Uninhabited zones as an eco (-nomic and -logic) technological black hole path for new creation big bang.

Part 1

But first at start a little surprise for the whole world and just for whole one week- until30 September-and just for whole(almost – 0.99$) one dollar promotion !!! of the book “Masters of life and universe” that entering world market with cooperation of many publishers- from America, China,Indie, Europe and so on ( for example http://books.rakuten.co.jp/rk/72ae4ca78f8e3119a3641b6de0c4d966/ )- all over the world on

The decisive moment anyway is coming for future of the whole humanity, the whole world, and the universe but first at all all of us individually.

We come to the heart of practical launch of the MOONNOW project.
And the devil is in the details. It is already known that these automatically, plus remote-control developing evolving lunar database systems can be duplicated here on earth in form of uninhabited islands, high-tech cyclone eye zones to force, encourage more intensive actions toward the development of automation, that will lead to a breakthrough in space technology, ecological technology, (nano)biotechnology,(nano) technology of chemistry – almost surgical, modeled chemical reactions to create new molecules and chemical elements on a mass scale according to any wishes of the nano -organic versions to maintain and improve healthy condition of all our biological organs and gradually replace them.
Around the high-tech eyes -accelerators -shall grow new giant industrial centers for space transportation and other development and economic activities.
We need to create a simple way for the development of this lunar transition of technology according to our hopes and dreams on an unprecedented scale. It will be like a jump over evolution at age of 1000 years ahead.
And here we will talk about the carrot method on the international and global scales. Creation of rather permitting for selected uninhabited areas with energy and material capabilities at a purely ecological level – eg deserts – for exercises, experiments, innovative automatic productions, structural processing, construction of mega macro and micro. It would be like for force, train monkey for use box or stick to catch bananas. It is enough to designate, define the international legal framework relief of any possible tax, any bureaucracy, any tax and customs. On the contrary, the creation of organizational support.
I would like to remind you that these territories of new age technology will be autarkic, like first computer programs or computers, first cars that have contributed much to further economic or civilization.

to be continued – about self-developing towns and their whole infrastructure and their ( on edge of the zones) new refuge-immigrants.

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