A concept about instant self-replicating plants, cell robots, and towns.

So we continuing studying the concept – or if you like a vision- of self-replicating robots or system of robots.
First one can say how on earth you will make peoples-free zones to force no-hand rules for more effective automation development when at the same time You offer to build mega towns for people.
First, at all the first – no people-towns, bases factories will remind ghost towns just for construction made by fun, experiment, education.
Secondly, at the end in the no – hands zones, people will be able to appear as consumers but not as … construction workers, etc.
The with or without people zones, the new towns will have full infrastructure that means all that today towns have (new generation) transport, any productions ( self-replicating)lines of any products included food too.
Another paradox about investments and consumption, all that I offer is very intensively investing in self-replicating plants and robots but finally aiming for fulfilling needs of consumers.
Not forget that goal of the concept of instant self-replicating investments into productions is bypassing today’s economy and ecology, by new age -no costly for today’s economy and ecology ( on the contrary)- technology of hyper ever faster productions of first at all better and more robots.

From September 28, 2017, you can borrow book concept about instant self-replicating cell robots, basis, and towns “Masters of life and universe” at Overdrive Library https://www.overdrive.com/media/3573888/masters-of-life-and-universe
To be continued

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