New Adam and Eve

Project MOONNOW is about building (with our hands by our mobile applications) new mankind civilizations of robots on the Moon and “moon zones”, that help us to positively rebuild our world and not only!

Generally, it is about to start the robots’ domino effect with ever faster speed. What will build over the moons in a few years? Not to mention the spacecraft and technological changes (social, too).

It is like first people started their civilizations on Earth using the earth resources so the same will be with robotics moons, but with much greater speed. What we need is technology, organizationally, eventually economic support + extra ideas in the moon robotic revolutions. We need at the start one simple moon probe and simply firsts robots to start it. The first simply robots using almost only moon minerals and solar energy will build other robots. They will build faster, more efficiently, their successors factories and cities for us.

What is your opinion about the future of aerospace and hence astronomy – but not the very distant but the closest to us? So far our development of aerospace and other lively technologies for their design lies in its infancy – it’s just pure manufacturer – in relation to our informative capabilities. Of course, speaking here, in general, is the state of the global situations. I propose output from the inability technology.

So everything should start from “the beginning” but already at quite another level.

This is how Adam and Eve began to populate and civilized our Earth. But here new Adam and Eve or new generation of our children or families could be the most simple robots, which will be able self to construct next robots and other structures of raw materials (mining, smelting rich resources of the moon)and super-rich solar energy, in this case on the moon or like moon zones on the earth.

And we’ll be the God – Gods children – older Adam and Eve- directing the lunar beginnings of civilizations, with (breathtaking) consequences for the whole civilization, in a quite short time. Maybe would you have made some sort of brick is the suggested project? At the beginning of this hard work will be arduous wet behind the ears. Just as it was with the development of computer science with primitive systems of zero and one.

It is about invasions of the moons, that can budge our chances of further entirely development. This project includes changes in the position of citizens, whether they would like to take part in this or not. Not only they will come here in open participation with help of phone applications but also eventually mutual economically support. But as I said economically costs ( I would say profit)  will be the smallest factor of the projected, concept enterprise. An organization will play the biggest factor in the issue.

I am interested in sharing my views and suggestions with institutions of different views. I am interested in deepening the theme with every person who would be interested in experiments and help in further strong growth on this topic. Maybe it would be possible to have a closer look together for exchanging materials and experiments on this topic. Political, social media also could be a good chance for wake-up of the new technological and economic awareness for real much more powerful sustainable development of civilizations improvement.

to be continued about new family generation of  …

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