“Transformation of space and life. Part 4.a. A quantum “car/cell” mass industry for break “untouchable” parameters of transformation.”… E=mc2 < E1=md"c"2.

“first draft- beyond current/dogmatic technological space and life perception/imagination of construction and …production”.

Obviously all around materials, products made of more or less known elementary particles.
Generally any reconstruction of the materials inside or outside is influential on energy(property) exploitation, an efficiency of whole structures that we manipulate by a mix of constructing, chemical or physical reaction.
As the whole, we can manipulate with summary efficiency parameters of any structure thus processes.
With today stand of technology, organizations for using the technology we can just stay with almost not change conditions as was 100 years ago, so for example equation E=mc2 is generally still untouchable because of nil efficiency of our today technology regarding the efficiency of surrounding nature.
We can already fly with airplane or rockets, even destroy the surface of our planet including ourselves. But we can’t cope with the efficiency of nature.
We can artificially do reactions influencing surrounding nature and nature in us (eg a-bomb, immunological treatment etc), so do domino effect of changes in nature.
We can even do cars(also anyway built from elementary particles) that have the same mass of horses(also elementary particles) but more efficient to gain speed with much higher horsepower.

But to gain more efficient achievement we need more powerful and bold construction industry(eventually on the moon or further) supported by construction, material treatment (metallurgy, chemistry…physics) driven one another technology with help by a more efficient organization and computing supported by an idea of a self-replicating path of natural development.

With such better material exploitation, we can more and more sustainable and efficient use nature and more efficient influence nature parameters on wished fields of development enterprise that can better… travel, airplane travel and… real space travel or also construction and parameters of our anatomy.
We need to start accelerator of reconstruction of materials….nature to achieve better parameters as for example classic E=mc2.

So that an object with the same mass on needed level could be more efficient by better parameters – by discovery or reconstruction and (mega)production.

How it would like on famous E=mc2 means different dynamic reconstruction of material
where an object with the same mass(eg car) m has d3 inner reconstruction that leads to different parameters of the mass (energy property) exploitation…using extra differently than classical electromagnetism-light movement property
the construction can be weaker than efficiency of atoms exploitation by E=mc2 but bigger than another construction like a horse.
dramatically changes in material parameters by accelerator of chain domino effect reactions, reconstructions on a very massive scale leading for massive “genome” changes of material structure.

Today constructing efficiency level is below E = mc2> so we are below on different levels >Ed1 = md1xc2d1(car/rocket)> ≠ Ed = mdxc2d(horse)  of the d transformations of particles structures as well but we gain for that our construction d3 are in the constellation would more efficient generating new (light) “electromagnetic” waves by the new construction dimensions… of physics of elementary particles reconstructions …not just observe and justify current position of nature,…elementary particles (particles collider).
Of course, most scientists of today do not take in consideration such scenario of such unprecedented reshaping of nature and their parameters, that it is why they go to sometimes strange “an astrology” conclusion as was by the time of “loop orbiting” the sun, mars around the earth, space wrapping.
We will speak and take more time also about most interesting issues for us like life, our efficiency of life(structure/processes) possibilities of changing parameters of our life by reconstructing cells by technologically industrially surgery and by teletransmitted reconstructing mechanisms controlling development and support life parameters on our wished level.

to be continued with the quantum car/life (mass)production – further explanation of the E<Ed .  I warn they will be a ruthless fight for real progress. Finish with a wheel of mutual a “scientific” status quo-vision adoration/misleading.

based on a book “Masters of life and universe” by Pawel Kozycz


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