It is time for upright again posture in human and technologically evolution – revolution right now!

In our MOONNOW plans, investments, super productions, we do not have to fully reflect work of biological cells.Our products “MADEINMOON” can be different than natural, can become more efficient and better as we did historically replace horse to … racket – like for example ” Deep blue” computer won chess with the best chess champion.
Here in this MOONNOW project – which we can also name MADEINMOON- our horses – that we replaced for …rockets – will become…the moon, our planet, next planets and cosmic objects (parallel our smaller “horses” – cells of our bodies – to subdue), that we will tame with speed depends on added energy, matter, application programs and our… mood. These new potentially macro and micro, mega-horsepower can be tamed by the development model MOONNOW or similar models, that matching self-replicating machines and constructions with people’s application’s phone’s programs and products – about the theological sides of Moonnow project, I will write much more in next posts.
The proposed space, environmental programs (when they reach satisfactory results of these first programs – medical programs too) can start already immediately without special costs, and outright they can aid in reducing environmental costs as well as classic economic undertaking, speed development at first glance autarkic further mega investments, productions.
So do not hand, tweezers whether modern alchemy is a new method of bio cell grow, but self-replicating cells in the macro or the micro (the Tokyo metropolis on the edge of the needle in multiplied versions )
The advanced automation production system gives a chance for perceptible progress, for civilization’s breakthrough, actual output by leaving the contemporary era of the stone age in terms of technologically and mentally as well. From these great yet seemingly abstract lunar investments depends on our future and present of our civilization in the full sense of the word.
We must not use the… hands . It’s like the evolution of human development. Until man was walking on four limbs, his development manual, and thus intellectually was very limited potentially , the same situation is today- we do not get out of the Stone Age – contemporary threats of ecological and political matters and we do not enter into the next crucial phase of our social and technological development, if we do not turn on our social transformation and technologically applications tamed in full automatic self-replicating accelerators like productions at the macro and micro(nanorobots ) level on a mega scale according to the size of – needed- space. In feedback technology of replicating free us (as in his time upright posture in human evolution) from the current methods of organization and thinking in decision-making and development on a scale of personal and public. This will help us get out of this impasse of our evolution in terms of ecological, social, economic, technological, biological, decisive for our being an individual, as well as the entire population on a cosmic scale literally and figuratively.
To be continued

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