Creations power of …

“Then the wolf will live with the lamb…the lion, like an ox, will eat straw.”Isaiah 11: 6-7

What is it in this revolution that I want to literally resurrect our environment and us?
In whose name I do it
The reply has been given above.
I will never accept the state of affairs as it is now.
That is why my proposed offers shall take action immediately.
But without panic and chaos.
Let’s start by doing it systematically, structurally through… toy construction games.

I will try to explain, for the time being, very broadly defined new economic and technological assumptions that can significantly influence definitions in physics and chemistry or medicine.
Because the newly defined world under the present conditions of development opportunities will allow for systematically more effective fixation of its own for everyone at a pace unknown- by absorbing here old paradigms by new.
It is not possible to base change on old ones with 100 years or more paradigms – created in different technological, ecological or social conditions, and there will be proposed changes on a magnitude not yet known. There will be no inhibitions in this regard.
Offered proposals are for development rather than standing in place or backward. We will try to get out from this technological cave to the right position in our life and space.
We have nothing to lose here literally. As an independent writer and a private person – here to the public – I can not afford to underestimate myself, as well as you for chance and time to play a game with results of effect and in fact, at the end with results of zero.
The “Master of Life and the Universe” ideas is reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people on various platforms – in almost all countries in the world ( South Sudan, NewZealand, USA, China, Indie, Afghanistan and so on). The action is to have a permanent character including the execution phase.
As far as my suggestions suggest can be treated as specific or fictitious it depends on our willingness to change.
But my proposals we can use not so… serious, starting the process of taking in use them by … games and plays.
How to start building this mega out of the already very short described mega empire.
Of course, from some definition of the structure of effective directions of activities.
So we will escape for some time in the sphere of theoretical elaboration of the assumptions of the physical structure and … social – but to our task let us leave the socioeconomic structure a little later.
As promised in the last post about demonstrating the scale of transformations, in this case, I will try to focus on these physical (including chemical) aspects.
Let’s look at it from a very consumer point of view without looking at academic dissatisfaction. Which does not imply the imposition of some serious development framework on the realization of this or any other project. Let’s try to systematize the definition of our needs and the environment and development.
We have in this whole project several new paradigm links defined by the assumptions of this mega venture that are absorbing those old scientific and technological advances.
We will focus on the first wave of interesting development of robots themselves, bases, cities, etc. How this mechanism would work and influence our development of physical transformation, which goes on in chemical transformations and so on.

We do not currently have a single Adam robot or anybody who could start this new technology bypass evolution parallel to our today tech-condition in achieving cosmic, ecological, medical, and so on.
All robots present are made by point method – manually or linearly produced.
And here we are talking about nonlinear but spatial production many times qualitatively and quantitatively in excess of standard production methods.
This Adam and Eve can be robots or a larger family of robots (also 3 d printers) capable of duplicating itself. This can be initiated remotely driven by programming, but the latter with an ever increasing percentage of remotely targeted applications.
Naturally, nature Suggests the methods of this process and indicates the magnitude of the qualitative and quantitative difference.
As in the old scriptures described – God commanded to reproduce on them
In this case, we rely on a pattern of the cellular structure of living organisms with consequences for the measure of the forces of nature, the infinite model of creative power and energy … divine. We are talking about a biological cell. It is she who is the divine model of our path.The cellular body is a very complicated device that can be compared to the location of the metropolis on the tip of the needle. It’s a micro-metropolis with the right conditions – you do not have to do it all yourself. Just create the conditions for accelerating, expanding at an enormous rate to enlarge or reduce the size and expand the new forms.

We can come to create conditions for zones to increase snowball or domino effect at the rate of geometric progression, plus additionally introduce by the way new technological advances to accelerate this process.As I pointed out initially, it will be the character of simply preparation games, purely prototype construction.In the form of small towns, production plants from blocks, constructional semi-products – as in construction toys for children. These semi-finished products would be delivered ready but in time increasingly produced from materials from  zones on which these self-developing city bases would be located on earth, moon, etc.

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