A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 4.a. Any change affects the reevaluation and reconstruction of any relations and systems in nature.

 There are no barriers to solutions or development in any field of existence and development. Any change affects the reevaluation and reconstruction of any relations and systems in nature, society, organism, physics, economics, etc. in a sufficiently developed degree. – This just recently worked out the formula, the fundamental law- or rather the fundamental right to go out of dogmatic barriers of impossibility– finally dispels myths, among others, not sufficiently theories of relativity, including the constant of maximum speed.

Multilevel, multi-structural, immense multiplication of creation of new structures “electromagnetic” structures..any structures and goals on billions times higher levels and structural / property potential and position, i.e. such multiple acceleration of this process automatically for a multi thousandth power, otherwise it can not be accomplished to achieve real, noticeable, interesting changes on biological, physical … economic level in every aspect….
including multi-automatic engineering heading -by multi self replicating geometric development- to/on photon levels of natural, but also an artificial reconfiguration of these and other microelements of nature in physics, the biology, of any production, investments here on earth, in us and in space.
Like, for example, it was done and is done in the production of machines, vehicles with elements slower than the constructions built of them. the same applies to the unfinished potential cellular, genetic, molecular and … general economic capacity of all resources according to all needs, and as I pointed out, the efficiency of these processes of total natural engineering depends on any sufficient involvement of (re)construction energy, i.e. selective economics … or simply organization goals and directions of action, as key in the transformation of any structures, processes, and properties that interest us.

It is multiple artificial automatic accelerations of the processes of restructuring, reconstruction, perception, and organization of material development, newage metallurgy, chemistry, physics, biology from the point of mass engineering, multiple construction engineering. Such artificial acceleration of the industrial, constructional, material, chemical, and medical revolution through programmed self-accelerating production, qualitative, proprietary, valuable, mega automatic, which will allow dealing with economic/natural stagnation- deflation ….- economics selective against “Natural” economics-… ie jumping over symmetric barriers using asymmetric sources from others, i.e. more according to our purely reconstructive (…on own multi manipulated bricks “lego”sources )  potential and our needs of systems on existential and developmental levels.

to be continued with the reconstruction of the garden of our life and space according to our dreams and infinite potential.

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