A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 4.b. Selective economics for very deep reconstructional changes in nature.

There are no barriers to solutions in any field of development. Any change affects reevaluation and reconstruction of any relations and systems in nature. What needs one is an economy to direct/accelerate of the process.

Selective economics is the application of economics in nature in a specific substitute for evolution and as a basis for the restructuring of this nature.
Economical /organizational/reconstructive creation of resources for constructive energy sources, ie artificial energy / (re) construction, an artificial creation, artificial evolutionary actions as an asymmetric/artificial contribution to the symmetric relations/processes known to us at a given developmental/perceptual level, natural structures.

(our) Nature will be in a kind of stagnation or a recession according to our point of existence, development or observation/perception, if there are no really efficient steps to get out of this stagnation/economic deflation, natural, i.e. no action from outside, for the exit from the level of the impasse of the potential development.

.. Economical – anti-deflation methods of nature restructuring
So selective economics … nature
You can draw mutual economic and recreational advantages.
Deep (at a higher level) -as more advanced, as if from outside the system, hyper artificially-oriented parks … new industrial revolutions – very deep recreational changes of nature and the nature of our modern technological and production potential in order to create a new level, structures, superstructures in economics, physics and biology, etc. of new energy creation and microelement structures.

We are talking about mutual hyper-undertakings – from some gigantic, self-expanding technological and production investments from outside the system – but for immense bosting the contemporary economy as well as the nature surrounding(reconstruction) us today.

Investments in a new level of (more manipulated/artificial)bricks of nature…energy bricks of nature…in physics matter as well.

It is about the acceleration of the automatic production evolution automatically for further effective interference and cooperation with nature at very much higher levels, with today’s majority of a primitive manufactory, primitive automatic technology-…today it seems to be a very impossible, abstract goal because of a still very primitive attitude to the technology of production/recreation and manipulation of nature in us and beyond…and primitive economical narrow mind …stagnation and attitude.

The effectiveness of the proposed changes depends on the directionality and intensity of developing models and their implementation – idea, idea scanning, mega-production … new components, process, and structural factors, eg photons of light, elements of cells and other elements that generate any layout, structure, system that always can be reconstructed for a more efficient layout,
it’s like the components … of the horse, where its first factors are processed, moved, modified, partially or wholly to effectively improve or replace this horse.
Just as we did … rockets from … stone, the same can do artificial hyper big bang, artificial environment from… ordinary big bang environment.

Generating our own sources and structures competitive to known energy structures, and more precisely restructuring … constant dynamic structuring.
Obviously, reaching this level of competition is reaching maybe not infinite but an enormous abyss of microtic systems and levels.

Rebuilding by constructing own multiplicative, improving, improving systems at a geometric rate…Therefore, so far, when accelerating to the speed of light or much higher standard of biological life, we will not be able to achieve structural the latter and next energetic structural/process/generic level, if we will not really develop it in multiplication autonomous self-replication systems, self-programming, self-acceleration of reconstruction processes of artificial evolution on the highest possible automatic generated levels of this … mega-production.

Parallel generation of structures, accelerating processes, pendulating, generating, generating new energy/construction systems, new generation waves/structures/processes, and thus new properties exceeding trillion times with their parameters and potential now known to us, i.e. not only discovering new particles , waves, phenomena, but simply creating so many gigantic artificial systems that evolve in parallel, create competitive positions, platforms for our further hyper-development goals seems today impossible to achieve, as was one time( 500 years ago) ago with universe exploration.

Natural barriers that do not seem to gain due to the abyss of potential, or rather organizational, mental attitude to technological and production potential in relation to the multiplication potential of nature.


to be continued

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