Transformation of space and life on a human path of development. Part2.d. History and future of passing “natural” barriers of impossibility.

Can we model, and consequently absolutely restructure, thus accelerating processes of changes, investments, production on a global, cosmic scale, elementary physical as well as biological ones breaking another barrier of “absolute” knowledge…of impossibility?

Of course yes, just as one myth about the knowledge of geocentrism has been disproved, just as the myth E = mc2 is already refuted – lack of (really potentially restructured,  or discovered – material science)mass to energy correlation. Such and other myths of an impossibility of humanity, which so negatively affect a fate of technological and social development (individually for each of us, economically, politically)

We will reach (we pass) finally a next unexplored, not yet reached spaces, structures and processes like reaching speeds or barriers above a sound, above the light, as well as further barriers to an existence and development of -parameters – of our bodies (cells, particles).

We do this always steadily according to our history and further in future.

I only propose my contribution, my suggestions in this process of development. It is about its acceleration through the technology of self-replicating robotic assemblies – geometric progress, which would accelerate billions of times technological development, production, and thus entire biological, an entire ecological process of development of the entire human civilization for each of us and the whole of the entire space.

based on a book “Masters of life and universe”

to be continued …of the shaping of our future with …my help of a very revolutionary organizational and technological approach. I warn people with weak nerves that some articles will be very emotional.

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