Hyper-(r)evolution = automatic arms race. Part 2.b. Economics of total restructuring, modification of nature.

Religion and science in determining the definition of modifying structures, natural processes.
Schemes of the functioning of understanding nature … through former religions, science then, now and … for tomorrow addicted to this religion, learning the level of perception, technological level, the current or former industrial park, which inhibits the actions of the next developmental steps, which, however, should include potential – and not current or previously development park – in further development strategy .. For really development boom. Current science is in the position of a religious translation on entrenched positions of the status quo … absolute inviolable “true” knowledge of the laws of nature.

You can change all the properties of nature at a given stage of perception and potential development of an industrial and technological park.

Of course, nature is infinite and the potential of the properties of its levels also to … acquire.
So we can change something to improve the acceleration, accelerate restructuring 2 times, a thousand times, trillions of times …
It depends on our technology, and strictly depending on the given technological, organizational and setting potential … economic, mental attitude or use

This attitude further influences the directions of investment in achieving better and better technological parameters, but also not only technological structures and acceleration organization, but also … security of these investments, purposefulness and their pace … Unimaginable pace.

This accelerator is a key in the turn of nature -breakthrough in our new hyperactive position- which we have known so far.
On this basis, the mechanism of creation and creation, as well as our mobile, developmental potential in this work, are examined.

The supernatural, asymmetric accelerator
to at least offset or exceed the natural construction processes known to us at a given level.

What does it mean?
Is total hegemony over nature? No. Because nature is infinite and infinite dependencies that we can never quite master, only at a given level of our development, potential.
Is the total annihilation of nature? No. On the contrary, greater efficiency will help keep the natural park in a larger percentage than achieving its development goals. Among other things, climate engineering or almost creating technologies that do not violate, or even support natural processes … biological life – quality and length infinitely.

The system of one’s own creation, a co-creation system, are given away.
Position in nature, its definition, and mechanism of participation.
A double tool
– teams of robots that self-replicating and … compete between themselves, practicing, improving, expanding their technology park, structures
in this way
as a vaccine, i.e. a mutual accelerator of competition between own robotic assemblies for automatically stimulating the level of structural readiness to control natural “game” regulations.

So we need competition in our own teams of robots – not external competition because it already exists- to the effectiveness of the vaccine in dealing with natural, biological, ecological, physical barriers, and for own self-development.
The design details of this model will be further provided.

(Re)construction speed -definition- is a development speed that exceeds the current geometric scale potential technological production level due to an additional, technologically effective, technological, organizational structure. It’s this speed, .. size, structurality or process quality. And this is the systemic selective economics directly focused on … restructuration of natural processes. It is as if it is a direct component, part of the process, restructuring of nature, it’s hyper(r)evolution.

to be continued with the re(creation)construction structures processes outline.

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