A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 3.c. Active participation, initiating, intervening in this co-mechanization of space and life.


Each cosmic (at first glance, abstract) literally and figuratively undertaking in the game of mechanisms of systems in us and beyond is a step that improves our chances of existential and developmental position above the infinite – very often or always very deadly for our existence- evolutionary trends and creations of the nature that surrounds us from inside and outside.

Conclusions from this description proposal of infinite system mechanisms in us and beyond. It is taking an active participation, going further, initiating, intervening in this co-mechanization of space and life, bringing about a restructuring that would provoke an explosive pace of reconstructions of being as fast or faster as natural processes, supporting infinitly on infinity levels we are interesting, overcoming the forces of the negative pressure of evolutionary factors from outside and inside.

These cosmic totally (apparently) abstract investments, aiming to create this time not only legal, economical basis of existence and development, but also technological platforms, automatic mega production and technology parks, in order to create more effective shielding and investment tools for the position of our lives in micro and macro space environments.

These proposed investments are today an extra selective economic (not only in the economy of the economy but also literally the economy of nature) outburst in this proposed platform of a more conscious programmable, controlled, programmed mechanization of nature restructuring for inhibiting, reversing stagnant trends of our position in life and space.

The stagnation or devouring position, subject to degradation due to pressure, game, fight against death and life, on the part of competing other parallel, evolutionary, creative systems, especially includes radiation too(also those not perceptually perceived by us), factors of deflected structures and processes that do not to master the macro and microcosmic environment through all surrounding and internal structures independent of a given progressive or stagnant process structure, exploiting itself at multiple rates.

The exit from this kind of suicidal passive stagnation in multiplicative ruthless game systems is to overcome at a given level of potential and interest, hyper multiplication in the creation of multi-contradictory mechanisms and just multiplication cosmic hyper investments, mega productions give a chance to create a basis for quasi-natural counter-attempt or chase this stagnation and other external and internal pressure processes … such as cancer, deadly (stagnant) biological and ecological tendencies.

Maybe it is about these newly discovered foundations, new yet unrevealed, yet not artificially created levels of radiation … just as specific underwater factors significantly reduce life parameters (without coveralls) … so unfavorable factors of the so-called natural radiation on the ground and beyond, which interfere with the raising of life parameters … infinitesons, at the same time, give a chance to create, manipulate in a more beneficial direction for our life and our space.

These new reconstructing mechanisms are strictly anti stagnant … maybe it is also part of cosmic ventures, but it is all about producing giant artificial platforms only for the spark that releases the hyper effect of structural-resisting anti-recession in economic, physical and biological relations, and not some current business, production, physical or even standard biological projects.
It is a kind of hyper-growing mechanical tool park to carry out the prevention of this stagnation and further development, increasing the general standards of this normal economic, research, perceptual, exploratory development, existence, and development of life … trillions of times.

The range of this constantly modified on the principles of attempts and errors the restructuring mechanism consisting of the infinite potential of clusters of mechanisms depends on perception, the perception that determines the limits of restructuring and the restructuring drives further perception and so each other in the geometric increase of speed.

For example, the open modified, improved perception of the maximum speed environment inspires further mechanization of the restructuring of the specific external/internal… mechanization of the environment, its properties may not be infinite but for example 100 times, a million times and so on, the same with biological life – biological times, maybe not infinitely, but at the beginning, 100, a million times, etc.

Infinity of structures, mechanisms, but we also have an infinite potential for manipulation, restructuring, obviously backed up by powerful tools, developing with equally more powerful automatic speed, i.e. on a massive scale with a self-replicating production and technology park … creating a new environment that also generates a wave development system … literally – a domino-re-genome effect, radiant, also re-generating artificial micro / macro space systems of new waves outside and inside.

In the support these intentions include mass application of 3d copying on the level
molecular (which is already in the application) for the production … copying repair for a replacement for the improvement of new parts … on the molecular level, parts of rockets, …and further cells, oxygen … But also smaller and larger components of these or other regenerated and new and better structures, mechanisms, the precision of these production parks, mega-productions, hyper-evolution.

This kind of renewed, newly discovered gene factors (internal and external) of life and space … It is not necessary for us to be so-called external genes (inside genes as well), environmental “waves” can decide to affect our course of life and other mutual processes.
Telecommunications systems restructuring can support this revolution in controlling the conditions of life inside and outside of us, our planet and further … a kind of extra radio photosynthesis, a new creation, regeneration, creation … just like the natural conditions of life for man … under water, on earth, in space … tuning conditions for … prolonging life, improving life under water, on earth, and in space forever.

to be continued…. with unconditional proposals of life and space creation/evolution development (but this time finally) by a human rights of ingenuity and dignity and responsibility in the game of the universe.

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