A resurgence of technology for everyone.


The mission of showing a specific path, a concrete tool for the resurgence of humanity on a literal and metaphorical scale, by a geometrical pace of speed for cell-like self-replicating automation in cosmonautic and other technological development departments of humanity.
In the Western world celebrate a feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the resurrection, where an egg symbolizes this event.
This is just an egg, the rebirth of a new life will be a great element and a symbol that accurately explains the idea of the conception of MOONNOW developing project.
A proposal of zones as incubators or mass-market automation accelerators to occupy the moon or other cosmic objects or relatively large desert areas on earth, that are rich in at least ecological energy sources, can be found in concrete preparations for unimaginable scale in human history. The so-called experimental studies, polygons – smaller scale zones, so that even schools, single persons or foundations, agencies, companies could participate in this, for example, in construction contests for ever faster or most effective duplicated robots (plants)sets in quantitative, qualitative of chemical, physical, cosmic, medical use, etc.
The basic principles of running these mini zones of programmed and remotely driven, training terrains for geometrically multiplication, duplication of robots are:
– all materials or energies ( from outside) lead to the boundary of these zones,
-there must be enough room for self-replicating multiplication (of course ever faster, more and better quality) for next-generation same set-plants of robots by the help of for example 3D printers, but…
-of course, by no help of any person and his hands, that wouldn’t have right to be in these zones – so not allowed to put in the zones other machines. Only the first set may start the process of “the automatic generic evolution” in the zones, with the help of development for programming and for remote control.
This is the chance for each of us, every country or institution to enter into newly reborn human development opportunities on a scale beyond any of our imaginations in a technological, social, economic, cosmic and human dimension of mankind.
You in your environment have got now drafts and tools to push our civilization step further from and by your side.

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