Hyper-(r)evolution = automatic arms race. Part 2.a. Hyperspeed of re-construction = selective economic (beyond geometric) scale of re-creation.

Can we reach beyond boundaries of the glass cup sphere of the Earth’s cosmic limits of physical and biological possibilities? – glass dome, a sphere of outer space borders in old descriptions.

Then the perceptual, mental, dogmatic glass dome of “our” Earth’s cosmos, today also perceptually technologically, mentally a copula of our limits of potential possibilities … stopped long ago by a new dogmatic scientific religion – also needed as a reference, but not as a break!
There are no such boundaries and will not be in the development potential of man or other civilizations, for which we can be less worth than a scrap of elementary particles … the reverse of our position in the (micro) cosmos also exists.

We are talking here about the absolute engineering of constructive energy to manipulate IT investments, robotic systems below the surface, above the surface of the planet earth, in us … in atoms, elementary particles of elementary particles, planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars, entire areas of our cosmos and far away from it (its “spherical” copula) in a very short time … of course, if we finally give up hammer and screwdriver and … line production technologies, because without it actually E = mc2 and so on will be a not only dogmatically true formula.

Hyper-fast hypergeometric investments, or a structural development rate, where in addition to this geometric mathematical explosion of growth, will come (selective)economics supported by new technologies, reconstruction of structures … that is, an additional automatic! (self-programmed slavery of self-replicating robots systems of the main program made by people) program! the hypergeometric growth factor of transformations of process structures … that their properties indefinitely comparing to our today’s existence known on the Earth, in our known model (micro) creation space … (micro) the magnitude of unimaginable speeds today and the model of the life of unimaginable values, unless in religious existential visions.
The structural really new technology domino effect is additionally supported by solid organizational (energy = selective economics) transformations.

Reconstruction speed.
Above the geometric scale the rate of transformation, or asymmetric reconstructive view of symmetrical phenomena speed, size … This reconstruction has more than the speed, quantity, but also quality – external and external elasticity complexity structures – character also on the economic and biological scale.

We will present this scale of changes, acceleration mechanisms or other changes of interest to us.
It is hyper duplication of surpassing natural processes, complete redefinition, restructuring of processes known to us at various appropriate levels, physical and radio reprogramming. Direct and indirect manipulation in the really microcosmic version and really macro space.

For this (reconstruction -hyper-speed), you need a specific program strategy … a reconstructive technological park, or an energy mental attitude … a new religion = science or on a different level of knowledge and challenges of a potential industrial and technological park to implement, what will further develop the mutual development factors.
A specific global program suitable for at least the Apollo program as a cosmic global endeavor … literally affecting our lives and the environment immediately. But! It doesn’t need to be costly enterprises. This is more matter of economic, organization and mental attitude – faith for a new religion, religion on a higher level of perception and technology, means new science of higher level of perception and technology potential.

Automatic miniaturization of robots.
Robotic race to achieve more sophisticated structures than previously known in biology, physics, etc.
Example of the hyper miniaturization robotic systems race can be “neutrino” biological drones
for observation, modification as part of laparoscopy operations, direct and radio transmission operating, repairing, modifying in … 3d organic from own building materials …so really small 3D copier for building, rebuilding… of life.

to be continued

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