A strategy/technology/economics to go out from a real suicide ecological/evolutionary blindness/primitiveness/stagnation “development” to a real (micro-macro)cosmic conquer/championship. 8.b.

From the strategy of stagnation of pre neolithic stand of passiveness/primitiveness of a static view of nature of today to a higher level of neolithic revolution of exploitation/neo creation of nature.

Further research and co-generation of the genetic basis of the transformation of inanimate and animate matter. Crossing existing systems. Creating the foundations of a new (hyper) economy, (hyper physics, biology…) science, technology/production (self-replicating) fully responsible and forced (forced by the instinct of survival … the instinct of human dignity and not accidental reflexes … vanity/nihilistic economic games) strategies for mass transformation of the whole environment in a system of exploration/stratified exploitation, at ever deeper/advanced levels.

a dam…self-reliance self-replicating technology/production remedy for pro hyper evolutionary coefficient against evolutionary cage tendencies- towards workout and construction mechanism of swallowing systems of matter and life

Here the mechanism of the miracle of nature, the miracle of creation, the divine miracle is clarified, which is based on the effect of the domino of our imaginations, dreams, plans, and actions. Impossible can be achieved by releasing/initiating in the right direction of action/interactions of this micro/macrocosmic (already together) responsible gardening, production on a truly cosmic scale … if we want to achieve/realize these miracles.
Let’s work on these miracles. The evolution of animate and inanimate matter is working on these miracles … as well as from human ambitions and actions in the active, directed/non-passive gardening of the garden (of the whole/infinite micro-macro cosmos) of the master, god, i.e. the garden of co-participation, of co-responsible … of everyone who he is co-responsible, co-operative for this garden can feel like this owner, rightful successor, collaborator in the management of this garden, achieving miracles … today, now, seemingly unimaginable but tomorrow or earlier achievable … but certainly achievable … The issue is simply developing / organizing – and finally, above all, faith/strategy – tools, mechanisms accelerating this process, which up to this time was not taken into account at all!

The garden, i.e. the platform, the background of life, which is the basis of life, which is a luxury of comfort, a privilege on which to maintain, the current state or a better condition, one need to constantly work, cooperate in construction, build his natural/artificial foundations, properties, values, characterize, to earn, to deserve if we want to maintain or develop them in one way or another.

The start of this effect of the automatic, self-replicating development of telecommunications, energy, reconstruction and exploitation networks is to be the true beginning (cooperation) of the creation of the machine, the mechanism (of the new world) or the miracle … the development of life … birth (rebirth) of life in us and beyond.

Because with the status quo of doing nothing or laziness (of course, laziness was and will be a motive for improvement, easier with the help of tools … automation … autonomy) in this (hyper evolutionary)direction … one can not count on any mercy, grace in the jungle of nature, or mercy of God’s system – one always has to earn his own position, serve in mutual competition for … life … because here is who in this (worked out, raised status, influence) competence of this hyper evolution, (ultra) economics selective will have more to say and rights … just human rights, natural hyper, evolutionary hyper, neo-creative ultra-economic, hyper economics structures … relations and physical values, biological competition will work out – there is no retirement, no end in action on the contrary … the front of the work will increase involuntarily (like the cosmos … including the cosmos of viruses) increasing, accelerating … because life is or will be forever, and that in this comfort of life-value, life-properties, life-comfort … developing because life is a permanent job, shared responsibility for shaping our own environment (internal and external), the lack of this multi-environmental activity automatically takes away the right to this life, and any crossing of further barriers of life, matter, energy …

And these are the fundamental foundations of life, any purpose, sense of action … life, and at the same time hints of mass changes in the mass environment of the living environment, this life, all these changes, initiatives and dreams that affect this life and its human aspirations.
This primitivism of relations, attitudes, economic, social, … scientific behaviors mentioned earlier is just static/axiomatic determination of some barriers, not taking into account, insufficient consideration of any variables in any processes, changes of relations of properties in nature, behaviors actively shaping any processes/structures in nature … treating the nature of its physics, biology as a value, features, the property is not changeable/constant/static, cannot be changed …and this attitude is used in religion, technology, economics, politics, science.

The primitivism of economic and scientific activities, and more precisely not taking into account the more or less forward-looking evolutionary hyper, production hyper … coefficients of existence and development … for expansion, gaining further levels of micro-macro cosmos, or towards … self-destruction through the abandonment of any directional strategies/activities in this cosmos of infinite quantities, sizes, and speeds of competing systems…further broader factors of our own and external participation in the re/neo structuring, re/neo processing, hyper evolution in life/matter, creation, structuring … to not only keep anything in this living boiler of the environment/micro macrocosm “emerging” or/and destroying systems, possibly further development beyond the status quo of the primitive acceptance of systems of powers currently.

The aforementioned pro hyper evolutionary coefficient is to support, indicating the level of [awareness, discussion, and strategy] of strategic relations, economically, scientifically … to a further level of this neolithic revolution at ever-higher levels of exploitation/neo creation (neo production/construction) of micro-macro cosmos environment.

… so without undertaking this strategy of hyper evolution we will not be able to reach the proper (defense and development initiative) cosmic speed literally and figuratively … civilizational, existential, creative, scientific, economical on the scale really more than vegetative cosmic, and it comes here about being a winner of space,(micro macrocosm of life and matter/energy on systematically[by technological perepetuum mobile of self-replicating/developing exploitation/construction systems of matter/energy] conquered levels)not figuratively, but … literally… billions of billions of times more effectively – and that’s what this proposed process is about. Belief in this divinity, or joint responsibility for nature in us and outside, is hyper strategy=faith not without coverage

… Over ordinary science, activities, managing utility, purposefulness, a plan for further study/science, economics … which of course also help in further stimulating this strategy of stimulating selective economics to accelerate this hyper evolutionary perpetual mobile of exploitation and re/neoconstruction of matter/energy and so further … life potential, and vice versa, and so on.

to be continued to the (hype)revolution of constructing a … self-replicating systems of micro macro cosmic dams of/for energy/matter …nature/life support/development by creation/neo creation.

Economics, mechanics for…nature transformation of/by technological perpetual mobile/machine. Strategy for breaking “inviolability” of relationships in the nature of micro-macro cosmos. 8.a.

Further game/play/fight with/by words, open ideas, suggestions, provocations for (as history has been shown) growing accelerator of participations, mastering of matter and life properties.


There is no developed front of mass production to increase the effectiveness of scientific procedures aimed at deep transformation of the environment to improve relationships, conditions, and properties of life, which are determined by external systems, independent/unknown /little-known biological, and material systems. Changes in the environment are of a defensive nature, improving the chances of life and survival. The environment is to be a priority. Not adapting to the environment, but rather contributing to its properties rather than independent games, economic activities aiming at short-term timely benefits having nothing to do with strategy of real decisive improvements, developing a platform faster and deeper, further transformations that will meet our aspirations of protection and development life and other aspiration of co-creation/responsibility of garden of …Eden.

Departure from the nomadic – vanity behavior strategy of existence and development, which occupies a minimum of 90% economic, scientific enterprise …. but … production nomadism can be used for explodes the platform of technological reconstruction of the environment with components, a platform for further expansion of the development of elements for the development and application of mass science of scientific elements as inverted attitude of the explosion of development directly with struggling with the evolutionary structures of the so-called animate and “not developing” formulas /(=current static visions of {levels of}nature) – and is going to cease from jumping on it(nature)/somehow adapting to it(nature)or rather cease of gave up to other fighting systems of nature for own position/or adopting/submission to not even systems but to the inert natural tendencies, material, explosive evolutionary by side effects, so then our hyper evolutionary economy/technology, mega-production strategy potential is to be human response/spark, dignity in this crucible of transformation processes, for more conscious competition.

We are all the same evolved with different tendencies, background systems/contributions of further propositions and properties. It’s about transforming this background, farming of background, for science explosion on higher fields of technological background of/for hype(mega)r-production, hyper economy of neo creation .. switched from neolithic stand of submission to nature to more of its reproductions ( as history shown), to acceleration of (the process) own strategy contribution to the environment at a given and higher and higher level, and here it is about a conscious acceleration of this process.

Perseverance faith/hyper strategy (protection) of existence and development is nothing more than love/=that is joint responsibility for this process of space/Eden gardening, is and should be a strategy of joint creation/neo creation.

the power of God’s love is nothing but
… Strength/faith – a strategy of shared responsibility
as a basic factor of development … a strong, efficient system of/for mass relations, structures, mechanisms of evolution, hyper evolution of living and non-living matter.

Noticing and not passive attitude to these relations of systems of nature is proper respect for nature/god
This is an expression of respect – it is an absolute match for the garden of god’s garden, the garden of mutually contradictory systems as well as competing, contributing … and we have the opportunity and chance of this non-passive participation in the expansion of the share.
systemic not passivity, not just expectation
Our position depends on our use and/or potentially developed without pretending independence, inviolability of relationships in the nature of micro-macro cosmos – = pseudo-ecological but also not blindness to (background development) conditions of exploration of exploitation of active systems/relations of systems, properties of nature.

Hyper evolutionary selective economics is an absolute priority above ordinary economy, above occasional science (such research curiosity) but of course using in its strategies these primitive but important elements of the body of instinctive, thoughtful human/civilization behavior and its economic and scientific park – (this time)science is(is to start this process) to support the development of hyper technology evolutionary hyper productions in the system of ordinary economics … and then ordinary science and so on…and that is all included in the working out mechanism that is taken in consideration by the selective economics of nature transformation by man.

It is about systematic skimming, taking over – the economics of the structures of the whole garden of the cosmos, because this selective economics is this development paradigm – its essence is only hyper cosmic, physical and biological evolution
but also through the gardening activities … liberating economics from its conjuncture shortages.
Mega-production hyper evolutionary is to be a remedy for stagnations and crises of classic economy and ecology  … to be hyper evolutionary to negative or just neutral states of pro hyper evolutionary coefficient of existence/development.

to be continued to open suggestions/explanations of hyper evolutionary coefficient of economical/civilizational/hyper sustainability existence and grow…from evolutionary cage….. at first place by globally/cosmic telecommunication and energy platforms self-reliance system …accelerating self-development- more and more % of automation, autonomous systems in it.

Selective economics – applied economy of influence of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation, further creation..7.e.

Further continuation of sketches, comments, suggestions for further such or other perspectives, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic and neo natural strategies open for exchange of ideas of existence and development.

Selective economics means human direct applied economy(mega-production[massive reconstruction]/hyper evolution of any encountered processes/structures) of influence of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation (transformation of the natural evolution of matter and life processes/structures), further creation.

Nomadic/primitive science, i.e. science for production, technology but {it is going for}more the technology for a much larger, economically, ecologically … cheaper [i.e. automatic speed up… autonomous production … transfer of competence to the administrative/robotic apparatus of … further apparatus…and so for further apparatus from time to time controlled by man and his servicemen/=…developing robots/algorithms as well] production for science as such for increasing the scientific potential of a start-up/spine/scaffolding, and further reproductive … economically nomadic, cosmic, cosmonautical startup and feedback scientific start-up and so acceleration feedback mechanism of civilization hyper economic hyper scientific development including cosmonautics, medicine, and
ecology-a kind of pure transformation of all structures – restructuring of the nature and environment of all structures/processes encountered….seems contradictory/paradoxical task – total exchange of nature by possible maintenance all old structures…but it means very intensively/massive restructuring/re(neo)producing all that we need for our aspirations of/for our developing system of life and matter/=our civilization, not destroying things that we don’t need to do.

It is arranging, ordering, correcting, caring or grubbing up systems of good and evil within us, in ourselves, in the surrounding micro-macro cosmos … the powers of Satan, the devils and the divine powers {by bible/koran descriptions}/= potential forces of systems that can support or destroy our foundations of life and development.
The world/micro-macro cosmos is a collection of an infinite number of systems [as different in size, speed – someone could call them as very different civilizations/aliens crossing each other in us{in atoms too!} and outside as well!] often contradictory … biological, physical, including so-called spiritual/unknown opportunities, potential/ideas of development. The issue of developing strategies is to maintain and develop its own position at the most efficient and peaceful level – not so economically / geopolitically / geo ecologically self-destructive due to primitive vanity/empty ambitions of unresponsible (from their pseudo {only here and now}faith- assumption)people.

But it not means by very hard work but to allow to make it by shifting the hard work to competences of tools/automates as the history of lazy man development shows. Simply we shall not stop but wisely accelerate the snowball grow.

This accelerated snowball effect, domino effect, this hyper potential, this divine perpetual motion is right next to us … just connect to this mechanism … as in the conductivity of electricity, energy in distances in-depth and outside …on the border of hyper destruction or
a hyper explosion of hyper rebirth… so we have to take more responsible, more efficient/massive steering wheel finally and not waiting for other systems as infinitely quantity parts of nature… that swallow us…if we don’t want to be just…a passive “wise” -here and now mind- food of matter and life evolution…speaking”proving” about barriers of development of the …(mankind)food.

Barriers and boundaries will be crossed without any inhibitions and compromises with existing (“already established”) relations of matter/energy/life… but the economics of exchange outside/through these barriers and boundaries is determined … the economics of neo creation, hype (r) evolution reconstruction, neo structure.

No more nomadic character or alchemy of the existing status quo – but … allowed on a scientific nomadic character on the periphery of a technological explosion, mass, automatic, autonomous invasion … that is, rather direct acquisition of structures, creation, mega-production of structures, their re-production, neo production of micro-macro cosmos
Undertaking economic and scientific projects on this technological / production tsunami of a new perspective.

Is there any room for human words in this hyper technocratic language, such as love, for example? The answer is yes. The issue is how much to strengthen the meaning of these words.
The real word love but not without coverage … love is 100 procedural (evolutionary) and more (hyper evolutionary) responsibility for the fate of each of us and others.

Love is a shared responsibility, and this gives rise to the “miracle” or this extra-dimensional creation, neo-creation of our life and matter/energy.

to be continued to go out from vanity/primitive enterprises/economy/technology/science vegetation/stagnation to economy/science of technological/perpetuum mobile growing/explosion of/for massive deep neo creation of background of life and matter.

Economic mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – Mass autonomous takeover, process reconstruction as the basis of a strategy for reshaping the background of our destiny. 7.d.

Further proposals, ideas, drafts (written from e-mail notates made always circa one month before – there a long queue of the notates for official posts) for productively mastering processes of entire further and further levels of matter/energy, life, (any) civilization/system evolution.

The merging of the issues of technology economics, hyper evolution, neo religion, physics, and biology into one inspirational mechanism for determining, developing, constructing, co-constructing trends in the transformation of properties, existential trends, and development under the name of selective economics, i.e. the economic (generally economics and any observations and practice show infinitely possibility with exchange/co-production/neo creation with nature on any stage of development and existence…to make a new nature, neo nature), organization of all processes, structures that interest us which we have to deal with in nature and already achieved structures, being further gates, roads, platforms for further, deeper exploitation and reproduction, neo-creative micro / macro levels of nature.

In this way a new civilization is born, any new phenomenon, process, structure, foundations of a new (renewed) civilization, a new environment, new properties of this environment not yet known … not created.
This is hyper neolithic evolution, i.e. transition to new states … of the economy – from passive to increasingly active tool at given levels, i.e. further shifting, working out, producing this hyper evolutionary mechanism of development levels – spaces of explosion of development of another dimension, as if more than three-dimensional, taking further, other paths, platforms for acquiring structures, processes, their complete operation, restructuring … to maintain and raise our levels, standards of life, existence, development … because space is a very dynamic antistatic process with which we constantly need to cooperate intensively, compete.

This is a further buffering of the pyramid of needs .. a higher technological evolutionary economic level
from nomadic cosmonautics to technological cosmonautics, i.e. more intensive automation, autonomic of tooling of exploitation, mega-production/=hyper evolution at the lowest possible level of… exploration = nomadic … a new technological strategy allowing for step/jump wise, oversized, above nomadic acquisition of micro macrocosm at increasingly higher levels of… geography/cosmic sphere events.

Instead of exploration, it is more like … catching perpetual mobile, i.e. entering into the mechanisms of transformation, cosmic transformations at the micro and macro levels
In further areas/dimensions of exploration, exploitation, building economics technology to catch this wind of this process of renewable structures … i.e. perpetuum mobile at ever-higher levels of performance.
The same applies to all encountered biological, physical processes … mining and reconstruction, … a kind of automatic metallurgy of all living and non-living matter found ever inside the microcosm – (properties) of structures.

Science is nomadic, extensive, point-like … and this is it- and it is ok… for the alchemy of encountered events…it is ok if it takes into consideration improving existential, evolutional level of life and matter properties for achieving goals…if not it is simply primitive alchemy- the same is it with economy, entire technology development if made not by chance but mostly by strategy of existence and grow.
And the technology of reconstruction and exploitation has the character of intensive exploration, or rather an exploitation of the micro macrocosm, intensification of production, a hyper neolithic revolution of the economy, exploration, exploitation of the environment within and outside us.

Mass autonomous takeover, process reconstruction as the elementary basis of perpetual motion strategy/technology.

Modern extensive economics, nomadic economics and hyper evolutionary economics of catching the perpetual motion system of neo construction, neo energy, neo matter of exploitation, reproduction … always cheaper than the contribution according to the basic principles of economics( historically, productively confirmed- of course, it is going to make the process more and more smoothly/most possible autonomously technologically/economically and evolutionary/ecologically) and … physics but the physics of infinity material/mass energetic transformation resources. .. they could be physics/economics… perpetual mobile transformations, transformation process.
Contemporary chemistry physics, extensive alchemy against intensive engineering. It is a kind of balance between this extensive and intensive hyperspace/ neo nature economy.

The point is to include co-creation co-responsibility, i.e. co-production of its background environment, its structural park, natural production process, as per our economic and technological production strategies – and what’re next properties, physical, biological properties.

So it is going on an investigation for developing of really stand of our chances for life and matter of our status quo of/for our present and future co-creation because it has been never taken into consideration by whole mankind religion, science, economy.

So, the selective economics (this is not economics, not physics, not technology, not production, but this is an indicator genome[a divine/energetic sparks] of factors, coefficient of directions of aspirations of any existence and development) means a human economy of processes structures of micro-macro cosmos evolution transformation, further (not passive) creation…initiate by…people on wished levels of aspirations and worked out potential.

to be continued to explanations of the (economic/technologic)farming perspectives of the background of our life and matter genome as direct ways for brake barriers of the level of evolutionary cosmic “speed” stages of/for development.

Perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – hands-free technology mind and strategy of/for buffering our existence from/by nature/systems. 7.c.

Continuation of open constructing/drafting/indicating our potential, place, and platform of/for our matter and life properties transformation, hyper evolution, neo creation by technological and economic tools/strategies…further explanation and application of the perpetuum mobile mechanism of economy of technology of neo creation and existence and development of matter and life structures/processes.

Perpetuum mobile technological is a developed, tuned tooling …concern of …metallurgy of ever deeper factors, properties of nature …a concern without… people (only in almost man-free enterprises on very massive scale of exploitation, reproduction, neo production one can use effectively pro hyper evolutionary coefficient) for the processing of structures, the production of structures in the direction of material/energy targets, on those at least partly acquired these group of constructional, structural and process investments … i.e. constructing on oneself acquired and processed in part or in the whole environment, with a smaller and smaller percentage of people(on work out levels, stages of specificated directions…but increasing percentage of people on other stages and so on…that means broadening front of development and services as is used to be historically and currently in our civilization development in countries with higher and higher standards of mechanization, automation) … transferring autonomy to the tools and the environments they create, new material and energy backgrounds, the infinitely raised coefficients of the basis of property, property of matter, energy … life in relation to the stagnant … from negative – self-destructive [of today…climate], through neutral (ecological) to pro hyper evolutionary, i.e. exceeding current structures, tendencies, standards, properties of nature recognized at a given current level of mind, development, perception, strategy … religion as not achievable.

Manual human activities (historically, civilizational, … as well as as a natural process of pulling other structures/tools under themselves) an increasingly supported automatic autonomous tool for technological and production parks … and such a mutually accelerated development mechanism.
But it is about the increasingly gigantic atherosclerosis the advantage of the participation of the automatic hyper evolution park background to achieve its vital processes in the natural mass environment, very mass evolutionary processes, creation more or less achievable at a given strategy and level of development. ..In this process for a given scope, space .. local action with an explosion/mass / autonomous effect.

Manual technology and it’s further evolutionary, hyper evolutionary, i.e. selective economics, the economics of technologically, massive nature background transformation development.
A comprehensive development strategy for the perspective of autonomous mass technology … billions of billions of hands and billions of microrobots for controlling the shape of ever-deeper generics including operational and reproductive / neo-autonomous quark/quantum engineering (e.g. towards the quantum of light of autonomous reproduction of trends … pro hyper evolutionary), mass foundations for the development of nature and its properties.
The factors needed for the efficient development of this hyper evolutionary second-order (higher stage order) technology are multifunctional buffering, i.e. instrumentation … industrialization, automation of the environmental sphere for further reproduction, neo production – like the trend, the history of technology development = the tools of the “extended” hand pointed and indicates the direction of …mans evolution, entire[deepr and deeper] man’s environment evolution(hyper evolution by man)…
according to the system of needs under and above the ruling, superior positions of mutual system systems, including the guiding principles of our civilization, as well as groups of individuals and human units … economic

neo strategy means neo religion of needs and potentials of
… divine technology of perpetuum mobile for further higher stage of development and piramide of needs … Neo economy empowered by the religions spoiled by unawareness of the mechanism of selective economics(intensive direct economics of hyper evolution) of often opposite systems of … angels and devils … and the devil is in the details.

We are talking here about a technological race with the entire cosmos/environment, its intersecting systems (including aliens) more or less unknown, varying in size and speed of processes/structures … moreover, we can also change the speed and size of structures and processes more and more on work out levels … it is about automatization, massiveness, speed of these transformations … neo-creative, hyper evolutionary matter/energy, and life.
Race out of the mass of micro and macro space processes … of its systems, gradual chasing, taking over … in this religious fight with conflicting systems, i.e. with … the devil …. the fight of better systems with the worse, i.e. the fight …. of the devil with an angel … good with evil … to which we should finally strategically join jointly and … technologically … i.e. rather integrate a self-service parallel system, mass neo-creative … action strategy …of the savior …

to be continued to further explanation and application of pro hyper evolutionary coefficient as a very important strategical indicator of primitivization or development trends of our environmental existence/stand by economy simultaneously with science…why I call today’s economy, science, technology…strategies as primitive ones, and what we can do it with it? – a massive autonomous takeover, reconstruction of processes as the basic element of perpetual mobile strategy/technology of development.

Perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution -input and improving pro hyper evolution coefficient. 7.b.

Life is crossing borders.
Life is crossing the boundaries of mutual systems, and this does not have to be synonymous with war or hunting, but competition, cooperation in jointly responsible raising of the standard of living, development existence without unnecessary violence. Our sense of life is the actual (and not irresponsible expectation) improvement of our own and the environment’s presence … The real emanation of life for our system of humanity and other systems, … plants, animals, … micro-macro cosmos civilization. Hyper evolutionary, hyper / neo-ecological or jointly responsible co-direction, humanization, alleviation of all processes and relations between humans and animals … as well as between animals and any relations of life and matter … because in the historical and technologically potential trend we have more and more opportunities for mass transforming any background that generates, creates, restructures any relationship in matter … physics, biology. Opportunities that do not have to succumb to fatalistic or destructive tendencies, but vice versa. In the energetic life of matter … It is moving to higher levels … How does the extensively expanding cosmos doing it internally, accelerating which is the expansion of life, the emanation in which we can and still take a potential share, only more and more active participation in the co-operation of cooperation with other systems of this system, these infinite systems, and opportunities for life and matter?

The articles have the character of work, whose goal is to further score factors aiming at an increasingly co-controlled environment, expanding … the tool park / automatic autonomous service of this process – which historically, bias has its basis and evolutionary and hyper evolutionary confirmation (hyper evolutionary means = intentional technological and production activity of man to improve his relations with the nature of processes and structures = it means working out improving the evolutionary pro hyper evolution coefficient, which currently indicates more negative/minus tendencies … climatic … … it is about significantly increasing life and matter ratio in our/mankind favor constructively and not vice versa/destructively)
Is this any attempt to proof of any thesis, some attempt to prove some theory? … No, it is rather striving towards it, “involuntarily” expanding the workshop of arguments, factors, proposals of cognition, learning the exploitation of the neo-creation of life and matter. It attempts to [work out …flee from primitive technologically/economically strategies standards of today…out of date] go out from natural (micro and macrocosm)evolutionary trap, hyper evolutionary(=made by man) trap(for example climatic trap).

We are, the whole (micro/macro) cosmos are in the process of perpetual motion – The issue of awareness of this process and developing a mass strategy (no vanity strategy, no deprivation, not empty strategic primitive economically, productively, technologically irresponsible for this process, but possibly) full joining in this process of permanently participation of working out …of automation … of the field/background for developing, accelerating the direction of this process of mass creation, neo creation = hyper evolution of matter and life.
Any mining, exploitation, modification of the process, processes in an increasingly more instrumented, mass, automatic, autonomous nature has the character of the technological perpetual motion of all creative processes, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution of any processes and the transformation of life and matter/energy.
The same applies to any structural, energetic, physical, biological, chemical processes … this process is to be permanently modified guided … then it has the character of a perpetual motion of matter and the life of the entire (micro-macro) cosmos in the improved stages of its exploitation, its … life in the broad sense, increasingly controlled and shaped.

Proposed use of perpetual motion processes based on hyperbolic interpretation of the jet system (of Newtonian law of… any movement {control of innertion of }no/yes modification), i.e. introducing any changes in the massiveness of mega hyper-production system contributing to hyper evolutionary transformations … raising the evolutionary pro hyper ratio (more on this topic later) of course of these hyper productions will be properly burdened with technological, economic strategy approach that above all exposes ratios of massiveness of natural systems {other systems than our mankind system} transformations to artificial one{our system} = mass production, autonomous, automatic, accelerating.

Not a physical, chemical, biological … alchemical system, but constantly developing a massive dynamic interference system, co-creating the background of life and matter in the domino effect system …. just like transferring, generating electricity … a system of robotic wave mass processing restructuring target structures/processes above the natural, i.e. hyper evolutionary, giving the basis for continuous development/defense of the position of homo sapiens in terms of physical, chemical, biological, … responsible abilities in any dimension and …time.

to be continued from nomadic means extensive and very primitive economic, technologic strategy of today to very intensive massive exploitation, cooperation hyper evolutionary strategy= selective economics with nature of systems.

Bionization/humanisation of/by perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – selective economics of matter/life properties reconstructions. 7.a.

Bionization/incorporation of/by perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution, selective economics of matter/energy/life properties reconstructions/neo constructions
that is, developing own contribution/technology/economy(selective economics of the processes) to the mass transformation processes of matter and the life of all encountered dimensions of micro and macro cosmos.

Merry Christmas! Merry future! God is born!
Happy New Year! Happy future!

The birth of a god, a new system of humanity and processes of matter.
Neo religion / neo science / neo economy of the renewed strategy of human potential, the cosmos.
A new tool of the neo-neolithic revolution … hyper nomadic (increased share of mass transformation of matter and life in relation to the extensive, transverse, superficial exploration / exploitation / effects of space, due to the tools, technologies, mechanism inspired by mother nature and the divine image of the system(s) (hidden/unknown enemy and friendly systems of nature in us and outside) of the micro macrocosmic system and its pepetuum mobile mechanism …. hyper / evolution
A strategy of the usefulness of the infinitely living mechanism of the perpetual motion of the cosmos, its systems of matter and life.

Neo economics or selective economics of technology, the strategy of co-directing the transformation mechanisms of the cosmos system of process-structural matter and life as a new paradigm of the jump of civilisation development on the literally total cosmic scale – at least according to modern imagery of the potential of the size and speed of transformation of the present known material and components of micro macrocosm of life and matter/energy.

I often say neo, hyper etc. It is all about using contemporary terms of human development such as technology, economics to apply new mechanisms to the very massive active co-transformation of matter and life. It is all the same but on much higher stage of responsibility and/of development potential.

Natural automatism, the massiveness of processes of evolution, transformation, in which – improving and directing in the massiveness of processes we should take the greatest cooperation, jointly responsible and not passive
[ passive means hiding the head in the sand/passive prayers and keeping – leaving with the current status quo]
because nothing else will help in improving and even maintaining own position in relation to the changing relationship of the system of matter / energy and life / biology) micro macro of the cosmos.

The proposed process is a bionization process of all nature … to develop mass technology for mass processes of nature at the micro and macro scale.
A greater share of massive production, automatic, technological co-transformation … the economization of nature from our point of life interests literally and figuratively … exploitation … improvement of matter / energy and life on much higher existence stage of/for life and development from our point of interests.

This increasing contribution, contributing to the increase in the provision of mass technological automatic autonomous in biotechnology … the exploitation of the reconstruction of processes of energy, structural, re structural, neo-structural of/for speed up development matter and life properties that we are lively interested/(infinitely, potential )capable in.

Bionization of matter.
Enlivening / supporting the processes of the cosmos of matter and life, … perpetual motion of all encountered matter, its technology
(this perepetuum of mobile space is itself a living organism [for example in a book “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem] an infinite conglomerate of systems of more or less known, unknown, positive, negative for us)
or animating our constructions of life, i.e. over crossing three-dimensional space of barriers by four-dimensional technological/hyper macro economics(selective economics) interventions in micro macro cosmos structures processes of life/biology and matter/energy.

Bionization of nature, i.e. making up, constructing the structures needed for … development life … this is its sense … arranging, gearing, improving the over 3 model existing state of perception and further action, i.e. simply life … without it, it is giving up destruction, smashing by other systems and their interests involuntarily, whether we want it or not, and these systems also … in an infinite system of exploitation, reconstruction of introducing the revival of matter in more than 3d dimension (i.e. also incorporating technological corrections / economic technological strategies (physical, biological, climatic, geological … cellular, quark, planetary engineering etc.)
hyper energetic changes of perpetual mobile operating in this way … This technological and neo-structural transition, exiting the existing “cooling” 3D system is further energizing, supporting, raising the energetic potential of the life of matter …
It is moving to higher levels in structures, processes, velocities …. just like outer space does, the system expanding, accelerating. It is life, expansion, emanation in which we can/have , but we still take part, the issue is only to do it more and more active, more co-responsible participation in the competition of cooperation with other systems of this system or other systems of life and matter.

to be continued to … neo birth of religion of neo …economy, technology, physics, biology on hyper neolithic stage of  space/life revolution.

Mechanism of control/flow processes/properties of life/matter. Technological perpetuum mobile. 6.i.

We have technological/intellectual manipulation capabilities,
production/automatic for further and ever faster development of the exploitation potential of manipulation of existing natural/artificial structures for permanently breaking (current)old barriers/codes/patterns of structures of models difficult to implement, for … structures of breaking/acquiring/taking over, and from this new as much as possible permanently/automatically/massively working out background environmental local artificial/mass-processed, deriving new models/structures/…megaproduction=neo creation=hyper evolution shortcuts to solve problems or to get rid of unnecessary ballasts of current models and structures.

Always the most important issue in the process of maintaining and developing your position in the constantly mutating systems of life and space/matter is an organizational matter … life decisions to apply the direction of change … but always of a mass character … first model then production (but also … and first of all in opposite the hyper[background]-production structurality will affect models of development) … in (re) building this background of mutations, which is the basis for remodeling processes … just as the environment in nature affects genes/models, so we can transform this environment from our own models and aspirations to achieve the expected structuring, restructuring, neo structuring … it’s about working out the precision, directionality of remodeling the factors of this structural/process background of matter/energy/life.

Transverse(cross) investments are to be the beginning of the proper startup of [the micro macrocosm..engineering/regeneration]economics/=selective economy for the reconstruction of the background, the generator of processes of our existence and development, further leading to main hyper investment, reconstruction, neo creation, hyper evolutionary investments in depth/outside the processes and structures of the background of life/matter reconstruction. These transverse investments shall useful in marketing and training for developing on the living economic body the applications of these target hyper evolutionary autonomous investments, e.g. construction of solar panels or other independent energy construction teams at the global, local level … across, i.e. not directly (apparently ad hoc climatic/energetic currently needs) related to this background regeneration mutating the processes/structures of properties of matter/energy and life.

This upper stage of (hyper)economics means economics of civilization and hyper evolutionary/cosmic development, i.e. selective economics of building, restructuring/neo structuring accelerator is not scientifically/economically temporary/opportunistic by nature … it is the science of organizing active [very massive/permanently accelerating “perpetuum mobile” actions] participation in neo/creation, and then applying this hyper economic mechanism …. for overcoming existing physical, biological … economic “barriers”.

Thus, of course, any enterprises can instrument this mechanism, apply it across – not directly in hyper evolutionary/economic activities – but also in the case by hyper economically along, inside and outside macro structures…regenerations of life and matter/energy.

The proposals have the nature of establishing the right/the law to absolute responsibility and at the same time the infinity of the potential of civilization/human in total changes of processes, structures at the global and cosmic level – including and above all the infinity of potential manipulation of all on the way of exploitation/”conquered” current structures/processes of the entire micro world, and its further transformation paths in endless overlapping/crossing mutating more or less lively systems.
If there are a possibility = law and joint responsibility, then we should simply use it to be higher than the… cavelike killing oneself system of world for only cyclical, short-sighted, vegetative or vain goals, but to raise the level of this … the(new hyper – more on this topic/aspect of the strategy to meet the needs, in later posts)pyramid of needs … vegetation and / for … (creative) vanity in reducing side effects as much as possible, because this is about responsible permanently/holistic strategy of life, science, economics, any activity.

This hyper economic/hyper global/cosmic accelerator must have an automatic/autonomous nature to an increasing extent, … because no one will be[in mode] (to shift/reconstruct the level of background of all encountered matter/energy /life structures/processes/properties, separately by put own separately money/investments, a very gigantic money/investment with unimaginable values, maybe imaginable only for god or …selective(upper)economics.

Such (technological) perpetuum mobile of neo creation, economic hyper evolution … an autonomous machine (as they are by definition) to remotely control the course of reconstruction [not passive perceptions/submission], control of courses, streams of processes/models of animated and non-animated matter/energy, are the technological answer … technological perpetuum mobile …strategy of …permanently/autonomously developing industry parks of exploitation/reconstructions of matter/energy/life structures/processes…properties.
We are, the whole cosmos in the perpetual motion process, the issue is of work out strategy awareness (not a vanity strategy, not self-incapacitation but joint responsibility for this process) of inclusion, joining in this process of participation … automation … allowing it to be developed, accelerating, guide this process of the perpetual mobile.

to be continued to… bionization “give birth” of “divine” perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution, selective economics of matter/energy/life properties reconstructions/neo constructions/hyper evolution.

Mechanism of “perpetuum mobile” tendency/economic processing of matter/energy/life by crossing static models of evolution/creation.6.h.

Continuation of open sketches, suggestions for further considerations, discussions about the transformation trends of the micro macrocosm, as well as working out the possibilities of influencing this tendency of development, evolution/economy of matter and life.
Why are these considerations about mutual influences of systems in which our system – so far achieved with its(mankind) potential – also has and will take part in these mutual influences?
Nature, its systems are not impossible to achieve, to achieve in their own or other purposes of processing, creating … that is simply life, raising their standard of life, existence, and development.
Everything is within our infinite technological potential (but)of the “never / never closed model / non-static model” of life … production.
This is the way to set the strategy of any development of the system of our civilization, of man as such, and of any other micro and macrocosmic systems of matter and biology (life).
But this does not have to take place through hard vain/mindless work but … comfortable, thoughtful laziness, because it was the flywheel of  doing/growing services for us with the help of an increasingly complex system of tools for servicing/exploiting the environment, own system, and others … this relax is creation through … this laziness or vice versa … and resulting from it – more and more
hyper mass service/environmental equipment and own system (hyper evolution) to increase vitality, … while not so overconsuming/aging /but improving of/by efficiency of exploitation/servicing of life, matter/energy.
This is about the constant tendency and the strategic idea of ​​adding tools/extra factors to known models and states, seemingly unshakable or completely unknown structures of matter life, for improving the structures/processes of this matter/life at a given constant elevated level according to our aspirations and the need to participate in life, the matter of the micro macrocosm.
Man is to be and is, after all, a defender of the environment in which he lives and expands the ranges, the limits of interaction with this environment. It is about raising greater aspirations in this direction of active participation, shared responsibility/evaluation of this environment in us and outside.
After all, man has the potential to be a more effective, smarter guardian, engineer, host in a positive sense of our natural system in the micro-cosmic environment of other systems. And become the greatest neo-ecological / hyper evolutionary protector. The issue is to stimulate this hyper economic/evolutionary/creative mechanism for more effective positive development.
We cannot achieve better results of existence, defense, development of our life and its surroundings in a very poor (compared to the structures/processes of other systems of macro-micro material and living cosmos) industrial park … and at the same time this industrial park will not achieve better results without scientific effects, which are based mutually on the potential for mass/production autonomy in the production/technology of this park … I think that here one needs to scientifically combine this accelerator of tools/equipment to achieve scientific goals unattainable today (at a given stage of economically / organisationally developed production support), which are at the closed 3 technological dimensions of the natural level known to us to date and … imaginations, and it is about entering this higher dimension … of nature through a higher economic dimension (selective economics) of the technological and production potential of the generic existence and development of life,  matter/energy.
Autonomous mass production …”perpetuum mobile” energy and any structures/products to master, also a gradual deeper and deeper processing of matter properties and structures life .. scaffolding expansion into the body of matter and life, observational, perceptive, potential joint control, co-development processing to a very massive degree (because only such massive neo/reproductive activity/initiative makes sense and counts in the system processes of matter/energy/life… chemistry/alchemy alone is not everything) – massiveness of micro macrocosm manipulation with increasing speed in the style of accelerating space expansion.
Takeover of structures, their mass transformation, reproduction, neo-production is a paradigm of some development, opportunities for self-defense and development in the infinite cosmos of mutually … devouring/competing systems.
It is taking over competences and structures that are way freedom of life.
Expansion of life by structures/processes massive autonomous manipulation support.
Co-building organisms and the quality of matter/components used for this … environmental backgrounds rebuilding the basis of matter … Taking over at a given level structures/genes of this matter, and this changes our view of our place in the micro-macro cosmos/nature. It is no longer ecology or religion of nature but neo ecology/neo religion of full responsibility …. it is not passive but active manipulation of the environment.
Fully joint responsibility for natural processes … We are not supposed to adapt to the mountain, but … this mountain to us in further joint responsibility for the environment of matter/energy/life.
to be continued to automatization/massiveness (selective economic)tendencies and strategies of natural/and civilizational processes of life/matter/energy.

Increasing competence… of/for autonomous strategy means to increasingly expand remote-controlled of self-controlled autonomous systems of/for micro macrocosm enterprises/economy. 6.g.

Continuation of drafts of very widely open study ”juggling” concept of the mechanisms of mutually hyper bionic character of transformation/development..means mutually processes(ing)/life of nature/systems of nature/man/mankind.
We/(but also other systems of life/matter) are still/infinitely dealing with the process of transforming, spreading, transferring, folding,…, which is increasingly in character in/between systems of nature of/by transferring energy, “manual”(=direct impact)competences one another to/by tools, natural/and human too….: such technology parks/mechanisms(…of other systems of nature too!), industrial parks of an increasingly less direct dealing/influencing but more autonomic, programmed nature by work out(by man)/evoluated(also by other systems of nature…for example viruses “industry export”) mechanisms.

It is a leverage transmission system that on our part of civilization began with direct manual…thought direct manual constructive action into tendency the increasingly complex non-direct takeover/operation of systems / natural resources …
increase competence…
(taking over the process of the autonomous increase of the potential of tool competences, tool of : not-less and less- of manual control, operation, reconstruction, neo-creation of materials, existing components, discovered, explored, processed, processed at previous and future further and deeper levels, including IT sub-decisions (taking over on more and more vital/existency support competences/functions from our nervous system/brain.)
… of/for autonomous strategy means to increasingly expand remote-controlled of self-controlled autonomous systems …of/for micro macrocosm enterprises/economy.

This was and will be the trend of development of systems jointly responsible on our part to evolve, create all other structures, processes of nature … including our achievements, the resources of technology/production and the thoughts of human civilization … It’s about making this system aware and improving … an explosive increase … to catch up with and overtake micro macrocosm systems that also grow in this specific race of systems of matter/life processes … breaking down the barriers/spaces/models/structures of current perception, ignorance, technology and thoughts/strategies of emerging from cocoons levels of existence and its any way infinite potentials.

Local (productive/massive “digging in” to the structures of the physical microcosm, bio-biological matter/energy, and life) the change in the background environment is to be a grain, the casing of expansion of action, creation or expansion of life as a trend, mechanism of contagion, expansion, accumulation of potential, exploitation, transformation next areas of the microcosm.

As it was in the Neolithic revolution, not extensively nomadizing the cosmos, but intensifying the processing of microcosm ore spoil – allowing for more technologically rapid its co-creation on a scale previously unheard of – as a thousand years ago one could have imagined about our impact on the contemporary space of our planet … at least on surface of our planet -climate.
at the possibly local level, area, at a given level needed (currently but gradually increasing at its own achievements) to restructure the tool neo creation of structures/processes of a given level of micro macrocosm potential.

So it’s more about internal expansion/investment (more about agriculture of the area rather than jumping from place to place), which after some time becomes in two directions development but on jump/giant scale development, this external as well as more internal-external – external massive intensification
the operation of structures, their processes of ever massive controlled de/recomposition/neo creation of life, matter/energy exploitation.

That is why I have described cosmic, medical escapades as extensive
nomadic, and here, however, more taken attention about a technological explosion of hyper agri-cultural matter and … life, its industrial park which is yet to support space tours, and neo creation but on ever of a deeper, more precisely structuring, restructuring-process approach, exploiting the perception of makeshift models/formulas of today’s biological/medical … materials. … energy/mass visions/stand/position of exploration/exploitation/co-production/co-evolution/co-creation/co-generation.

It is like perceiving/reconstructing/neo constructing more than 3 dimensions of contemporary micro-macro models of the cosmos, matter of biology … energy … life, developing patterns, structures, models, which are would transform in the like a 4th dimension for the current state, … status quo factor dimension. ……neo ecology =anti-static view of (systems of)nature processes=activisation of neo/co-creation of nature.

Influencing the influence of one life/system over other systems as always has been historically, evolutionarily, creatively.
And it is a selective economics of nature … hyper evolution … Neo ecology is a total conscious influence/strategy on the relationship between systems of nature, it is total evolutionary engineering of nature by shaping its values ​​directly…its trends and goals.

Nature, the natural background changing from the technology of our system,
that is, from the thought of a non(or changing)-model concept, not “natural” in relation to other competing systems in which we are completely immersed…perceptional, practically but always temporally on achieved level.
Our task … (not passive) life, and not a vain ball/stone/piece in the hands of other systems, is to increase the technological power of mass-transformational processes as much as possible on our part, and our system collaborators[we/our massiveness of technology are the biggest collaborator/chance/role/working out position of/in nature form our part]…above/upper models-always temporary, previously produced but increasingly algorithmic, autonomous.

to be continued to adding not passive, extra productive/contributive tools/factors for developing model/mechanism of matter/energy/life creation/exploitation.