On a path of transformation of any structures. Part.2.a. Remote modeling processes of natural structures.

Absolute time, absolute mass theoretically can be determined but practically in the infinity of processes and structures is not possible, that is why relativism is applied according to our level of progress … in measuring or processing to a higher level of processes and structures that we and our(entire) environment are submitting to or trying to make it at least at the measurement level … time, mass determined according to our given level …
…. but … it will be used not only to measure structure/mass properties or time/processes but also it will be possible to control … these processes … dilation (relativism) on data achieved – technologically and … organizationally levels.

The seemingly abstract relativistic physics (massive)operation on nature structures can influence shaping of processes not only at the level of physics but also chemistry, biology, medicine, urban and communication technologies, any production processes, etc …
The production of cell development on a level of elementary particles and
Relative time mass amortized – controlled by help, for example, shielding against “wind” wave distorting for better or worse properties of the structure or processes.


But not only nanosurgical engineering of cells, elementary particles but also again classical physics (eg elementary particles), chemistry can affect a formation of more and more precisely structures in micro and macro versions of us and our whole environment both temporally and completely.

sending a picture … an elaborate copy

Sending-taking-information control (to the distance in the micro/macro space dimension) physical, chemical, and biological processes
The mapping of “printing” of own developed models into cells and … atoms, planetary particles of the planet, climate structures, the moon of other planets, the sun and other objects on earth and the cosmos including ourselves.
We are going into a phase … of our(entire) resource master’s controller …of an almost (directionally) entire structure of nature.

to be continued …with explanations of my further enigmatic drafts and suggestions as well

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