A cosmic revolution. part 1.e. Selective economics – for total transformation. Natural war of worlds.

At the beginning of this section, I would like to remind you of the open nature of proposals sketched in very general terms. Sometimes not fully understood, outlined in large shortcuts. First of all, giving a field for free interpretations and conclusions. Secondly, it is not dogmatic (but also not passive) recognition of a transformation of structures and processes.

Nature, space is a field of constant struggle life and death for its place, its existence, its development, its dignity. Yes, dignity and the right to compete, a specific selection – no longer evolution! – for the right to live as a human and not a vulnerable lamb or point left to a natural/cosmic selection.

We are talking here about war as a (unfortunately) natural selection of processes, structures (not only the evolution of plants and animals and …of/in us selves but also on the chemical, physical, cosmic level) in this here we capture the “genome” of the selection, where a human being can and has a potential of active and … overwhelming participation.

This is a game, a very deadly evolutionary game, where we take a part…like it was by such game… Mayan football ( where the losers lost their lives).
Selective “war” economics – supporting explosively more efficient technology- can help us to go out in better condition from the naturally game.

The selective economics is a ticket for influence directions of the struggle for our existence and development more according to the potential of our ingenuity, technology …against/and with help of natural structures, processes.
The selective economics is more about directions of transformation resources than redistribution of them – by normal economics. This fact reminds me of an anecdote where a scholar has lost his ticket to show a conductor, but he was more interested in a name of a station on the ticket than the ticket … its value.

The economic approach to our technologically / natural existence and development is key to starting a hyper project ( that I called as the biggest (“artificial genome”) project in the universe – also universe not know yet!) a technologically super big bang competition/against normal…big bang/ at all form of evolution from biological to a cosmic level…in which everybody, every institution -anyway- take part.

to be continued

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