“People free tax-free zones on earth and beyond for new-age technology development “

As I have already mentioned about evolution issues, we must remember that in process of evolution, those will survive and have a chance to develop into creative individuals, who aren’t passive in expectation of some “evolutionary” fate or salvation. We must courageously, actively develop the optimal conditions of effective progress – do not give up! I will not tolerate such pronouncements like” no chance, no hope and so on because there is always chance and hope especially for sick and suffering and ecological situation of our planet.
But now we go further to the most influential point of constructing the mega sustainable developing empire on the moon and beyond as well as within us.
Many of people will ask, how on earth we can start such hyper mega-giant project on the moon and beyond. We are not prepared so.
And now I give for You most important answer of whole project MOONNOW . This answer gives chance and impetus for our entire civilizations first on earth, in us, after this on the moon and the rest of the cosmos.
So we have to prepare to this moon revolutions. The proposed preparation will influence not only space industry but entire economy, ecology, medicine, politic and our mind as well.
Even small countries, enough big technical, medical universities, institutes of physics and chemistry, also any relevant foundations, societies, organizations and private companies could start right now construct, build and develop in special dedicated closed, toll free, tax free, people-free, international zones ( so like small moons bases on earth – the zones shall be at least 10 km2 full ecologically of solarenergii equipment development opportunities and so on) – first here on earth!!!- of incubators , accelerators of self-replicating and remote controlled self-developing basis of robots and plants of robots and towns, as great reproductive cell – and so long the earth’s robots towns for training and also play, can be first steps of effective progress of MOONNOW project. We should just not forget the most important rule of the project- NO HANDS IN THE CLOSED ZONES ON EARTH, MOON AND BEYOND – only fully automated ( developing in size, quality, and quantity), eventually remote controlled system. A start could be hard, frustrating and not so effective like by constructing first cars, that were slower than horses over 100 years ago.

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