of the economy infinite resources, infinite potential of thoughts, ideas in order to redirect their application, properties in interesting directions.

This (selective) economics is an economic approach in science, thinks, defining its position, strategy in this undertaking
Treating each of us as a host who is fully co-responsible for profits, losses in the context of nature from outside and within us … that is responsible for using the infinite potential for manipulation of sources, structures of nature … using this enchanted wand for managing these processes, this undertaking our life and space.

It is a kind of philosophy of gardening, agriculture of the era and thoughts, strategies and goals, characters of French, English gardening style … nomadic or settled, manufactory or large farms, i.e. more or less advanced symbiosis of exploitation of this new generation of new varieties of life structures and surroundings in us (literally) and outside.

As I have recently mentioned about complete living organisms developed by Cambridge scientists … such a specific, fun art for art, but this new model of life may have further consequences of modeling the same hyper models in self-developing automatic cities, production, energy, and biological bases bio-automatic, automatic industrial parks, precursors of new process structures, new properties of life and its space, existence and development … automatic exit from manual control to more programmed, where new more or less biological organisms will cooperate with our development programs in fields not only biological. We are talking here about the automation, programming of these processes at the chemical level, physical elemental particles, etc.
It is this economic process that uses economic experience in the manipulation of life and the development of a less dependent life, more flexible, vital and not so accidental, random or trend events.

This re-evaluation, the realization of its active potential of manipulation completely changes the directions of thinking and acting in every field of life, and thus the strategy of existence and development professionally and privately.

This economic approach, the tool has to help in supporting effective scientific progress in every field. Convergence and manipulation of natural processes more according to our position and goals according to the principle of the invisible hand of the free market systems, structures, processes and most importantly our involvement in combining our thoughts, plans with the process of controlling these structures, energy redirection and the like.

This new structured organism and its gene – the latest achievement of scientists from Cambridge-
this manipulation of elements of nature shows the possibilities, the potential for cooperation at a higher level with nature, with nature, to support one’s participation in the evolution and creation of our lives from the intern and beyond.

Selective economics is the economy, its quintessence of strategy, cooperation, coordination, competition, competition with nature surrounding us from inside and outside, not only with people who are also part of but very limited part of the nature, not enough for an effective strategy not only to develop but even survival, and at the same time this selective economics is an absolute contradiction of contemporary economics devoid of this strategy, which is a negation of the strategy of modern economics not sufficiently linking development and existence with nature and its potential and threat … to reverse the deflationary, stagnant trend of our position in nature but opposite to leaving as an initiator in further creation, the evolution of nature on ever higher, more advanced levels, structures, processes, that is, moving beyond the limits of modern ignorance…beyond a lack of faith in our/nature potential.

to be continued with the sketches… further with a proposal for remotely controllable, mobile the”Cambridge” organisms and further consequences and proposals for total remote remodeling of the environment in us and beyond – biotic
micro/nanorobots and their proliferation for our biological and micro/cosmic system improvement.

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