A cosmic human re…creation (revolution). Part 1.d.

Stop the war against each other caused by primitive economy and technology practically dangerously feedbacking down entire “development” environment and life.

State “war for life” bonds for a transition from “peace” practically-paradoxically-  war(today’s sick…suicide)economy on tracks of a “war” practically -paradoxically-peace economy for …life…climate…a cosmic (life) sustainability..for a really economic super explosion for development.
Making out of today’s earthly (literally sinking)titanic the most powerful center and motor of development – life – in the entire cosmos…literally…progressively.

Not forgetting we are fully responsible for our future and entire space without any excuse!

We ( have to)make preparations for the production exceeding the current one trillion folds with the continuation of this process in an ever faster-increasing geometric pace and further to win our lively position in our entire environment.
As I described we have fully ( today organisationally and mentally restrained)economic, resources (eg. on Moon, the earth too and…artificial massive modified including elementary particles, cells structures, and processes), a (self-replicating)technologic potential to start this process.

What is going about it?
It is about developing a flexible (economic)mechanism of technological usefulness to the current state of needs, threats and … infinite (by speed also) the potential of exploration and exploitation (means of transformation)…immediately!

What did it mean? It means that fires… today’s stone age manual or line production technology is a lot to inefficient to develop or even survive in naturally(evolutionary)competitions for sustainable(life and…space) development.

In the technological parts, I will write about a concept of (far)remote controlled computer laparoscopy programmed on a spatial scale, … atomic or cellular too.

As I promised there will be presented without any hesitation a most provocative (monster)project, a proposal on… an unprecedented scale in history … in space so far.

So …Happy future!!!… we can(have) shape future(nature) means all(what we need) is possible and we can do it…

to be continued

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