A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 3.b. Multi relativistic mechanisms of restructuring/programming of natural processes.

Any mathematical, definitive, structural, process mechanical description is not
the final description – that is a kind of contradiction with the thesis to the mechanism of restructured natural processes, stagnation (as processes passively undergoing evolution, which interest us … to reverse this trend on a given level of interest) with no finality with this description of process nature
Like any other model, the model is temporary for manual use but also for further reconstruction of perception and further reconstruction.
The essence of this thesis is to be aware of the non-chaotic, not 100% passive approach to any processes and structures that such mechanisms function … and therefore, for this reason, we can consciously participate in exploring, processing, reconstructing at a given level the use of our infinite potential to co-generator of directions, reconstructing mechanisms of nature.
– An infinitely perceptual description of the mechanisms of nature – classical economics and a limited reconstructive description of the mechanism of nature – selective economics.
Conscious of this mechanism, this process indicates that it is
any mechanism of any phenomena occurs, i.e. lack of randomness and so chance for some response … economic, technological, innovative to natural and technological potential … not so accidentally any more – selective economics.
This proposed process of perception, reconstruction of the surrounding mechanisms of nature reminds us of the first models of the Bohr atom, which today no longer have such a description and yet are helpful in further work … perceptual and reconstructive and vice versa.
So the proposed model is not the final definition, the final description of the structure, and the construction and reconstruction assumptions that are more constantly developed.
Just as it could be used for the atomic model, gene, etc.
This mechanism … will never be determined completely due to the infinity of process structures dependencies, only at some level of use, technology, perception, assumption, a strategy
it would be like a pale, never-ending image … of the standard
atom of Bohr … nature or artificial structure of the planned behavior described in the description, but specific reconstructions behind it. A specific construction to this infinite mechanism of nature plus a co-op mechanism at a given level of potential activity, innovation … like an extra sail on the boat.
This new mechanism will not fully reflect this traditional nature, but “quadruple” intends to leave the stagnant position of us in the structures/processes of nature, for a calmer stabilized course of existence and development, that is farther from stagnation – and in fact farther from collapsing-by external evolutionary, biological, cosmic, etc-course thrusts.
This mechanism, this jump above nature, gives a better chance in our position towards nature, an initiative to lead over stagnant passive positions … beyond being subject to corrosion … literal and metaphorical death as a civilization and a man, each of us.
It is about working out this mechanism as … e.g.
Source of economic declines or increases
… Factor affecting stagnation periods … development
It is about controlling these sources of sources of growth
Those over the source are natural and through us, the potential of innovation technologically affect the living conditions, economies … physical biological … that is, such a mechanical relapse, which we can more aware to influence as in the tides, rivers flows to prevent floods, etc.
This mechanism or mechanisms should only be permanently creating … to detect its natural and unfinished potential for its reconstruction, its re-evolution!
We are subject to infinite relationships, structures, processes (multiplicated hyperrelativism), but in addition, we can add our own brick to this infinite set of overlapping mechanisms in us and around us in this way making own way – additionally mechanism or reconstructing old ones- of existence and development.
So a general mechanism of the reconstruction of nature not exist. We should fight for own position…own co-mechanism by the reconstructions.
And for that need one obviously special tool for convincing our technological, innovation, technology, super fast self-replicating productions parks for growth the potential of the re-creation mechanism, the special economic potential for the enterprise –  selective economic issued for the occasion.
Selective economics generating evolution, creations, absolutely determining the directions of economic and civilizational development, this mechanism of nature restructuring and reversing part of its stagnant tendencies, aiming at moving using economic and technological platforms from a higher level … A specific technological and organizational gravity. The lower ones are usually so-called stagnant or present ones that are unchangeable in relation to evolutionary transformations, that is, the stagnant return (degradation) in the process of evolution – literally life.
And the point is to work out this … not yet existing but needed for our existence to survive and develop, the mechanism, tools for restructuring the sources of nature.
 Selective economics is not juggling sources but their restructuring.
The mechanism of selective economics as an immanent, key, directing mechanism of transformations of structural natural and stagnant overtaking external (internal) evolutionary factors, which is thus the own organizational organic tool of total hyper-investment quasi-environmental jumps, part of the evolutionary changes of the so-called new evolutionary and proprietary world.
And here comes the phenomenon, the mechanism of reverse restructuring and the front processes of structures … manipulation of processes, their course or someone could say manipulation of time, but by me, structural manipulation of our future (natural processes, reverses as well).
It is about asymmetry to these known levels, patterns and laws … But the symmetry in our world …
artificially… driven hyper investments (this is the selective economy – a locally advance of scale over nature) locally changing the level of natural structures to achieve superiority in structures for us (ecologically, biologically) stagnant.
It is also about eliminating the fear of the unimaginable power of these structural changes.
to be continued
ps any private or public enterprises can also work out the locally advances of scale on interesting levels and directions of development, by the way, support the idea of developing mechanisms of restructuration and de-stagnation…by building – self-replicating- extra abstract high-tech artificial incubators parks for that megaproduction=evolution=creation…for business, life, and space contribution.

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