A general strategy for re-creating all structures of life and space. Part 1.b. Strategy of life … = economy of mercy and dignity for one’s own evolution and creation – No more natural excuse.

I am aware of the interdisciplinary nature of the issues raised.
These are further difficult stages of uncompromising construction of solutions, mechanisms opposing or cooperating with external factors, evolutionary, creative, structural and process trends that are not always directly beneficial to us and … that the trends will never be the paradigms of our existence and destiny.

The economics of mercy is selective economics, the economics of humanity, the economics of god that does not accept negative phenomena in nature, which some would consider as a ( locally ) symmetrical alibi to undergo processes of self-degradation, which further negatively affects social behavior, economies.
This economics of mercy, dignity, this selective economy aimed at neutralizing negative phenomena for our side. It is economics re-evaluating the symmetrical systems of the natural or modern economy, by means of superstructure, absolute restructuring so-called economic relations of nature or the classical capitalist human economy.
It is about the inclusion of a change movement for a deeper basis of existence and civilization development in our micro and macrocosm.
The selective economics of mercy with a positive spark of human ingenuity, of the potential of a properly developed technological, organizational, production and development park in favor of such a dignified human life, not a brutal fight of worms battling.
Of course, we always take part in the game of natural systems competitions, but we can do it without submission.

Industrial and production park (a very important element of the predominance of scale and the selected technological levels, from our side by the level of structural processes from the natural side untouched by man), technological, organizational as the genetic evolutionary basis for the creation of human macro and micro cosmos/nature -transformations.
The larger this park, the greater the impact on the structural process properties, qualitative, “quantitative” factors of nature, which we are active! a full part and the nature is our part, personification, and at the same time a paradigm on our condition, that is, full legal rights and full of duty, responsibility for the-our- nature work as a gardener’s garden, we are the responsible gardeners with all right for intervention, support, further creation…evolution in the garden of nature.

I have mentioned prayer, which is a request, conversation … with God, searching for god, searching for a system of the mechanism of nature at given levels of our existence, activity, given planned, expanding potential
The conversation for understanding and embracing the system of nature at given levels.
We continue this prayer supported by strategy, activities for joint generation, nurturing the development of the Garden of Nature in co-responsibility and hope for the erective maintenance of this course of co-forming, shaping our present and future of nature, other words of the present and future of us.

It is about realizing, exercising, and extensively restructuring this mechanism, in which we are an immanent active element anyhow.
We have been influencing this mechanism always as in history and will be in the future.
This is about the effectiveness of this energy, structures, and processes in our natural environment at ever higher levels of perception and service as it has been with the practical use of building, energy, constructional resources, oil, solar, atomic and geothermal resources over time. which from many years ago were only the background of our existence, activity, development, and today they have a significant position. So nothing new?
No. It’s about taking over, reconstructing the pursuit, regeneration, further creation, further evolution, which will be more in our thoughts and yet still according to our infinite limits and the potential of structuring, modeling, evolution … production at the level of elementary, biological, cosmic particles, whether at the genomic level of our cells, or structures such as atoms, stars, black holes ( by regenerating features of …- tele -energy, speeds processes, structures) and so on, as, of course, in the classical dimension of terrestrial and extraterrestrial investments as well.

to be continued

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