On a path of more human control transformation of the planet earth and beyond. Part 1.a.introduction. Reliability(relativity) of processes(time) and structures(mass).

I’m not against nature. I am not against Copernicus, Einstein, Bor, Mendeleev.
I am grateful to nature, that I arose from this nature. Thanks to Copernicus, his successor that reached further foundations of knowledge and…further development,… changes of/in this nature which we found or to a certain degree we met.
But this is not the end of this process.

No more excuse because so is nature (vulcanos, cancer, death and life, radiation etc.) You always can change – as an equal partner- things on you mode because situations can be dangerous or just simply to give you own course of development… the evolution of nature.

New atomic designs – also …
processes … time and … mass
Controllability – Taking over the process processing mechanism … nature by time, mass. energy and other properties at all levels and directions of planning and control in any variables, overlapping – according to any possibilities/needs of/for correlations.

New successors of birds … rockets, planets, stars, atoms … their artificial successors in the struggle for our present and future, being able above naturally vegetative position but being developmental over a natural background – and for those who will not stay in a philosophical worm, stone position.

to be continued
also with…Cryptoeconomy/valuta as a civic way over divisions and barriers to support abnormal huge hyper technological-development platform(of the monster project) for further support/development normal state of economy and our planet?

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