Creation.Bigger than (known)nature productivity efficiency. part 2.

On debris – or better fertilizers- of Newton, Copernic, Einstein’s etc… formulas and technologies, structures we build up further on a higher level new structures, new features, new relations, new formulas – by the new (self-reply) technology …of perceptions and development.

In nature, one old technology (structure) is here used
(as a fertilizer) by this new technology (structure) – one on top of the other.

– this process will be used for further reconstruction, … construction and in accordance with this further amendment of the properties of these old technologies and formulas – for new constructions … As it has always been eg horse to car, but in this case in another (cosmic) pace of scale.
This is not about a negation of achievements of science and technology, but their support by a new technology that will increase a network of their (old technologies) interaction – products! in quantity and size on an unimaginable scale- of the productivity.
– more powerful engines, bases spaceships multiply armies of micro nanorobots to combat cancer etc support and develop life in every cell for life (eternally) of everybody.

And that all by a quite autarkic economy…of self-replicating sustainable technology on (peoples free – only remote automatic and programming started on groups of simply robots and printers 3D)  zones deserts also the moon, Mercury…

A toy or cosmic gadgets as always can be often crucial factors for real support of development and … productivity on earth and of everybody’s life existence.


to be continued

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