Artificial hyper(r)evolution. Part 3.a.The accelerator of artificial (hyper)evolution.

The accelerator of artificial (hyper)evolution – elements and factors outline.
It is about creating a specific own parallel construction world, own big bang, own start from a material, constructional process basis, a more automation process of mass production and control in order to create your own new or material derivatives duplicating for modifying, protecting, structures of processes of interest … with a smaller negative effect in the operation of literally indirectly on our bodies, our natural environment, cosmic macro, microcosmic, and on the contrary.

Self-replicating hyper-automatic cities, production chains of the hypergeometric development scale, i.e. the scale of the construction pace of development (hyper-evolutionary, hypergeometric), the mass of the scale to create our own development bases, accelerating the development of technology – that is, creating a second parallel world to an indirect system of condition improvement, more secure and more effective development in this human parallel world.

Mass self-expanding automatic steelworks of new: material alloys, nuclear power plants, CERN production systems, their further automatic development for further better and better alloys and materials, modification of these steelworks, micro robotization, power plants, micro robotic, micro-material defense systems literally also. Robotic production laboratories cities of reconstruction of material, molecular, atomic and biological structures, automatically aiming at the even greater specification, modification, miniaturization, mobility, restructuring, reconstruction, reprocessing of structures.

So the so-called acceleration, increase of technological, production and automatic environmental evolution – actually active participation in creation.

A system for producing devices for hyperproduction. Its massiveness for the production of powerful industrial parks for the massive transformation of new generation industrial equipment.
Economical, ecological autarkic methods for another asymmetrical technological dimension for more efficient interfering with this normal dimension, such as engineering of normal and modified climate processes.

The entire system is an independent vaccine –  terrain/space exercise at a higher level in dealing with the structural, process-related natural barriers in our existence, development of our life of the word in full meaning.

Humanity is constantly polishing its technological, organizational, hyper-evolutionary potential, towards nature through mutual wars, the classical market economy.
Here are open proposals on how to accelerate this development and the basis of our more safety existence ( not so delicate in relation to natural hazards and barriers) in a more focused, controlled development … hyper … production of… the basis of this development.

The proposed mechanism of this construction accelerator speeds up processes and their direction in our more interesting direction and not 2, 3 times – for example, quality life expectancy-  but thousands, trillions of times.
Of course, everything from the point of ever better perception in analyzing nature, taking care of nature as a garden … outside as well as in us … from the position of a not passive thicket, moss but the position of the actual homo sapience.

Selective economics, like a specific autonomous, autarkic economics is prepared for this our evolutionary goal. This economics, which also supports the external construction of existence and economic, civilization, … ecological, … humane, … biological, … cosmic, … medical, … scientific, …technologic … … religious development, that is, our greater awareness of the potential of our lives in a very multi-context.

Flexible economics drawing in the right direction of change (as well as expressing the whole system of natural changes)
That is constructive energy for reaching the over-geometry speed of development scale.
Focusing only on this healthy, not self-destroying competition and nature, organizing in itself the accelerator of structural autonomous, automatic competitive production automation.
At the internal and structural competition for achievements.

What about social, mainstream, family … existence and entertainment?
Practically operating on the same positions with the difference that the so-called more materially but also consequently more socially, politically freedom…where existence materially matters are still very influential.
What changed the social mentality … greater freedom of the potential of intangible services
Is the so-called pop culture also exploding with its potential… people who will free from the classic, dreadful material fears of shortages.

to be continued with the arms race of the …evolution of…different… systems interests- people’s own modified evolution and the rest of micro and macro universe natural evolution.

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