A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 3.d. A multi relativistic economy of an abyss of multi-level factors of evolution and creation.

Next, we are going in search of many relativistic relationships between man and nature, in their open an economic … ecological … logical basis for raising more sustainable conditions of existence and development of us and the environment according to open humanitarian rather than deterministic principles.

Economic superstructure – means the engineering of controlling the multi-level mechanisms of this economics of nature and … economy.
Mechanization of the basics of the economics of nature and ..economy.

The point is to reach a right view of infinite abyss of levels of structures of nature systems, barriers of natural systems by means of super-fast production systems of technology parks, organizational and model parks, to obtain tools for this multi-level gardening, programming of life and space at given levels of perception and hence the potential for transformations, and creation, and so on each other … organizational but also as a normal cosmic Odysea “trip to the golden fleece”

It’s about getting out of forced “modern” alchemist’s, manufacturers’ circle of primitive dogmatic inability… “praying to the tree …of barriers to not getting it”

In this selective economy, only the value of ingenuity, responsibility, purposefulness is used as the most important variable factor, as a power to any direction of change … but other factors for us “not interesting constantly or less constantly … they can be classic economic … economic models. ..of demand and/but the infinite potential supply in the natural/economic changes … at different levels of perception, potency, multi relativism.
This undertaking also has a psychological and educational character and is equally important in terms of direction, organization in economics and nature, directly and unconditionally.

Everybody’s economy is in its own direction and somehow it will, it will scare potential, technological and productive momentum … And more it does not take sufficiently into account the potential infinite factor of natural generic, general development of platforms for further development
So the economy has the right chance, organizational strength, fundamental influence on the development strategy .. direct, directional restructuring of all natural processes and our organizational and technological processes as well.

Economic relativism Selective economics is such an indicator that further emphasizes the broader and deeper aspect of relativistic economic relations in economics, the economics of physics, biology … also. Such relativization of Emc2 etc.
An awareness of the infinite factors, and thus potentials, breaking conventions of economics and other structural, formulas views.
It changes the potential face of economics, physics, biology, etc.

And it’s about mass automation of mega production, technological parks to reach multilevel of an abyss of systems on further levels of our existence and development .. not being stagnant in staying above this unconstrained ocean of multi-level (very brutal)games of systems.
Selective economics is drawing economics to this conscious participation at further levels of organizational and economic development .. including this multi-relativism also in economic systems, where classical patterns are subject to classical interpretation. It is also compulsory for multi relativism in the recognition of further areas of the so-called supply and demand factors. This invisible hands of the invisible market, which is a truly infinite gap, an abyss in the dependence of needs and sources in economic management .. economy economics, the economics of nature.

Searching, constructing an additional skeleton, replacing the skeleton, strengthening the skeleton of the economics of biology, physics, chemistry and … economics also.

Engineering of phenomena of processes, and later of properties, restructuring of electromagnetic structures … electromagnetic genetics – every change in nature is an electromagnetic exchange at a given level of structures.
It’s about re-structuring the most very very distant layers(potential) of nature and our technology/ingenuity potential in the most possible efficient, automatic, geometric pace.

Proposed mega-productive technology its goals … just like rolling up space in superluminal journeys, ie re-evaluating the environment it’s restructuring for a seemingly asymmetric given level of shifting symmetrical patterns on data, other levels, tracks of transformed natural structures.
This very artificial mega production (at the same time based on natural super fast multiplicative development mechanisms) will allow better perception of prediction of natural mechanisms and phenomena, and what goes on reconstruction investments, and what goes with it further the further perception of reconstruction prediction based on the potential detected on the basis of this perception and anticipation, and so on, including each other not only the anticipation of mechanisms but their creation of counter mechanization, mechanization, co-mechanization of structures, processes of nature.

The creation of grains as the basis for this mega production
A new system … new technological and production parks to more effectively acquire further structural levels of space and life.
The multiplicated production of these grains is the economy of mega-production …mega models, the mega model for faster reproduction of this process in micro and macro versions, automatically assisting our lives and space literally.

This mega production initiative has a mental character also.
Destruction of this ghetto innocent of thinking, surrendering to other systems
Freeing oneself from this ghetto of slavery, disregarding our selves in the environment in us and beyond.
Just for dignity, even if it is to be a lost fight, development … because this is our own contribution to the creation of our life and space.
Not collective structural suicide
More or less conscious not allowing … stagnation = degradation of our lives.
We are an equal human subject, not the subject factor of change in us and beyond. The influence of this factor depends on our activity, (infinite potential of)ingenuity=technology, and responsibility.

to be continued…. with the selective economics of multi-level multiplication of new(“electromagnetic”) structures for/on our(conditions) life and space evolution.

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