Megaproduction- intentional evolution- mega(holistic)consumption- programmed metamorphosis. Definition.Part 5.a.


Tools for a speedy remote control – megaproduction- for life and universe. …for changing classic(views of) features of nature like degradation of E=mc2. First draft.

Processing of materials, their structure, properties .. Raw materials for construction and further effects of the processing as next materials, sources for further processing and (mega) production.

Control of these megaproduction cells with a super speed by use of (computer)games, computer programs,… mobile applications, mass-scale controlled – environment control as a result of this megaproduction …, metamorphosis according to  (holistic) mechanism – our human-consumption
For the final – more and more by our megaproduction to determine any structures – and … any features of these constructions(newer structures) … evaluation (as always in the history) of the whole environment.

Primitive model of a mechanism of
consumption for a primitive cognitive development model of needs such as the primitive model E = mc2…
At the same time, while maintaining the primitive but not so any (more holistic assumption) primitive consumption model, we can broaden the horizons of science and development.
The newer model of consumption mechanism (in a more extensive holistic approach to consumption) as the basis for the economic … development model in environmental control, as the basis for this mega production, development, evolution … construction (micro and macro) of our cosmos according to our needs, developed perceptions – at a given level.

New structures on old ones that deprive status quo of old -perception- structures and thus the primitive (due to the technological potential of existing – maybe enough for today and past but not for nearest future!!- ) theories such as E = mc2 and all further “new discoveries … dogmas
What I propose is not a dogma but an open platform for new construction worlds “body”.

Any new  theories are discovered only according to  perceptions of  applications possibilities of current technology and mutual knowledge that complement each other
Always after this, for example, E = … new arguments can be added to a further development process, cognitive and … primarily… production !!
… It’s not easy to arrange everything with just old..” a hammer and a anvil” (dogmas).

3d printer + robot assemblies – external – structural processing.
The material component for the machine for changing any properties of construction features of known elements through re-constructions of further cells, atoms … quarks … etc.
As already programmed – using computer programs, telephone applications on a mass scale, artificial foundations of the mechanism of further development, evolution, this megaproduction of this model …
The mere structural modification of a given object will be a kind of reconstruction, the evolution of materials that will be this 3d teams of robot factories – beginnings of ever faster (super speed – imposed on each other) megaproduction-evolution … program revolution, delivered – the more materials for processing, a larger contribution to this accelerated “artificial” evolution – megaproductions …. for our whole life and environment support.


To be continued

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