An advantage of scale – a competitive advantage over evolution, nature (according to current perception) part1.c.


We have always historically (and now) been able to create or preserve the scales of the direction of evolutionary development.

The model presented by me puts on the head the strategy of development where science and religion on an equal level will become only an advisory element without the right to vote (political, economic) about directions, areas and the pace of development.

The decisive element here will be an individual and social element with very strong political and economic impact.

The potential of the proposed technology eliminates the role of science as a guide for development but the preference of super organization in guiding self-tuning (accelerating at a geometric rate) automatic and programmed constructional transformations, technological, having a total impact on the potential changes of the whole natural environment – not accepted as a status quo for cancer, death etc. – in detail in the micro version with huge effects in the macro.

Any slight mistake in the creation (already at the beginning), the continuation of this processing technology, the production of a scale above the current state of the natural environment could end with apocalyptic catastrophe not only for humanity but the whole natural environment known to us.

Therefore, especially in next episodes, I will pay attention to an admission and description of this production… on a total scale, and proposed methods of managing this process.


to be continued

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