Finish with one-color perspective – finish with E=mc2.


Looking at the nature of the world’s structural processes from a point of one-color goggles. – A one-color thinking and looking maybe was enough for geocentrism, heliocentrism, Newton, Einstein and “modern” – based on manual and linear technologies of environmental transformation – paradigms.
But not for me and today – environmental collapse.
This is the end with E = mc2-marker of knowledge of today …(not enough sufficient -“absolute”- correlation between mass definition, matter structure, and energy sources), and other dogmas.
What this means in the long run.
Based on technologies – a total (mega) potential of development technology at a geometric rate to the natural rate of conversion – self-replicating systems based on mega computer computing.
Complete conversions from thinking that would justify the current status quo of knowledge = competence in establishing guidelines for development and processing of entire -known to us- environment (structures, processes, and their variable properties!) At the level of elemental particles, including photons, as well as level of entire biological, geological, planetary, star, etc. moving further to technological and economic relations …
to be continued

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