The economic bypass of new age technology

Surprisingly space, the moon has become the subject side of the main objective of the project MOONNOW but could be the main locomotive, expansions plant to achieve these humanitarian goals metaphorically and actually.
How can I explain but also work out! for you and for myself too, this mechanism of geometrically increasing development of constructions and robots productions on the moon and other interesting areas. I try to ask for a traineeship, as it has finally looked like in reality. This is primarily about the product, for which requirements exceed the manual, manufacture, belt productions because here the bar is raised to the ceiling of the cosmos, the macrocosm, and the microcosm.
This is an idea about a super mass production with regard to the geometric increase of speed of the powerful expansion of construction on the moon and farther into space, and the dispersal of the development of mini-robotics in medicine and environmental protection. Because the super speed autonomic copy productions are areas of life that should not negatively interfere in the current state of the economy, ordinary activities – economic- man on earth. But on the contrary, which may at the prodigious extent change the face of the economic civilization of all mankind.
It is an autarchic economy in relation to the production on the ground as in his time was a new example- Emerging-known quasi-autarchic- it -companies.
The autarchic economy of the two super copy developing productions ( macro and micro cosmos robots investments ) is paradigm of positive effects of the robotic enterprise’s experiment
This super-multi copy production is the production of spacecraft and bases almost completely independent of the planet earth. Only the first elements’ factories, robots, mines, smelters, spaceports, urban bases will continue to reproduce from sources of the moon and developing programs of automatically and remotely productive development.
This award-copy improvement with the help of information systems will be caused by tele autonomous and remotely controlled by the responsible teams and supported by the respective territorial possible for anyone willing to help of ICT applications and training as well as games. Because some further period many fields on the moon or rests of cosmos will be expanded by an only desire of interested in this or other copy super mass productions.
Similarly, if separated from for contemporary roaring economy will operate the automatic oscillator super-production copy on earth and it will be a mini-robotics expansion too. The separate parts of the special spaces for plants will be established for duplications developing of robots, especially in the mini robotics some would aim for full penetration of our organisms, the fight against all obstacles of health or life, which can support our cells to the degree we would see the set.

I appeal to people primarily associated with technical universities to take with your hands jointly in the country and also cooperating with universities so-called “hostile” countries for common development. Eg. The region states India, Pakistan, Iran Bangladesh or Poland and Russia under the auspices of the universities could come into to enter for multi improvement of the super macro and super micro production and by the way peacefully co existing.

Let us each hand of different countries, companies, foundations, each other for our common future-present time.

to be continued


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