We see stars and cancer but we can not subdue them but now we have right technology for it.

We continuing step by step constructions analyze of the new age hyper advanced powerful physically, constructional, chemically technology as MOONOW project, which, due to its similarities and contradictions, has been drawn also to the “amanhattan” project – referring to the project of using nuclear energy to build the first atomic bombs.
Similarities include, but are not limited to, the radicalism of problems solutions – then military and political, here we speak of technological radicalism to the problems and opportunities of political (nationalist) and social views on counter-primitive relations by political and nationalist thinking, as well as amilitary adventuring technological and organizational solutions.
But similarly in a wilderness, safety experiments should be carried out in our project for a safety of effectiveness of experiment of this adventurer explosion, ie structural, production, construction, to achieve design goals in a moment in comparison with most advanced adaptive or structural processes.
Just a few such centers on earth (and not just that) can replace – in a fraction of the time – and overtake whole world production and development.
But next difference of this “amanhattana” is its technological abundance, regardless of origin, place, and age of all inhabitants of the planet. So everyone from now (since … yesterday – I mentioned already this topic) individually or in a group can start this healthy contamination technology in building from building construction, constructional, energetic, material components such as building blocks and other subcomponents to build houses And other more elaborate constructions like during play-construction … children’s kindergarten.
Some people, engineers from the USA and so on are worried about dangerousness of my proposals of new hyperautonomic but still remote controlled automations system, that could be dangerous for today’s life. I not think so about it in the opposite, it give more chance for support developing chances for everyone.
But to wash out any worries about the way, I will provide the hyper project reminds bypassing system, so generally speaking parallel to so called normally life of today’s economy ,society and normally service technology, we will continuing of building new age technology system (above drafted) in way of described so called play and learn way in special designed zones of incubatores of the new generations technology accelerators ( hyper kindergarten clods).
Another helpfully way is also pointed new way of writing ( tricky pedagogic tool), that insist to deeper think over constructions proposals, that by so called chance and apparently difficulty of reading my and another articles you have to self prove find out also YOU way – not only copy- of understanding and taking in life my and others proposals and suggestions.

to be continued

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