(active)Transformation of any structures. Part 2.b.Race against time (of life and not only) – literally – remodeling, processing of an environment … its parameters.


It’s all about owning, developing models with us/you – for example in mobile applications systems – and at the same time, it’s mapping, working on/in distant and/or very small objects.
In large versions and further small/micro in huge quantities/sizes on these objects using materials, their modified version, production/extraction facilities for production of appropriate prototypes for further remote controlled development-evolution in a further feedback version that inspires further modeling from macro to micro and vice versa on a massive scale (mega) production in general to only start this (directed, controlled but also autonomous) process on our planet- special zones, our moon, in our cells, atoms or/and other planets, stars.
And so it’s about modeling not only by helping self-replicating initiating bases, material-based production probes, transmitted components, but copying / control of materials or already old components producing, reproducing, accelerating the process of constructing, producing, reconstructing environments that affect us, including the environment in ourselves – biological cells, molecules, … atoms – at a … geometric rate.
So it is about transforming of structures, and further processes and vice versa in an intention of total transformation in nature outside and inside us, by changing a basic parameters of biological, chemical and physical processes, including changing the values of new structures as mass, their (directed) course – that is … the speed of processes or time, i.e. controlling this time.
Of course, you can not manage the time, or stop it, accelerate or slow down it – it is complete nonsense or very primitive thought, describing the currently measured course of processes known to us structures as the only determinant of time. The same is true of absolute – parameters- of the mass, where the internal parameters and external structures and processes affecting final values will never come to an end.
Next, in conclusion, you can clearly shape these parameters – and this is done to and from any activity, production, leading to chain reactions in the biological, medical, chemical, etc. field or in the future – preferably now- chain-chain reactors in every field of interest … with ease, exceeding the speed of electromagnetic waves (light), respectively changing the parameters of structure (mass) and what goes next energy parameters. The same applies to, among other things, the processes of any production, repair, reconstruction, including living parameters of our life, our body, our cells (improving our brains or effectiveness, perseverance of other structures/life processes … the whole life process … changing/reconstructing them eventually/finally- according to our dreams and finally dreams and really (production/development) infinite potential.

to be continued with further explication.

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