Megaproduction. Elements for total metamorphosis for everybody. Definition. 5.b.


(tele)Information technology as a key factor influencing a development of consumption in accordance with more real desires of every citizen, in accordance with their environment-friendly situation desire and according to/for better perception of opportunities and needs of/for the environment (e.g.bifurcation of Emc2).
Informatics can help in the transition of techno-evolutionary changes.
Adequate consideration of everyone in the course of structural changes on a global scale.
This is not about a complete discrediting of old regulations (formulas e.g. E=mc2), but simply further making them more flexible/Em(c+d)2, bifurcation, development according to ours and better-used information (perception) technology but not according to some -ready environmental axioms and dogmas.

Expansionary (very massive domino effect) self-developed 3 d printers / robotic processing plants, robotic, automated – remote controlled automation as the next important factor for the transformation of the environment /interesting for us / elements on a total scale on separate (no people) areas, deserts, the moon and so on, but first in a form of simulation of game applications and computer programs.

Perspectively, it is about an impact on a more flexible balanced and above all more decisive, massive impact on climate, geological, … changes on a cosmic scale, like productions(reproductions), artificial materials, natural structures (e.g. carbon dioxide for oxygen), e.g. harder than diamonds, faster than birds, sound and … light and the most /interesting… -micro-biological( life structures)massive changes for/in us – (automatically)constantly support and development.

to be continued

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