Greenlight for intensive selective economics – intensification of protection and development – towards all-natural and artificial processes. Introduction to selective economics – the economics of neo creation/neo evolution. Part 1.a.

– selective economics of positioning, participation in natural processes,
– selective economics in the application of science in an active modification of natural processes,
– selective economics of including science in the process of economic development in the background of general economic activities – suggestions of application for private and public enterprises.
The general most important issue/question of our mind and life and… the universe is…
Can we change the properties of any natural structures and processes?
The law of neo creation/ neo evolution (written about one month ago) allows us for a not passive position in our nature…like til now seemed not changeable time processes or also seemed not changeable biological, physical balance/patterns of achieved levels…E=mc2- exceeding the speed of light…of knowledge, perception, manipulation, self-replicating autonomous robotic systems, AI mega-production. Can or better- how can we speed up the process significantly?
Redefinition of the role of science, i.e. learning about the application of the world, – no longer learning and confirming, approving, determining the status quo of formulas, rules, models of our micro and the macrocosmic environment from outside and inside … but it is this – this environment – has to learn, to infrastructure itself from us.
As science has to not learning barriers of creation or evolution and respectively more or less active/passive adaptation and “development” but has to influence by neo creative, neo-evolutionary economics policy more intensively co-create/re-create/neo create the infrastructure of life, earth, air, water, and any other matter of our planet and the entire cosmos. -And for this, we need tools (entire technological and economical hard-working compatible/coordinative like intensive war complex/machine – the – at least organisationally- complex(es) we have already ) not just school(scholastic) toys anymore!

Neo-creative reevaluation.
The law of neo-creation – as a new renewed law of Newton- the essence of mutual influence of matter, bodies, objects of all nature – redefines the activity and active position of man under this law. against further artificial (but nonetheless only local and temporary … provisional = primitive) barriers/patterns of no(more) power.

Human and its infrastructural development as an active object – not only a passive object – but always more or less influential, jointly responsible for all processes of nature in us and outside.
It redefines the model of nature as part of the (mega)production we take part in the natural processes/structures permanently tuning, but so that we can do it more conscious=more effective, among others, through the science and economics of selective re-constructive, neo-creational activities.

We’re talking about neo creative futurism
A description of perspectives, the concept of active and active direct taking part/influence on the evolutionary processes of all systems and structures.

It is about breaking fixed static nature codes – scientific models, activating/reviving existing/established structures/assumptions, and openness of applications.
Breaking the key evolutionary nature of systems, just as nature systems have their own program, we can also have our strategy/program and their systematics, and thus influence, give our position, strength of reconstruction/neo creation vectorially for determining, tuning the properties of all systems / structures of nature .. determinating , to promote (mega means evolutionary intervention) more productive consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, but largely evolutionary strategic approach to all systematics, laws of structures of nature processes in us and beyond.

The main guessing of my agonizing and intentions is – a rhetorical question –
is there any general tangible system for systematically developing the mechanism of taking over the initiative, components in the processing of all parameters, as well as the construction of physical, biological and other micro-macro cosmos processes.
The answer is already according to the law of neo-creation and neo-evolution already mentioned.
The issue is not whether because it already somehow works, but how can this mechanism be improved, accelerated.
The use of micro and macroeconomic tools in the preparation of a special parallel channel for expanding this enterprise of strengthening, and at the same time making this skeleton more effective, which will be a tool determinating, of course a directional determinating, which will influence our more or less conscious decisions rather than static, fatalistic, submissive- suicidal in practice, a scholastic approach to all phenomena, which shall further change, will strengthen the course of the selective economics opposite to the contemporary slave economics- in a pattern closed cage of development potential, which until now was oriented towards closed naturally(including blind inefficient ecologically/eco systematically) ambivalent consumerism, i.e. also inefficient processes natural, and thus generally less efficient, without actually more secure perspectives and development opportunities based on a fatalistic, scholastic existential closed(minded)pattern, or rather economically and civilisational vegetative.

to be continued


Orange light for neo evolution. Part 5. Neo futurism/neo infrastructure – Neo life/neo space.

Neo-creative futurism, i.e. not passive, active, directly predictive, prompting our potential to influence the evolution of all processes and structures.
Not existing or previous creation or evolution, but neo creation. Neo evolutionary look and act on all structures and properties in life and matter.

Neo-creative futurism is programming, planning.
Just like nature has its programs and systems inside and outside
Yes, we can also have and develop more systematically and consciously our strategy and systematics, and thus influence properties, define, propose nature, our own initiatives and accelerators of the mass evolution of processes and structures on request and on the basis of an extensive potential strategy, including non-passive, non-submissive directing and at the same time fully co-responsible participation in all processes of nature structures, including control of climate, volcanoes, planets, stars, quantum and so on.
Production neo-creative= neo productive, consumer neo-creative = neo consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, more neo-evolutionary strategic approach to the entire systematics of laws, structures, and processes of nature within and outside us.

Not solving some any way infinitive patterns, models, keys of the nature of systems, but rather breaking these codes, breaking these keys, smashing, rebuilding existing walls, doors and barriers … static scientific models, activating structures within the openness of applications … breaking key of evolutionary nature … building your own evolutionary background/strategy.

The law of neo-creation redefines all definitions of our entire existence, our entire activity, our whole nature – it redefines science, the role of science, no longer as a scholastic, static, subjective description of an evolutionary or existing creative system.
Neo creation, neo evolution, neo science, neo economics, neo ecology, neo politics, neo physics, neo biology, neo medicine, neo engineering, neo agriculture, neo production, neo religion.
Neo always means the freshest, most compatible with real potential and non-fatalistic (not incapacitated) needs for today and tomorrow programming life and all space.

The neo-creative, re-evaluating law of neo-creation redefines human activity and position.
As jointly responsible for all processes inside and outside us.
It redefines the model of nature as simply production, a part of the production that we are to tune, among others, through the use of selective, re-constructive and neo-creative economics.
It is simply not acceptance, but active systematization, neo-neutralization, not passive justification, not contemporary demonization, enslaving one’s position all over nature.
Not giving up, but active and systematic participation.

This does not just attempt for waking up awareness, but already initiating enterprises, new works, new foundations, new components, new accelerators of neo productive, neo-evolutionary changes in material structures/processes, neo-creative will lead to awareness …. of these / reluctant / enslaved minds, to opening eyes, perspectives, neo-creative markets, neo-consumption, neo-market, new explosion, new development start position.

That is, the basics of neo-evolutionary and neo-constructional (neo creative/selective) economics provide the basis for the direction of conscious and effective participation in the metabolic process of life…of micro-macro cosmos more by…our economy.

All in all, it is the right to dignity, i.e. the right to co-decide on the existential, so far incapacitated evolutionarily, anty creatively static view, social, political, economic and scientific systems.
This new non-submissive attitude is a basis for understanding the mechanism of co-decision in all processes of nature, it is a key element of this neo-evolutionary selective economics … neo-scientific.
The activating infrastructure of this mechanism – neo-evolutionary / selective economics is the creation of an appropriate policy, public support strategy … accelerators, generators, components of telecommunications infrastructure, communication … leverage … as well as adequate support for private/public enterprises.

Renovation, new space/platforms for technological, astrophysical, biological expansion
The neo creation article parts are like pressing in space ship cockpit the next orange lights subsequent buttons for check-in levels for the final countdown for finally the green light for turning on start of the neo creation of life/space ship machine.

The problem is that in a general approach it often doesn’t feel, doesn’t feel the use of this technology infrastructure and the need for an implementation system, which is why it may feel too abstract.
It is about technology as an economical neo creation of its application in a feedback effect.

Also here it is about anchoring in this system strategies including physics, astronomy, astronautics, ecology, biology, medicine in this evolutionary economy …

Therefore, for now, we have never been, we are / will be beyond the reach of the possibility of effective manipulation of processes that were considered a hundred years ago unattainable. Just like the “processing” time structures, their transformation metters and mechanisms, which, however, we can maneuver like … current a neo-creatively primitive mass/energy model.

to be continued to new mega-production = neo evolutionary= hyper evolutionary- neo creative perspectives of life and matter.

Orange light for hyper technology application by the economics of evolution(ecology) of life and space. Part 4.

What can be the answer to this leverage concept of creation, neo-creation of the world in us and beyond – i.e. the so-called external points of support for changes in the vectoring strength of process directions, development structures, transformations of a given environment, any physical or physical object?
– they are a specific structure/system of vessels connected … in nature and its … channeling/raising/levering based on external structures of processes and structures that can externally affect existing concepts, observational processes or changes not always consistent with local, temporary observations, models/structures … not taking into account the external, channel, connected vessel system, that also and usually impact any changes … unknown, not yet created.

It is not passive, but hyperactive constructing, initiating, building, interfering in external and internal lever processes of life and the universe (included our planet).
Co-construction of structure processes.
And one has to look at it as for mechanisms, mass machines, giant structures, mass mechanisms, because nature is a great machine, a great infinite machine of mass application, to which we can present strategies for getting out of the position of a stone or a point in space in the machine towards a massive investment contributing to this machine evolution- and our life( literally) by the way .

So I am talking about economics, hyper macroeconomics directly oriented economics indirect relations with this nature, with its very profound changes potential and possibilities, a more conscious thoroughness of our ordinary economic and consumer activity with existential but not vegetative attitudes and ambivalent/vanity games, enterprises – realizing the basics, platforms for all other economic and consumptive behaviors as human beings, but no longer homo sapiens but jointly responsible hyper homo sapiens in the use of tools/=levers of evolutionary/total change.

Tools are levers that have been and will be used and developed in our development. The issue is the proper determination of the purposefulness of action … evolutionary economics = selective economics.
Not just vanity investments of empty scholars/childishness policy ( of course need one for in some stages for exercise, raising more mature attitude and self-esteem), but more with a kind of very harsh competition, initiative, defense or attack in working out how it was, is and will be in the grounding of our position, values, properties, performance, parameters of our existence and development, total, working out mass mechanisms investments worked out in coordination with an immense system of nature not standing in the one place .

The strategy of mass application of tools / levers to build new components, bricks … for further scientific work that are part of production, its evaluation – as their use and mutually increasing this evolutionary, neo-creative development park (in each enterprise) for further groundbreaking ones, innovative, productive and other ordinary strategic investments in … the process of taking control and responsibility for the garden of Eden, which we were given to care and development, as responsible gardeners and not points in the astrophysical (“alchemical” / dogmatic) or biological world.

Science is discovering of abutments, levers, and supports. It always needs parallel new hands, next more (automatic) hands for an increasingly effective thought/application process and the transformation into fixing ourselves – to fight for our better active, lively positions, properties of life and environment …
Science alone is just a philosophy of justifying a (point) position. The need for more dynamic learning, searching, researching, modeling, neo creating supported by the hyperproduction of these maneuvering, manipulating, literal and figurative participation in the infinite world of levers.
It is more a matter of strategy, mentality, evolutionary economic mentality … cooperation, because we already have (self-developing programming/producing domino effect)technologies and for this reason, we are already hyper homo technology Erectus … we are potentially above homo sapiens, but this hyper homo sapiences progressive link is missing to move the head(brain), to move from this stage of orange light to the stage of green light of the turn of the history of mankind and … the cosmos … with a greater speed than we know from the position of limited mentally, organizationally looking, but not the leverage potential of natural and non-natural levers of space/matter and life.

Just start using the self-programming automatic mechanism of released hands, levers, potentials, to set bricks, Lego pyramids on a scale, not homo sapiens but hyper homo sapiens of the universe of life and stars.
On a micro macrocosmic scale above the simple Stone, Iron, plastic Age, on it’s our mass mechanisms of neo-creation structures of the world and life.

Exploring better mechanisms of nature and its levers and further their better use with this hand tool of hyper homo Erectus and its dynamic economics of non-passive evolution towards hyper homo sapiens/ a real space homo sapiences of life.

I don’t write here simple definitions rhymes, closed models but intensively looking for a solution, open perspectives for maneuver in systems … always open to/in our infinite nature.

to be continued

Orange light for evolution/civilization revolution. 3. Hyper 6 G technology for a massive activation of channels of a system of connected vessels, processes/properties of natural structures …

Orange light for evolution/civilization revolution. Hyper 6 G technology for the mass activation of channels clearing (influencing) the system of connected vessels, processes/properties of natural structures …

(currently) linearly – till now very scholastic- described.

6 G technology – its potential evolutionary feedback/impact on health, life, and universe literally directly steering, remote controlling by massive support of production plants of the accelerator of the evolutionary technology of… physics economy…

6G teleportation –
a multiplied chance of activating of the evolutionary process of constructional, material, biological neo creative manipulation of mass investments at a distance igniting the process of “genetic” and genetic on a distance to an increasingly massive extent.

Vegetative, passive, insufficiently active, suicidal attitude towards often negative trends, processes of social, natural … scientific systems from the “scientific invariable models” foundations, economic, …
Not evolutionary vegetation, expectation, primitivization of perception and decision. Not passive evolution of fitting, but active evolution and development without any preconditions.
We, our will, are to be an igniter, a spark, a determinant, the dominant support of the lever of change, the pursuit of better, the fight against evil at successively depleted levels and directions of existence and development.
Often the current primitive attitude, and even more so
then the primitive one that even going negatively backward the current state of evolutionary relations, but anyway still with (wasted) great potential for advantage.

Current development does not necessarily mean that it is bad, but certainly not sufficient in an evolutionary, ecological race, broader understood than a separate economy and separated ecology.

The conscious will of evolutionary economics – creative and cosmic life.
As well as the will developed in this economics to compete very actively in this permanent evolutionary transformation of environments and systems.
Will, awareness as well as immanent healthy purposeful economic / gene part, part of the mechanism of co-evolution and evolution.

It is about the concept of broadly understood economics of very massive, intensive technology/physics/ non-passive biology – going beyond the circle of the faded vegetative world of physics, biology
The concept of evolutionary economics as economics over primitive/passive economic and technological activities, i.e. negative, passive economics not sufficient related to active biological, material evolutionary competition. … hyper ecological.

Neo-creation levers are based on external – on their internal as external sources, macro/microcosm support points of structure exploitation, they can completely change the energy, constructional / process values ​​of their objects of process and neo-creative interests.

We are talking here about the problems in the form of a system of connected vessels … the course and mutual influence of structural processes.
Just like in the so-called temporal relativism, so in mass/energy relativism in the depths of the perception scale and the extremely advanced mass participation in the already non-static approach to phenomena. Including the perception, participation of energy, process channeling, phenomena of connected vessels, energy vessels … of cosmic/”time” wormholes.

We can talk about contractual boundaries, assumptions, laws, mechanisms, property standards, and valuation according to the principle of the so-called relationship constant.
Between biology and systems physics.
Between equating one and the other describing the phenomenon according to the so-called permanent physical, biological relations, which from the outside of a given system of these or other borders can be more or less freely interpreted, manipulated, reconstructed.
We already know the mechanism, the principle of construction, or rather as with all observations and calculations of man – or rather – his – always – temporary, local assumptions of the creation of us and the entire universe. So this is no longer about tricks or miracles but this systematic, mechanical building of our own machine according to our developed quality values ​​of lever components of all process structures of interest to us.

But in spite of everything these next pyramids, hyperstructures, in this case, XXI arise the achievements of humanity – not looking at some constants and relativisms.
Like the next level of revolution in the evolution of human intervention in the internal and external environment of rebuilding components of process structures.

So, it is already about building new (mostly autonomous) robot components for constructing robots using new processes, neo-creating new generation pyramids, trillions of times bigger, more efficient than existing constructions, natural in precision and depth, massive interventions in given vectoring directions using these external leverage composes structures supporting their own internal and external goals.
The specific production of quasi-process mass for overcoming specific/linear described barriers of time (processes), energy and so on in the system of so-called connected vessels … already with our artificial channels/intervention levers … co-evolution of all processes … neo creation.

The transition from the level of monkey vagabonds or low existential behaviors – due to technology and the new strategy not passive, actually directed creative position of development in nature –
From mutual skirmishes to a super machine competing with external and internal non-human systems of life and universe/matter.
With the help of technology that will lead us to this cooperation, the machines will facilitate the way, and at a later stage of cooperation closer with systems in the fight or cooperation against/with further systems and so on by going up on higher and higher stages/levels of perception and participation.

Development of process leverage channels according to an infinite system of connected vessels … and telecommunications

6G, i.e. … Teleportation, supporting processes of existing structures, internal, connected by external and vice versa … The use of gears, levers in avalanche process systems dominoes of all processes and their structural properties … confirmation that Emc2 with a multiple of mutual depth relations, relativistic systems, not only according to so-called time(processes)/gravity but all processes and structures with infinite possibilities, natural potentials, artificial mechanisms of them – any arrangements – external and internal manipulation … can be manipulated naturally or artificially at a distance.

Applying to, for example, climatic planetary engineering … artificial initiation of volcanic bursts for … partially obstructing solar radiation. controlling/investing in 6G systems responsible for life processes and other processes/vectoring, evolutionary in us and … on other/inter systems, planets … stars … according to this system(channels) of vessels connected systems and the lever model of influencing all creative processes, neo creative.

To be continued to futuristic (or maybe already not)suggestions productive perspectives and chances of mankind jump for a more and more responsible future.

Orange light for a strategy of no passive evolutionary physics, evolutionary economics…part 2.

The environment inside and outside us are infinite lever systems, structural energy transmissions, micro-hands, where we can contribute to the infinite transformation of this environment, rubbing up, symbiosis, cooperation of systems of this permanently moving physical and biological environment.
It’s about the strategy, the thought that is the spark of a kind of brain – a further gear in steering, constructing, building
The algorithmically, automatically more and more precisely, more efficient, getting smaller in size, autonomic, self-producing of trillions of trillions of these micro hands, micro “people”=robots – increasingly autonomous (but never 100 percent) robots to increasingly enter the transformation of structures at ever deeper, not reachable at a given level, etc with speed of an increasing explosion.

This is the conscious will of evolutionary economics of neo creation of cosmos and life.
As well the will developed within this economics to compete in this permanent evolutionary transformation of environments and systems.
Will, awareness as well as imminent healthy purposeful economic part/gene part of the mechanism of co-evolution.

The concept of non-passive economics – going beyond the circle of the vegetative world.
The concept of evolutionary economics as economics over primitive/passive economic and technological activities, i.e. related to active biological, material evolutionary competition. … hyper ecological.
Leverage equation as a determinant of all matter/energy and life systems.
The world is an endless system of energy and construction levers in which we participate emotionally, economically, physically. The depth of this system depends on our commitment, ingenuity … and mass/automaticity, the dynamics of this commitment.

It’s about a technological breakthrough
how to prepare it organizationally, take advantage of technological and organizational possibilities, how was the energy lever of the atom at a given level known and worked out.
Accelerator technology for accelerating structural changes, as components for the next more focused transformation, is already, the point is how to start preparing to take advantage of it.

This is not innovation, this is not sustainable economics, this is not new physics or medicine but this is superior mechanism, law, and right of directions of our mind and will ( but mind of other systems as well) for further “vectoring”/levering of our new platform of neo creation of our life and our universe of matter/energy lever without surrendering/submissive habits of our place and our existence, and active participation of transformations of all properties of our universe in each field.
Because we casually use these hyper hands and already extra brain (computing systems) extra but not including it effectively in this involuntary race to death and life.

Physics of economics physics.
Selective economics means total physics.
Economic Human Paradigm of entire space and life evaluation, evolution.
Economics is the engine of change and we can be its active and we are an active participant our whims, our proliferation and improvement, strengthening, securing standards in the process of various other systems that are also fighting for their position by economically diminishing us but at the same time being able to support us in this economic struggle of physical, biological strength and, above all, the redesign, neo-creative cooperation of systems – living levers of further re-evaluation, control – of environments, but this is to be cooperation and not a passive fatalistic mediocrity. With cleverly hard-working action, not passive but very active, and very hard-working cooperation.
The more hard-working and massive and inventive, the greater the possibilities of shaping perspective, the active acceleration of active perception of environments, systems with which we go for this economic cooperation, competition.
This hyper evolutionary economics or simply selective economics is the basis and absolute paradigm of all scientific, educational, economic, social, and political activities.

Whether we like it or not.
It is not passive, but very active, very intense, intentional, massive interference indirect into all possible processes and arrangements on ever deeper and further and more precise decks, levels, processes of evolution of all values ​​and relationships as well as biological, material, energetic phenomena and processes and structures. – a kind of lever manipulation of machine structures of all processes, structures in any systems and patterns of perception and transformation.
Our brain, our mind is the first lever spark of the neo creation domino effect that we can contribute in the whole universe permanently transformations – contributed also from another known or not known systems.
It is necessary to create the economy that will be used in modern economics, such as a great multiplier factor, a flywheel for raising civilization, the level of economic, scientific, technological, social, ecological, logical development.


to be continued with the drafts/inspirations of the strategy of /for life of our physical, biological, economical cosmos…” soul(s)”igniters/levers of the universe.

Orange light for the hyper economy/technology of new generation carriers of creation of life, matter. Part 1.

Will we get, deserve – or have we earned sufficiently for a responsible, safe start of this new age of life and matter – for the green light to start the proposed hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, neo-creative start that will be after the hyper Erectus era towards homo sapiens civilization, in this case, new civilizational breakthrough the next stage on a global scale, hyper homo sapiens civilization … for now?
Due to ecological/economical, mental technological, scientific evolutionary vegetative primitivism, the answer is no.
-or rather it should be worked out at a given level … the development of the next, as in time green light for man and his mental tool potential from the era of homo Erectus, new homo Erectus green light for the hyper start, or maybe orange light for proper preparation for this new start stage.

The right to preparation, or orange light – but at least on my part I can give it to not to go back in nothingness in the accelerated machine of the evolution of natural systems, already orange light to transition to a new cosmic speed of technological explosion to cross the evolutionary and physical barriers recognized until now impregnable.
From the right response to this orange light, how we develop our responsible attitude, the economic and technological machine, so we earn, we deserve finally to receive this green light to start from a passive position to the position of an active participant, initiator of new processes and structures … carriers of our life and our cosmos and further/deeper structures.

I do not mean verbal skirmishes, round academic discussions, alchemical games at the modern level, potential and threats and opportunities.
We are at a given level of development of this hyper Erectus, but not yet hyper homo sapiens. It is about using the potential achieved to abandon old manual control habits or literally manual manufacture and alchemy not suitable for the area of ​​our no longer reversible symbiosis with planet earth, a much greater symbiosis of dependencies, opportunities and threats, if only because of the number of people and the aspirations of being more than an intelligent vegetative monkey over a bonfire.
It is about swapping the position of dying vermin that eats itself and the platform it lives in, but creating a super machine capable of putting up more effective responses to the enormity of the machine of natural systems by individual globally, cosmically.
These more effective responses are self-repairing, self-improving according to increasingly self-developed development algorithms
carriers of life and other process structures on ever deeper areas of structures and processes, including molecular and quantum processes, so-called energy levers and other process structures of interest to us, transforming them, reconstructing them to avoid the negative factors of existence, development, and even further their expansion and development.

It is about further changes, reconstructions, neo constructions, neo-fractions of existing carriers of life and matter/energy, at the same time changing their current approaches, heights and properties not seen before, unimaginable – this is about very automatic, very massive, very deep manipulations of life processes , matter of the cosmos in the widest sense – including those resistant to this advanced factors of relativism, energy / mass, evolution, life as such a cell unit, etc. – of course, man will always be and is ultimately responsible for the direction of processes of such or other carriers as it has been always historically.

Here we have to deal with this new tool, a mental technological crisis of homo Erectus of the present time (hyper homo Erectus), but also of today’s potential and opportunities
New free potentials, hands to awaken beyond alchemical, above fatalistic, unleashing the potential of civilization and hyper evolutionary leap.

to be continued to the economic/technologic carrier (of science) of life and matter/energy.

The neo creation law/economy of life and matter.Part 8.

So what is neo creationism?
The law of neo creation is the law and mechanisms of non-passive shaping of all processes and properties of the whole life environment and matter, rejection of the static theories and laws about physics and life of the macro and microcosmos, that I named selective economics, economics of biological and astrophysical active( by human) evolution.

This is the negation of static passive astrophysical/biological (in reality very temporally)theories and their so-called absolute/fatalistic limits of technological possibilities affecting physical, biological and other relations and properties anywhere – the same applies to the issue of relativism, the approach to the phenomenon of time, i.e. processes affecting the time course(more dependent from) of variable structures/processes and other so-called static or non-structures, processes, also widely understood in terms of the classical model of evolutionary processes.
But it is here proposed for this look, a description of the competitive macro microcosmic, infinite set of systems and also infinite possibilities of competition in giving any directions and speed of transformation of these systems.

Here, therefore, indicates the so-called mechanism, the law of neo-creation, i.e. the evolutionary biological and other investments in the existing structures/processes of the micro and macro of the cosmos, based on the increasing mass of exploitation processes, transformations, rebuilding, based on the creation of own mass building components, not pure matter /masse, but rather constructive, artificial quasi microcells or atoms/quants with their programs, functions for further avalanche transformation, evolution of structures, processes more in line with ours – our system of aspirations of existence and development … in the end supporting so-called simply void consumptuous, joyful moments, spaces life not directly related to this race of macrosystems of the cosmos…but in further stages inspiring further strategy for directions of our movement in the competition of systems..
So we are talking about this prosperous, cheerful, entertainment consumption, but also about the so-called investment consumption, raised to a higher level our “entertainment” position in the competition of systems of nature, i.e. joyful but also in a responsible, reasonable creation with systems of nature sometimes against these systems – cancer, death, earthquakes, other smaller or global, cosmic processes contrary to our existence and development.
Determining our own directions for the development of the cosmos in which we live. We create our own construction components of bricks – tools, machines, self-expanding and improving their structure and program for self-replicating technological teams of bricks to an ever-higher level of… our consumption and universe breeding, co-workshop with… nature systems.
Here we are talking about the separation of
–entertainment and so-called economy, scientific/dogmatic (i.e. science based on current perception), albeit just primitive consumer investment attitude towards the changing forces of biological systems and the cosmic approach, not actively oriented to the broadly understood evolution of competing and more oriented systems on a step with systems,
–or about investments more related to this total competition of systems of nature … based on the systematic, automatic improvement of engineering, construction, building bricks, which will also shortly improve the civilization level of the development of this primitive economy of investments in entertainment, (dogmatic)science, etc.

Awareness of the strategy of this development gives the chance for more secure and effective development of each jointly and individually in a historical relation – as it has happened before and also futuristic.

Commercial activities …
consumer … scientific activities are not a direct action to upgrade systems in the evolutionary race.
So it’s going about creating an attitude of a platform system that improves on an evolutionary level in a broad sense, for multiple artificially evolutionary bricklaying – like toys, models, blocks – enhancing tooling in acceleration like star creation, a big bang skeleton to improve production technology and research for our less-lost position in systems and then at this less fatalistic entertainment.

What to do?
It is building such CREN incubators for the non-passive but active creation of the accelerator of controlled, programmable, artificially evolved micro drone, nano drone terrestrial (need one hyper – globally, universally, biologically, molecular…- telecommunication system development), biological, space and other whole assemblage assemblies, mass components production, exploration, exploration, processing, intervention, substitution. … refutation of existing structures, mechanisms and … laws. For this, you need a whole package of complex changes of neo-economic, neo-technological, neo-astrophysical, neo-biological, neo-ecological, neo-climate, etc. preparations.

to be continued with the hyper brainstorm insane chasing for hyper evolution (selective economics) of life and matter/space.

The neo creation law. 7. Economics (determinant) of life and universe properties engineering of evolution.

Fatalistic – passive, ambivalent – approach to our place in space in the processes of broadly understood evolution of living and non-living matter of micro-macro space systems influences decision making, awareness, thinking of existential, social, economic, political, scientific, educational, individual needs and aspiration, closes the path of real, effective development.
Very subjective, punctual treatment of oneself and the environment influences on non-finality, distraction, the aimlessness of thoughts, concepts, and actions, which deeply affects the purposefulness of activities in the scientific, economic and mutually affecting this process.
A new religion, a new science, a new concept of ourselves and the cosmos within us and beyond is to turn this “developmental” trend … suicidal in the merciless race of evolutionary changes, the abrasion of biological and physical systems of micro-macro cosmos.

Of course, we are not talking about separate solutions but a common, compatible strategy in this evolutionary race in the awareness of rights and our non-passive position = dignity.

The current civilization, economy, society is dependent or inert in the aspirations of needs and evolutionary/developmental potential, and this is due to the fatalistic view of self in influence, i.e. the lack of influence on properties, values, structures, processes of broadly understood transformations.

There is a need for a new strategy for managing potential, … consumption needs to wipe out development or the inert irresponsible market of prosperity and ignorance.

We are talking here about responsibility, i.e. at a given level of awareness, working out the possibilities of further interference in cooperation in determining these mass energetic, biological, genetic biological properties, the material environment inside and outside us. these possibilities are often closed in some absolutely closed systems, patterns – useful at a given stage of aspiration and development – sometimes recognized as a constant of systems or very distant achievable, but it is a matter of working out, developing co-creation of this environment, which is primarily an endless system of process levers, material/energy structures.
It is not that a megaton of some valuable cars can be equal to a megaton of other cars or organisms or materials of black mines, and this is due to the infinite openness of the potential of the lever systems, power transmission / structural matter. And efficiency is an absolute dominator that describes the relationship between any processes and structures. We are talking about the efficiency of observed and developed processes, which as if passively and not passively relativizes all values ​​are known so far and those that will be just learned – not only measuring processes … processes – i.e. time, but also passive and not passive processes of measuring energy, mass, etc.
Persistently and logically, it is impossible to determine by one measure energy, mass, cellular, genetic relations, etc.
At the so-called primitive cognitive level and utility, these simple formulas may be useful, but at higher cognitive technological levels it is no longer sufficient or at the levels, we want to achieve today, tomorrow without seeming to get.

It is like a separate aggregator, an automatic construction process to accelerate the tooling process to reach the deepest energy, biological, astrophysical process structures so that you can affect properties such as speed, energy efficiency … cells, the efficiency of the properties of our vital functions and other existential developmental.

This leverage, gear ratio of energetic, mass, so-called time, construction processes is determined, determined from two sides
– the so-called natural external infinity of structures for the levers of mass and other structures
– and on our part our contribution to leverage in co-directing the initiation of directions of biological, astrophysical, other processes.

Any leverage, structural and process changes affect any behavioral changes, properties of all objects they have been in contact with, including mass, energy, so-called time (currently limited to current energy/mass ratios …) of current broadly understood macro genetics and micro-biological, astrophysical and any other cosmos processes/structures with which it has and will have more or less active contact.
To conclude that the higher the pace of these lever automatic mass reconstructions, the greater and faster the impact of … avalanche on the variability of any processes of structures and their biological … economic astrophysical properties. Of course, it depends on us, our technological and economic commitment – cooperation/competition with nature – the vector effect may depend, i.e. influencing the directions of these processes.

The breakthrough in astrophysics, the biology of… economics is no longer passive mechanics or the perception of astrophysical, biological … inertial economic phenomena, but their selective engineering on an industrial scale are to be a breakthrough in theoretical physics (astrophysics), biology, medicine, chemistry, economics … ecology … climatology, planetary engineering, cell engineering, quantum engineering, life, and space engineering.
This is the lever, gear – non-passive-interpretation, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic vision of mass engineering of all structures, processes, and properties of micro macrosystems of space and life.

to be continued with the law and… rights for an active (more productive)human part in any processes and structures of life and universe – bricks of evolution investment.

Neo creation law. part 6. A lever, gear – i.e. non-passive – interpretation of all structures, processes, and properties of micro-macro space systems.


Strategy for neo creation of life and matter properties.

-neo evolutionary,- neo relativistic investments (hyper economics = selective economics)

A breakthrough in astrophysics, biology, economics,
a no longer passive mechanism o perception of biological, astrophysical, economical phenomena, but their engineering on a scale
groundbreaking in theory physics (astrophysics), biology, medicine, chemistry, economics?

The law of the mechanism of contributing to the improvement of bricks/hands = lever, gear in active participation in nature is a strategic step of the breakthrough in neo-creative, anti-void or anti-diffuse, not blinded by the blind fatalistic management of the potential of our ingenuity and the known, as well as developed mechanisms / processes / structures common to using this energy of the potential of processes and structures, which will increase the effective time of creating resonances of the waves of human participation, which until now determined and at the same time spoiled, scattered, inhibited, disintegrated strategies, the direction of neo (co-responsible) creation, instead of using the proposed technological power strategy, more effectively influence a more harmonious symbiosis of anyway ( at least apparently)vain and improvised behaviors and effectiveness of activities throughout the whole life and the entire cosmos at a pace already exceeding any previously known physical, economic, social and psychological social tools and processes reception.

We can also take more and more active and not only passive participation in natural “digestive” processes, giving our direction, which means being aware of a certain symbiosis, cooperation, because it is impossible to go through these processes quite effectively without proper balance of our responsibility with nature and our vanity (often deconstructive against a natural background).

More on the human side, influencing the processes of our evolutionary environment, learning about, taking over, persecuting, co-constructing, to an ever greater extent, our contribution to ingenuity in influencing mechanisms, genes of nature, including ourselves as it happens and has happened throughout history.
It is about awareness and hence more and more purposeful conscious management of the processes of mechanization of biological, astrophysical, etc. processes, its industrialization, this artificial, that is our fought(work out) hyper evolution achievement, increasing the tooling, automatizing at multiple hyper levels compared to the previously existing natural level and human current achievements.

The introduction of increasingly remote, programmable tools, quasi-super hands is supposed to accelerate, multiplier, the speed of taking over percentage participation in evolutionary processes, hypo energetic purposeful, co-generic, powerful influence on the properties of processes, structures of nature not seen before or partly – “shift” time in satellite navigation. – here similar processes will occur at a level unheard of before, such as shifting mass and energy values ​​according to the so-called restructuring of construction energy “levers”.

It is a matter of mass self-automation as if the historically autonomous increase in the mass participation of tools for the increase in the share of the human new creative factor in the processes of managing evolution at the biological, global, astrophysical level.
Absolute, hyper Einstein laws, hyper Newtonian laws, hyper Darwinian laws approach to control of nature will be introduced, as well as acquisitions at selected and systematically developed levels. Such a neo-anthropogenic, i.e. non-passive approach to all processes, structures, and properties of micro and macro of the cosmos of life and matter, as an infinite set of levers, gears about which we can and were to contribute more or less consciously.

The world is competing systems that determine the so-called average important values ​​of the properties of the environment inside and outside. Our task is simply to win the development of your non-passive active contribution to these rubbing up processes, systems in shaping the properties of the so-called natural or immutable constant.

The absolute breakthrough in this process of collaboration, co-molding the environment of so-called living and non-living matter is that the determinant shape of the prospects for the development of process and constructional properties is not some static pattern, a pattern of unconscious mass or energy, or some super genial hypernatural, static barrier approach to building material phenomena, but tool, leverage, transversal approach of dependencies, systematic approach to such tool levers in an infinitely leverage co-development structures, micro-macro processing of the cosmos, methodical using these laws of mechanisms of own leverage ingenuity and engineering contributions to co-coordinate of biological systems and material systems, organisms.

Matter, mass/energy are infinite bands, not just a sack of inert material – potatoes or stones.
We are talking here about an infinite universe in the leverage approach of structures, structures, energy processes and other guiding infinity systems that we can perceive as well as not passively process at a given potential, cognitive, constructive, existential, developmental, defensive level, where they will no longer be treatable as some inviolable atoms, atomic astrophysical systems, biological cells, and others.

to be continued with the not passive (hyper relativistic) approach for any natural included E=mc2, and not natural processes, patterns, etc on all levels- with taking (very intensively technologic/economic)strategy for the processes.

The law of neo-creation, or evolutionary investment law – our position/contribution in the lifting of the evolutionary(ecologic) standard of living and real developing. 5.

The law of neo-creation is based on the ratio of the level of mega evolutionary investments, i.e. the investments underlying our ability to survive and develop in the mutating world of evolution of matter, including microbiology and macro cosmos, to the level of evolutionary aspirations, behaviors above evolutionary or evolutionary / anti-evolutionary = vain/pointless or harmful.
This ratio will be insufficient when these aspirations, among other things, of empty consumption, are too high in relation to the consumption of aspirations and the technological level of survival needs or further evolutionary development. This inadequate attitude can even be a threat by the current level according to the number of people, their material baggage and their environmental exploitation or reconstruction- neo creation=evolutionary development by human contribution.
Not only primitive consumerism, but also a consumer educational/science of fatalistic dogmas superstructure or nationalism can also contribute to this (anti)evolutionary supply – including ecological closely related to the basics of primitive vegetation at a passive, degradative level in relation to the permanently changing environment, natural environment / nature systems – constantly mutating in the intentions pushing out evolutionary consumers / competitors including the right side or position of human existence individually and on a massive scale.

The construction and process technologies of these evolutionary investments in the general evolution race must at least match or exceed the evolutionary environmental level of change to maintain or raise from the level of monkey or current life and development.
This modern technology is too primitive, i.e. the level of the direction of evolutionary investments in relation to the number of people and their (aspirations) standard of living, i.e. “vain” consumer standards and pro-evolutionary consumption standards.

Evolutionary investments are neo creation are the basis for development and existence in this evolutionary (ecological) relation to empty consumer investments in relation to pro evolutionary ones in the biological and other macro and microcosmic sense.

We are now witnessing a generally anti-evolutionary- suicidal, destructive attitude even in the position of modern ecologists. such an evolutionary carpe diem, at first glance a positive pro-ecological establishment of the status quo in the fight against primitive, short-sighted consumerism. We look at our position in global/cosmic evolution not enough holistic but more fatalistic, that brake our chance for not just existence development but even survive in a smart evolutionary war between systems of micro-macro cosmos.
Primitive consumerism, primitive (consumerism)technology that destruction the opportunities that we have for our further existence and development in the process of evolutionary solstice systems.

We are also talking here about hyper ecology, i.e. not only adaptation but co-shaping the environment for existence and development beyond the level of self-degradation, self-destructive and status quo in relation to the evolutionary, mutable systems of matter and biology in us and beyond.
Degrading vanity is a primitive consumer approach of a loser, an unconscious (not responsible) pawn to life, and also scientifically putting himself and the environment nearest to the passive position to the changing environment inside and outside.

It is about shifting the existential developmental barrier systematically further and deeper in individual, social, economic, scientific decisions, and this can be called awareness of its position and development in the micro-macro cosmos in life and space. However, I am aware of the huge gulf of barriers to be overcome in the struggle and cooperation with the systems of nature.

Tooling is automation, extended technicization in deeper, advanced co-creation of the nature of processes, structures that interest us, for us vital/existential/defensive and developmental interests.
Systems for remote and program manipulation of tools (specific laparoscopy) allowing more predictable control of natural biological, physical, chemical, climatic processes and any other structure processes in this specific programmed laparoscopy.
It is a productive extension of the explanation of the law of neo-creation over vain behavior for increasingly conscious autonomous and other systematization to accomplish these goals just like physical or biological systems on selected one or other levels are guided by specific autonomy.

We are talking about artificially accelerating the processes of leverage, automating human development tools in the further evolution of homo sapience above the vegetative or retrograde level, i.e. the loser at the ecological level, i.e. the lowest existential level of the human-monkey.
You need a strategy of coordination but also improvisation.
Let’s focus on this total race of structural reinforcements with the systems of nature inside and outside us, to maintain at the monkey level or perhaps the higher aspiration of our existence and development.

to be continued with the fight for life and death in evolutionary(ecologically included) competition.