Continuity of re/constructing /by Megaproduction/ “natural” macro/micro envirovment. MegaProduction. Development consequences. Part 4.a.

“anti-mass, -gravity obstacles shield for…boosting E=mc2 -speed limit”

Historically and futuristically always mankind copes with the most efficient way to fulfill any progressive visions and enterprises by building more and more efficient structures above natural ones (artificially evolution).

Focusing on extracting energy from different sources by The Megaproduction investments accelerator. To be more efficient like by building any structures(as was in past too) mostly to cope/being more efficient /and resistant on energy losses/ with an energy economy to fulfill any enterprises.

The giant controlled/self-replicating accelerator (from macro to really-micro sizes and vice versa/feedback modeling)investments can start a whole process of urban, cosmonautic, biology investments for e.g. building anti-aging shield on/in any cell/telomer on a gen-molecular level(with help of new particles/robots structures),


(Higgs field- this I previously described as “marmalade” space that “shape” standards of old/and contemporary view on (particles)space(time))

mass (rocket)shield-shaping quark structures- on …not discovered not constructed yet particle level for more efficient/on higher level/ starting any(micro/macro)space enterprises/ as it usually was -and is- (cars,rockets)historically in mankind development on Earth and beyond, for extracting, -or better to say- directing energy from very new atomic(level) sources for moving and building on wished speed and distance and direction.
So, on the (always)new structures of/on the self-replicating/Megaproduction , can we start a new era of industrial macro- microcosmic development.

more (explanations) about the above micro/macro constructing by the Megaproduction investments and further an economic/media impact(feedback) later.

ps, I am aware of difficulties(costs) of building new accelerators for discovering and building new structures – the Megaproduction shall help for disposing of the issues.


to be continued

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