Creation of hyper homo erectus. 8. Structural liberation of life and space/processes.

After my recent – provocative – quite marginalizing comments about science or religion, i.e. processes of learning, entrusting to processes/structures perceived by us, I have to explain a few aspects about my intentions, which are in fact very scientific and very religious. It is about their more effective location in the process of our existence and development.
Science, religion is also needed to further efficiently carry out the hyper mechanical acceleration of processes of interest to us, inter alia, violating absolutely and unconditionally all adverse classic evolutionary, physical assumptions and trends, etc. This construction of artificial acceleration construction is a conscious, aspiring, precursor, a paradigm of any effective scientific or religious intentional development and guarantee of this growth for any individual and collective existential position in the micro-macro cosmos.

These articles are not catchy songs or rhymes, but systematic pursuit, maintenance of the status quo … systematic irritation/resonation … for an ever-higher level of their development and existence on a global, timeless, cosmic, above evolutionary, above … natural existing(current economy as well) power systems
Working out more efficient foundations … hard-working and responsibility .. with the help of additional multi accelerating super hands trillions of times more effective- practically …finally/eventually infinitely for maneuvering of all processes of life and space/matter/energy.

It is a total race to reach structures, processes seem unimaginable, unattainable … literally tangibly-robotic and massively.
In reality, it is a hyper-consumption hyper race, hyper existential race, up to pain, economic development system that determines all other areas of economic, scientific … religious, social, individual, total, space activities, intended to detriment all possible micro and macro processes and structures. of life and every matter.
There is no just marketing fun with no score or discovery for discovery. Marketing, scientific, religious, etc. factors are auxiliary helpers, even possibly waste sometimes, in relation to the mainstream of this activity … selective economics … evolutionary, structural liberation.

Above existential/vegetative attitude … above scientific and religious – not translating an existing status quo, but to get out of the cocoon – this selective economy determining the directions of thinking and acting.
Yes, science, religion, but in experimental derivative phases
And this is to preserve this safe sentimental continuity.

Definition of science/religion. It is not about abandoning science, religion, which will be and are needed in developing tools, as well as behaviors to the directions of development, existence at higher levels.

This Olympics and adventure is a game for a better, more dignified position in life and space
rather than self-degradation and submission to competition processes, it is a trick of strategy hyper homo erectus, i.e. forcing the use of mass self-development – hyper evolutionary-controlled … bred-automated technologies.

… Not scientific, but productive (neo creative), conscientious shaping of work, responsibility, developing tools for environmental reconstruction

and here we come to the redefinition (neo relativism) of time, and more processes, structures of matter … life including mass relativism … but nevertheless (neo)relativism in favor of general phenomena for attributing to normal processes = physical, artificial or natural structures a transformation of their values, positions or their … (new)laws … working out to detect the level of perception/manipulation to further work out these laws. – more about the new (not passive) vision of issues of the neo relativism(astro)physics, biology, etc means direct (“neo relativistic”)manipulations of the (seems constant,inviolably by today’s laws/dogmas) processes (by mega production/=manipulation) – time means process/structures deep processing/neo creating, matter/mass/structures deep processing/neo creating=” neo relativistic freezing/defrosting time …neo relativistic defrosting/freezing matter/mass/energy….breaking the Emc2 pattern”, next possible time…in directions of …”soul” of matter/mass/process …of biological life, human too.

We need such first bold step of mind to start the avalanche/leap process of the neo creation of whole mankind and really whole universe, of life and space.

A proposal to prepare a powerful system of self-replicating micro drone production that would become the next small steps – among others in the production of themselves as multifunctional blood cells, climatic molecules, acquiring, rebuilding natural structures and those … broken by humans.

to be continued about the micro drone and neo creation revolution of life and space by economic, physics and other factors.


Creation of hyper homo erectus. 7. Neo creation…neo relativism.

Let us not justify/limit our evolutionary, creative position, existential and developmental fate, higher or higher scientific / = religious barriers/laws, so-called (but always temporary made)natural border laws … despite everything perceptually, technologically temporary due to the current level/faith of development/for development.
At the same time, we do not expect, do not (just) wait for a miracle of mercy or some tricks, ideas, but first at all let us take up systematic expansion, cooperation of our own(together with the rest of nature) evolutionary/ = economic (economization) biological and physical systems towards further macro and microcosmic co-control of processes / mechanisms … laws of life/biology and matter/space.

Conversity in this hyper homoerectus is simply putting the next steps for/but by hyper evolutionary development, triggering/improving… (hyper)manually=automaically …
to increasingly automatically limit productivity, – less naturally evolutionary but rather on our own initiative – further systematic filling of evolutionary/production “manual” deficiencies for further / for further stages of/for development/aspirations.

It is no just longer about the improvisations of the so-called faith, praying, fate, accident, the so-called discoveries of nature and tricks but systematic production, automatic – self-replicating and re/build-up higher and higher superstructures, mechanical, geometric, mathematical, mass taking over control of all known natural and non-natural processes. Layering restructuring processes at an ever-higher level of precision and massiveness of the processes.

It is about coming out of terms of further restrictions on the crust/cradle of physical or biological existential and development barriers.
That is, forcing the emergence/further development from the cradle of the eggshell using the technology of this new degree of micro/macrocosmic speed hyper evolutionary, hyper-creative homo evolutionary hand …. technology of the magic wand … schools/factory of enchanting …of
more environmental responsibility and( after that) power.
This new technological power can strengthen or kill our civilizations immediately because of specific civilization autism – a kind of megalomania, that is, by us established laws of nature, that makes it impossible mentally, strategically more efficient for the development of technology recreation/creation in nature with nature.

We are further mentally and technologically dumped in nature.
There is a need to develop a strategy of technology/economy of advantage, taking over a new dimension initiative on physical/= energetic, biological processes and structures – for chasing as quickly as possible new barriers, further micro/macro structures of life and space by a strategy of really mass technology.
Currently, we seem to be – or maybe we want – for now at the level of fun and developmental vegetation
We must work further – if we want – higher positions in nature than the position of a cow on the homestead.

It is about the strategy of introducing this ( already also because of the ecological effects) explosive/mass system/process of the mechanism of the development of hyper evolutionary civilization, hyper global/cosmic hyperphysical, hyper biological, hyper chemic, hyper-economic.

The diligent shaping of mass structures provides the foundations for further systematic progress … the realization of dreams … discoveries, science are a derivative of this hard work platform of mega-production(boosting evolution on our condition) but vice versa.
On our part, we are to create, just continue to build the hyper homo Erectus system for self-development, self-specification according to programmed directions of setting this constructional mega productive geometric domino process.
Our task is to master, subjugate it in this evolution / ecological hyper race, creative and neo creative.

Until now, this hyper neo creation accelerator has not been moved, which is why the whole socio-economic framework of this new production process, the new generation of hyperproduction, hyper(r)evolution is so important.
At present, the current hyper info telecommunications capacity lacks hyper manual/really mass production feedback … for further mutual driven the potentials.

It’s about dealing with this growing technology in the micro-macro dimension.
Dealing with this hyper-production potential and yield with this accumulation of processes artificially, avalanche-driven processes of material restructuring as well as energy consumption.
In energy consumption, systematic mass processing of materials, tele(portation)communication …
It is an artificial acceleration to create in itself such a global accelerator for an empty start based on the mass production mechanism such as for neo mass creation micro/macro cosmos.

The first proposed small step, and at the same time a mega breakthrough in this accelerated revolution/evolution of the mega-production, would be the smuggled concept of smartphone applicated microdrones “guardian angels” multifunctional satellites that maneuvering around human or selected areas for (at first at all) medical, ecological purposes – but also by/for cosmic, economic issues.
to be continued with sketches for acquiring productively and responsible for/of further/new areas of life and space/matter/energy potential…relativity…economically.

Creation of hyper homo erectus.6. The diligence of efficiency, a responsibility to actions can move us respectively forward in life and matter/space.

For this hyper homo Erectus mechanism, we need not only these micro hands, micro bricks in a mutual process, which we have done historically and now. This is about achieving distant micro and macro giant structures, so it takes a gigantic massiveness of this own participation in these gigantic processes to let these natural evolutionary processes of competing systems of nature match or outdo on our expected level, structure according to the most important determinant these changes, which are …first at all are our dreams (and not any other factors!) in the shape of life and matter (space) literally and figuratively.
So it is going about giant massive micro-macro chirurgie technology as historic and futuristic key for automatic repetitively, developing (as well) and programed more(remote control plus AI with working out balance between them) ) controlled structures gain influenced factor, position for achieving wished level processes and structures manipulation, recreation, creation, hyper evolution… Not just alchemy and hand made production.
The system of geometric self-replication, the artificial self-evolution of programming the transformation of reaching increasingly deeper generating areas (new), artificially resonating physical and biological processes that we can( but we want!=our minimalistic/vegetational attitude) shape today only according to (ecological) symptoms or have not any impact because of today’s still very primitive application/strategy of technological, organizational and economic potential caused by our slavery, passive, non-subjective but objective recognition of their position in these processes in us and beyond.

And this is about initiatives for the implementation of the thinking/action = life strategy rather than failure/default = death. Attitude to the processes of natural systems based on dreams, thinking, acting because the only maturity to life and its development provides the basis for establishing the right level and implementing strategies in systematically raising their level of status, their dignity in multi-level systems of life and matter (micro / macro cosmos) … further than the monkey … further than homo Erectus … more than homo economics, in this all-ordinary living process and not passively submitting to other systems, cooperating, competing with the internal and external micro-space macro environment.

The need for bold decisions initiated and through the mass process of self-replicating, self-improvement of…self-improvement, self-replicating to new challenges, tasks, a new changing, discovery environment in us and beyond, whose processes will change our environmental, material, economic, physical, biological, global face, climatic, cosmic from day to day, from hour to hour, minutes to minutes, from second to second, accelerating(rescuing/progressing) civilization processes, evolutionary at a pace that surpasses the entire process of our civilization … in an hour, at a rate … not only of speed of “light,” not ending, embracing, mastering, taking over, creating so far no known more distant and closer micro and macrostructures of the cosmos/matter (in biological/life dimension especially) from second to second.
This will encompass completely different spaces of logic, thinking, existence, the meaning of existence, (jointly) hosting of infinite biological and physical areas on … a snap.

It is necessary to achieve a multi-trillion level- if we want to match or overcome natural processes- of degree of restructuring, transformation, engineering – in the pair of building, creating building/component bricks – and their folding of artificial (micro) hands/multi microdrones … and so interchangeably in the artificially invigorated progress .. geometry automatic self-replicating, and not only copying but embracing new, subtle tasks and needs according aspirations, philosophies of a hyper-active approach to evolutionary processes, generally captivating nature.
Miniaturization in relation to the currently observed structured/materialization (material=/micro bricks engineering), in order to achieve comprehensive visible effects of manipulation/transformation operations seems to be impossible or very remote nowadays as it would be compared rocket technology and the age of stone or bronze.

A comprehensive approach to evolutionary and recreational systems as well as the active participation of generation of development directions, creation, co-creation, competing in the creation of joint own systems in the general process … and manipulated to some extent the evolution of life and space/matter.-eg direct manipulated photosynthesis=micro multifunctional massive microdrone(megaproduction) laparoscopy of… climatic processes etc…climate engineering…planetary engineering…botany/biology/life engineering, etc.

I am not referring to the force of nature replacements, but to the effective, flexible maintenance, development of positive elements of our existence and aspirations.

The essence is the maintenance of positive elements of life with the possibility of restructuring the development of a more efficient environment in the process of active participation in the evolution of the creation of global cosmic, biological, economic.
Catching mechanisms, specific genes, creating own mechanisms of genes for recreation of life and matter/space, as it happens- where we still take to small part-, this is about improving further developing the mechanism of construction in a massive way that the massiveness of phenomena can be matched in the competing process/structures of systems of nature.

From our diligence, the efficiency we develop in the application of mass technologies in the mass processes of nature, from our responsibility to actions, depends on our position in nature in … moving back, staying in the same place or moving forward.

The proposed selective economics is a strategy of active liberation from the instantaneous submission to the “outer” forces of nature, to bursting the relations of the stagnant, destructive natural and artificial relations.

It is possible to divide the attitudinal activation system into three levels
– natural hyper-passive attitude pseudo-ecological – pseudo status quo, that is, passive conducting of the development, economy to nature, which everything dictates itself …
– Reactive active attitude, passively setting the programs of the providers to the systems of nature
– an attitude of an asset or hyperactive manipulated mass-coexistence of natural and artificial processes – outlined in my articles proposed here
This division in developmental/global strategies and attitudes can be applied, of course, also in the adoption of ordinary developmental and economic activities.


to be continued with (slowly will be more and more about it) the microdrones satellite/bricks mega-production step for a new mankind-micro/macrocosmic leap… as well.

Creation of hyper homo erectus . 5. Economic evangelism for liberation from economic/physical vegetative status quo means selective economics.

This economic gospel is created here and now in these articles because of the current need to become aware and to build (work out) own position in life and space evolution.

To some extent, we are always soldiers, prisoners, slaves, subjects at a given level of evolution of various levels of different systems of nature more or less known or unknown. We can gradually go away, mature to the next classes of existence, development, our own position to get out of this kind of care, evolutionary cage / evolutionary systems … other systems and their interests … we can also be only fertilizer, meat gun in this competition of these systems. We are in the micro/macro position of cosmic evolutionary systems as the potentially weaker or stronger David to Goliath, and here it is about this economy … of liberation, selective economics … the reverse of modern economics, where examples from the physical systems of nature projected the development of economic concepts. Here, in this case, we are talking about our economic systems, which are to determine the evolutionary systems of nature in us and beyond.

New technology, new production, new production potential, technological, organizational/economics of the development of a new generation for reaching very distant structural barriers. And here we are talking about a gigantic, super-efficient, super-rapid very massive changes to affect a truly new generation of relations not only on the evolutionary level of natural, economic, physical but also social, moral, personal, … religious level.

Historians = scientists attempt to determine, adapt themselves and us to the required perception, historically or now, but imposing the future status quo of nature, but not this is about determining working out the pursuit of its own status quo, own creation, own evolution or rather (mega) production of own homo erectus (modular of the future).
This gospel/economics of liberation, this selective economy is based on these new freed hands and this new strategy of new hands opens up new spaces, frees us from frames of inability, physical barriers (increasing – trillion times – max speed / length of life), organizational for new opportunities, new challenges new space, new time, new thinking and acting.
It is about laboriously working out, expanding, preparing hyper parks / industrial parks for competition with infinite, not known fully yet systems of nature. Let’s just say it’s manipulation of the evolution of natural systems, it’s the manipulation of the creation of nature, it’s a takeover of responsibility from…

Selective economics occurs in elements of ecology, medicine, space research, etc … but here it is more a symptomatic approach to nature
And the basis of selective economics is directly facing nature, wrestling with nature … in economic advantages in using scientific, technological and production aspects over nature in us and beyond.
Cosmic initiatives can be good examples for launch for the potential of development and civilization in a very broad and deep sense globally/cosmically physically and organisationally.

These selective economics initiatives are in unconditional relations with nature. They are supposed to accelerate the economic mechanism, the new market, determine the economy as in some respect ecological investments too.

Selective economics is going precisely, and its basic assumptions are simply economical acceleration, openly forcing this mechanism of nature’s hyper evolution, and moreover.
For further, but also repeatedly overtaking the barriers that today might seem impossible to overcome … in further cosmic speeds, other physical “closed” systems including biological – lifespan, etc.

Economics for new materials, for new tools that are still being created for even more newer materials, for even more newer tools, industrial parks, scientific, technological, robot … foundations for developing the basis of development, simple economies, etc.
These new tools are more and newer, more precise, smaller brick materials capable of further better creations, which gives newer brick materials, and further tools from these new materials and so on with the forced mechanism in the proposals for further continuation and acceleration of the already massive a process for taking over, replacing, racing in an evolutionary micro and macro space/life race.

It’s not just about the precise size of tools/hands, but about more and more precise, more effective, more capable, more remote assemblies to build the reconstruction of the new generation of bricks, also in the processing, material processing, … evolutionary on the distance – specific in micro and macro the quality in sending, and more in the processed environment, the reconstruction of environments for generating new waves, which at different distances will be different (also greater than light) speed affect the transformation of planetary, stellar, cellular, atomic engineering, more and more precise action creating a kind of artificial extra soldiers builders, hands at a distance to achieve goals just like us in a specific way generated at a distance, or rather sending (teleportation technology), rebuilding the system of this or other planet(climate, geology etc) or star etc of nature.

These artificially enforced development of micro-park parks, micro bricks for new further renaturation is the foundation, an effective platform for the classic new economic boom, which will further accelerate this neo-evolution, neo-creation.
So not only micro hands but also micro bricks are determining elements of remodeling structures larger than them.
That is, aiming for such tool sizes capable of rebuilding or building new competitive structures on biological or physical issues.

So not only micro hands but also micro bricks are determining elements of remodeling structures larger than them.
That is, aiming for such tool sizes capable of rebuilding or building new competitive structures on biological or physical issues

Lowering not only for transport but also specific teleportation using micro/nano drones, which will take over all possible functions, eg human for hyper-light (floating human organs – floating person … better performance / “rocket” capacity for this light ala teleportation drone – person.

Multiplication drones – flying bricks blocks can be at the beginning (Lego) to … comb dolls, etc.

to be continued to with the light but unconditional vacation notes for life and space human(ly) evolution.

Creation of hyper homo erectus . 4. Definition/mechanism of (any) life/universe processes…taking over.

A human definition/mechanism of nature.
Not passive – human – definition of the life cycle/evolution of systems and organisms of nature. We are fully responsible, full members of competitive, overlapping systems of nature. Our task is and always(historical) was and will to make this co-existence with nature as technologically and morally efficient as possible and with less unnecessary costs… of our environment and our life.

Further advances in the processes of technologization, automation, massiveness of hyper automation with ever-increasing ease have been and can even more effectively create new structures and opportunities for our civilization and each individual on a very massive scale in micro and macro transformations vital for our existence and development. It reduces energy, process and construction inefficiency many times for more efficient energy and material absorption of external renewable and other structures.

New technologies and philosophy/strategy of approach – technological, strategic mitigation of relations/costs in nature according to our systemic life and development goals in infinity – competing – systems in macro and microcosmos.
We can and we have to tame nature because it is in most cases a merciless conglomerate of competitive systems. But we can be stronger, more powerful only thanks to the soothing strategy of relations between these systems of nature, among others between the closest environment and man. Improved technology, organization and faith in creating a better environment give us a chance for real progress also in treating each other in nature closer and further – the climatic, geological engineering of mass automatic scale, with animals and between people … and between animals too (and lamb it will safely rest at the wolf and the lion will eat hay – biblical announcements but not only)

Patterns, strategies, models of selective economics are just an attempt to capture the nature of resource processes in physical, mathematical systems, but this economics deals with furthermore active descriptions and … we can go further in this economics and science and not stop in place. The propositions presented above are not final, but a proposition for holistic apprehension of existential and developmental phenomena in the economics of creation, the re-creation of the cosmos, mechanisms of the life of the cosmos in the macro and micro versions.

A bit perverse further part of the explanation of the process
the course of adopting the so-called small and ordinary natural and artificial structures by working out, developing smaller bricks mechanisms of production and technology park structures, and only after that application of the park functioning on the smaller components development than those which we are to reconstruct.

The subcomponents of mass hyper-production parks must, they are, have always been smaller in the reconstruction of production than the structures to be processed and manipulated.

So it is the mechanism of any structure/process including life development, creation, and support against/with environments ods.
And we can and we have as human take part in it regardless if we want or not.

The evolutionary and civilizationally developing hu/man, the new homo erectus, had more and more possibilities of precise ( more and more new freed “hands”) manipulation which allowed for more influence on shaping the environment. The greater precision, the greater the potential, the class the level of competition participation in the game(war) of the evolution of creation, re-creation.

(homo erectus)DEFINITION of LIFE and Universe re/creation, hyper-evolution
– first notes, attempts.
These smaller and smaller hands – the tools is to force… more efficient, more precise, massive hyper homo erectus tool forcing by the hands to further evolve our thinking of action, the processing of structures as well as any more active/efficient(less passive) mass process of reconstruction of creations and of re/creation of nature.
These smaller and smaller hands are able and more efficiently and efficiently manipulate structures smaller and smaller … but/by always larger than these hands…so we have always to work out more precise tools, bricks for develope wished structures of nature, of life, of our life, of our universe, of our globe, of our climate, of our and further environment/s.

Creating larger structures we are able to disprove smaller, but with not always the precision that we would like to.

Just like a person with a new hand, you need to practice this hand, coordinate it and further improve, coordinate with yourself and the environment.

In other words the definition – Circle of life is a mechanism of life to take the initiative of other structures using copying, taking over structures, competing on their own structures, defeating them, restructuring them taking responsibility for these processes .. And this is life or not passivity … or this is taking over any wished, permanently working out processes and structures

Life/processes of systems of the universe as a mechanism of absorbing and pushing of deeper structures.

Enhancing life chances .. in this game of life systems competition.
I’m not against nature. Nature is an infinite, absorbing, repulsive systems .. these win, which are more efficient in this turnover and this is the natural mechanism of life, the circle of life, evolution of life, development of life, increasing development opportunities from one’s life position, because life is a reworking, creating, processing of any physically/materially existing systems in and out.

to be continued with the vacation notes for continuation of life/universe development strategy/science by helping of microdrones/hands of soldiers/ builders with less of evolutionary vegetation or sacrifice.


Creation of hyper homo erectus or flying invisible/visible hands. 3. Mega production= gardening of life and space.

Recently, I mentioned in my vacations notes about the two pillars that always influenced, determined the level of our position, our perception, our thinking, our science, our vision, our technology in nature in the past, present time, future.
The pillar of the technological hand/production and the pillar of selective economics, i.e. the strategy of direct restructuring of nature in us and beyond, defines further stages, or rather further opportunities, our level of existence and development and … the entire evolution of the macro and micro cosmos
These are the pillars that liberate us from evolutionary submission. Pillars / devaluating mechanism – giving more responsibility for our thinking, our position in nature.
Mentally, naturally selective economics, physically producing hyper automation, either evolutionary occurs in the material nature, biological nature in the competition of nature systems … mutual pushing or absorbing

So each of us including scientists, physicists, and others anyway use economic selective and production base/potential as a determinant in a more or less conscious way, partly affecting the usability, achievability, current boundaries (relativistic), “constant” properties of all natural processes.

To sensibly start discussions about co-creating processes in us and outside, we need to start discussions about creation performance, artificial evolution or mega production, to consider the mechanism of these two pillars, but honestly speaking about multi-trillion acceleration, increasing production efficiency of more and more efficient components for further external creative activities and self-developing, self-expanding their output for further external and internal creations using self replicating, self-expanding, self-improving teams of these components of bricks in the stage of further modification of the mass microcomponents of the so-called autonomous micro/nano (the)drones “bone marrow”.

The idea is to artificially drive the massiveness of processes into this mega production, hyperproduction, or artificial evolution, or hyper-evolution, that is, co-operation or anticipation, replacement of natural processes by mass manipulation/restructuring of entire systems at given levels achieved at a given stage of development, further driven by hyperproduction, hyper-evolutionary manipulations.

Industrial revolutions began with reasons of consumption as well as a kind of thinking, constructional surprise based on the already consultative level of production/technology and / on this basis also on the so-called abstract scientific discoveries in the struggle to learn and control nature. As an artificially general … but industrial revolutions began to be made for consumption needs.
A production environment will be created here, not for direct consumption, but for mega production for more and more efficient and massive micro-components for the basis of a further higher level of production, mega-production, for initiating evolutionary processes that replace the substitutes – the so-called usually existing environmental properties – environment, eg cells, lights -… the level of relations E = mc2, etc … a hyper perspective for a new mega market for services and products is created for private enterprises.

Every company, an institution can start this production process … on the seemingly abstract production fun for production – but it is about creating a new environment, a new springboard of civilizational leap as well as ordinary economic – in this abstract model of control, mass control, environment of coordination with the environment, compete with the environment on the issues of transport, communication and telecommunications, telecommunications service connected among others with multifunctional micro / nano-drones (super hands, tools for further expansion).
A company that focuses on competition not with another company ( at least at the start) but with nature as an effective prediction model, perception of the needs of restructuring structures, natural and further production and market bases … production of drones and … rockets in billions of trillions…really new cosmic market but not only…
This magician/mega production, i.e. mega gardening in the ever-higher precision of interference, manipulation of nature already at the level of the straight or parallel building of a new world of the cell body, atom, quantum, etc
Horticulture is no longer a production level of today’s production, i.e. engineering, biology, cellular, atomic, quantum, energy, material surgery, not just chemistry, but above all precise mass restructuring operations, own creation operations, new foundations of existence and development … also this ordinary economic one.

These two pillars of development define, provide for hyper employment
new hands to work, creating these multi hands maximization of this park, labor market … employment of nature to work, employment of new technology hands to work this creation, re / creation – these extra hands of this hyper homo erectus
It’s about super really enormous mega employment of super efficient and numerous hands in order to deep structural changes in the environment.
The earlier and modern mega reconstructive production position was treated as superfluous due to the submissive approach to nature… process competition. There was no such need for this type of hyper mass production, re-creation … from the position of seemingly lost, “unchanging” for our existence.

Millions of people suffer from cancer. Self-replicating, improving (micro)robot systems are able to reach and overcome the mercilessly evolutionary systems of nature. Let us give a chance to disperse this new generation of the mass industrial revolution in the merciless struggle with the mass systems of nature. We only lack the faith and organization to take the initiative in natural processes, eg the self-replicating massive industry (configured with application mobile technologies – such huge amounts of micro-nano-satellite drones for each mobile phone/millions satellites per telephone/ per person with appropriate modified applications for -body too-operations as well as further modification this environmental by drones clouds) for mass manipulation of material processes, including biological ones, for example in the fight against cancer.

to be continued with the hyper nano/micro gardening r(evolution).

Creation of hyper homo erectus or flying invisible/visible hands. 2. The mechanism of technological take-over of the initiatives in hyper-evolutionary processes.

Generally, one can share my intentions regarding the proposal of active human participation in the very intensive shaping of biological and physical processes, into two main pillars.
These pillars are propelled mutualy.

–  The first theoretical pillar of selective economics, that means
– a. preparing an organizational and strategic platform for a more efficient takeover of hyper-evolutionary functions – that is, competitive for other systems – environment transformation according to our existential and developmental needs, for more efficient resource management in struggle and cooperation with natural systems of sometimes opposite processes/structures.
– b. build awareness of the mechanisms of the human place of the economy in the processes of changes in the broadly understood natural and already created by man, and thus more efficient participation in these mutual processes, and thus the appropriate organizational technological production attitude to those processes.

There is no classic competition in this selective economy.
The only competition in this development economics is nature, which also indicates the hyper mechanisms of this natural competition of total competition on the actual hyper-structural scale, hyper global, hyper-cosmic version in macro and micro … economics hyper ecological, i.e. only such total (mass automation) not a passive approach, which gives a better chance of stimulating and implementing higher existential and developmental aspirations at a higher level of environmental balance … on a total level, not artificially added or taken away in primitive technological and organizational relations.

Selective economics is the determinant of classical economic processes as well as the determinant of scientific progress.
Selective economics is above these processes, connecting these processes, and at the same time directing them.
It is this economics that determines above all the potentials, predictions, guidance, and updates of phenomena, natural and technological processes, among others E = mc2 – ie today’s E = mc2 is limited, determined by the current technological level, and what scientific knowledge of energy/material and knowledge all other known and yet unknown phenomena on the macro and micro scale.
It is she (this selective economics) who has to artificially lead, provoke, resonate, determine, relativize all directions, mechanisms of phenomena and processes in us and beyond.
Such an advanced economic hyper-evolutionary CERN – more in the following parts – a specific mixture of economics/technology and matter/energy.

The second pillar is hyper production – mega production … fun, toys and the models … for more and more new foundations of life and matter.
Very intensive investments of automatic production of micronutrients, components in self-replicating automatic production centers – such an industrial bone marrow for the production (“blood”) of its own protective cells, supporting the improvement of biological and physical processes interesting for us.
These blood cells, or could we call the artificial micro bee worker, would be tasked with further programmatic extensions of such hives, to the development and propagation of these workers, these trillions of trillions hyper additionally hands to work.
-of course, here we speak of multifunctional drones, intended to evolve micro-sizes, like reconstruction, re-creation, creation new/artificial bricks capable of/by flying create more and more powerful, new hyper-development complexes (including medical, cosmic, nuclear, climate engineering, etc.) at an automatically ever-accelerating pace.

These pillars can lead to competitive restructuring of the nature of the cell, the atom by building the development of self-replicating parks of sub-assemblies, bricks capable of manipulating ever smaller elements of nature, searching for these micronutrients worked out with smaller, plasticine micronutrients, leading to an advantage of greater/hyper-scale microsurgery of the kidneys, hands, cells, atoms, quantum, climate, planet, volcanos, planets, stars, galaxies – energy/matter structures and processes, etc.

Of course, this process somehow ran and goes … but
we need better and more productive hands to work in industrial parks, typically expending massive investments, with the aim of trillion acceleration, strengthening of the process of our interest … evolution of life and the cosmos according to our aspirations for security and biological development, global, cosmic … social, political, economical -changing the technological and moral face already according to a different level of the basis of our life, our cosmos.

to be continued …also practical, pragmatic participation of companies and public institutions …for straightening out XXI century human for XXI version of homo erectus.

Creation of hyper homo erectus, that is, flying invisible hands of a guardian angel. 1. Mass laparoscopy by micro drones.

I’m going into a period of holiday laziness, slowing down, but not total stagnation. Each subsequent article is an absolute raising of the bar for the potential for structural development, evolutionary, universal – not only theoretical divagations, manifestations of opposing contradictions, barriers of fate / nature, but even more difficult aspects of implementing concrete mega productive proposals as new foundations for the development of the scientific model of nature and what that’s why further (newer) transformations, directions, no more productions yet, but mega production or evolution/fate more in line with our scenario … selective economics.

I am aware of burdens( and chances) of the situation.
I stand on the way – or maybe in a support lever – against the authorities of this science and humanity and … all the structures of the cosmos of their creators of the creatures … gods
But I have no other answer against science…of the stone age based on mind and production by the stone age technology.

Ahead of learning to study structures through really mass production that will create new structures… discover new ones.

New laparoscopy means remote control/reconstruction of any available structures on a way of automatic geometric pace hyper-industrial revolution of whole environment manipulation of a new upright man with extra freed “multi drones” hands for new (micro/macro)cosmic and life evolution.

Forces automation …forces laparoscopy against old ages manual standard of since and industry(the basis for efficient science)… developing that means not any more direct manual operations production as a chance for gain goals today, that in case of a still old way of the basis of development would be impossible even in far away future.
We still have/use stubborn mind operating of using old most manual technology organization, production for achieving theoretically better future but it is failer… we stay this way in one place, we go around the same place and illusory think it is better or excuses selves for fate of unchangeable life and environment structures of the future.
Such alchemy is not enough like some times the only bombardment would be not enough for achieving military goals or only separately manual (stone age) technology use.. in the war of no (human and technological)scrutiny, no mercy evolutionary war for life and space.
So let start the mega-production means own evolution as a partner, a co-competitor for life and space.
For a first line just as toys game- not anymore just virtual but this already not toys any more if it goes in mega production accelerator for massive changes of any structures/materials on the planet and beyond, inside and outside.
First steps for mobile applications that really directly will influence our life and the whole environment, with help of accelerator of massive full automation industry of drones for very different sizes and types of functions from medicine a way of repair/reconstruction laparoscopy on demand, ecology, just mega production, transport, etc.

To be continued with the direct reconstruction/recreation of life and matter step by step, brick by brick, cell by cell, atom by atom, deeper and deeper, further and further with geometric pace.

Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.c. Human multi relativism/levers of correction and development of matter and life.

Relativism in describing phenomena was aimed at the specific capture of so-called permanent processes such as the absolute Newtonian time … or the absolute geocentric position of the planet earth.
Perceptively and prospectively treating these phenomena as unchangeable, they are measured in this perverse very simplified description.
In fact, the internal and external, natural and unnatural structural and process implications of these and other phenomena are infinite.
It will always come depending on an unknown, more or less known (among others, gravity) power, time, number of actions, processes occurring in time and … mass.

And it is not a paradox, as in the same objects and their parts, they are and will be, they can run processes in each of their parts differently, as well as in general separately.
The time course of the object / two the same objects – its intrusive moving structures/processes will be different depending on the natural or unnatural stronger or weaker influence and position.
The same applies to the energetics of the mass of the object/ the same seemingly- objects, where its internal energy deposits may be different due to infinite internal, external source / genetic factors unknown, more or less known influences, also unnatural constructional (ie our) impacts … also as with the classical Newtonian time, we are dealing here with the compulsory use of relativism, but here and there with a more analytical, all-around, open-minded approach.
So not every same object/process must have the same course of time, so the same mass does not always have to be equal to this lean energy potential. So not every given process, a given object, a given mass, a given planet, a given genome, a given cell is a static model, a center around which we relativize orbits, time or maybe … energies.
So you may not simplify the unification of the phenomena of the phenomenon too long, because then we inhibit further development. In this case, time will grow out of geocentrism and other simplifications that, of course, may have some impact for simply educational and experimental goals.

So the Earth is not the center of the cosmos … with the spiral orbits of Mars, Jupiter, etc.
So the more accurate time of the “same” processes differs due to smaller or larger sources, generic and other factors known or unknown, which we can also co-deform.
So the exact dimension of energy in the same masses … processes also vary due to known or unknown internal, external generational factors, re/creational, which also can be co-created, co-built, co-process, co-elicit potentials.
The same applies to the course of all other natural or non-natural processes (ie our structural, production, technological), which in some cases are treated in too shallow, closed models, development barriers.

The ever more efficient organization, mass technology-automation has been historically and prospectively way, opportunity and leverage for the more and more open…models of physics, biology…economic, more efficient exploration, exploitation, more efficient cooperation, and a partnership with nature.

Selected selective economics has the task of deeper, possibly less homogeneous (not simplified relativism) analysis … but also reconstructions of natural and supernatural occurrences – with our participation, in the scientific and production fields, for anti-crisis and developmental, ecological, and vital – literally, and more and more healthy economic/social climate as well.

Like we from wood, stone, we were able to create materials at a given level .. rockets above natural at a given higher and higher level, so now we will be able to, we can with classic light energy(E=mc2 but …E=md2…E=mf2…- by quantum engineering not available… yet. ) and more, etc.
To generate at a distance newer sources of more efficient radiation and new platforms, new levers of change, creation, re-creation of life, all matter to the deeper interior of its structures and processes.

Only in an artificial environment (for outside nature) we can
to survive the evolutionary trends of macro and micro outer space systems, internal natures, insofar as these (our artificial) environment/bubble will be resistant to external, widely evolutionary trends of other so-called natural environments (…even other …different sizes civilizations = hyper bacterial cultures) competing.

Nature, systems are countless sets of these extensive leverage systems, in which we must be constantly better and better.

We are like a bacterial culture, a farm for breeding pigs, a grain, fertilizer at a given level of structure depth, for the evolution of the cosmos. It depends on us whether we will be more efficiently moving (out of this passive farm) to a higher level, more aware of the development and manipulation of the environment because without it we will be only philosophical stones, worms, crying pigs/crocodiles, complaining about their and their loved ones.
So the system of the so-called nature cannot be copied, because then we will not leave it … it must be better than this fence, prison, an evolutionary trap for pigs, …so we have to jump at a speed above… the light.- today like many things a long time ago seems impossible.

So Not just for survival – shortly, but totally, globally, cosmic …
but further crossing (model) natural barriers in our development, above other interests, systems … because only this way we can efficiently maintain and develop a civilization and each one life separately and literally.


to be continued…with notes for/of life&space

Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.b.The economic leverage of energy-mass relativism, and of other very deep processes of re/creation.

The leverage of Aristotle is a mechanism for achieving all new goals, crossing over natural barriers in the max and micro version, that is also multi deep giant structures of the processes of matter and life.
Some systems fight the other, using more efficient mechanisms – leverage-transform.

This leverage is manipulation, exploitation of structures that we want to submit to our goals, for example, productive, materialistic, energy evolution, this conscious evolution that is based on deeper constructive, structural, process possibilities of exploitation, production … rockets and much more powerful and better products and more efficient structures in material, energetic and structural exploitation of nature, which always seem to be unlikely and unimaginable at the beginning, because at the present time ignored, unknown, often closed, excluded in “scientific” = dogmatic models.

Energy efficiency of “mass softening”, structural efficiency “mass hardening” mutually overlapping in the mass of the mass from the model E = mc2, where it is impossible to determine the unseen by the end of the generic, potential processes of energy structures hidden, so far unexplored, processed, as it has always been historical/ perspective in our reconstruction struggle from stone, wood, iron, coal, atom, quantum …
All this process is a struggle to develop, use this leverage.
And this is a technological denial of dogmatic, the so-called scientific setting of closed models and barriers, useful in a limited scope according to a given potential of knowledge and technology … production.
Of course, it does not negate the need to create models, specific dogmas of nature … but especially does not negate the use of the lever for further expression that may also break these models.
The technology of manipulating materials, acquiring literally deeper forms of energy allowed, for example, Iceland to re-use its energy and fishing potential, and this applies to higher levels, deeper energy structures of mass, such as deeper than c2(from E=mc2), or life structures deeper than DNA. The same masses as the same “process” can have other deeper factor inclinations affecting the specific energy asymmetry of the same masses (energy mass relativism) -like time asymmetry (time relativism) of the same process. – the relativism of the time of artificial terrestrial navigation as one of the effects of applying leverage.

This two-stroke gear lever, and then more and more complicated, more efficient engine … to keep our material/mass shape, stick, harden, freeze for re/construction energetically more efficient purposes or break up, soften, defrost, process for energy purposes. … from a wooden horse-drawn wagon to a rocket and … far far more.

Economics (selective) – application – as a kind of a model of more or less manipulated relations in the real world, relativism of matter processes E/m/c2
It is based on a deeper exploration of the mechanisms of restructuring, multi-level evolution, also taking into account natural and artificial factors in re/creation of matter (energy) and life … including deep manipulations of economic processes too.

More on these topics in separate very extended economic, ecological, social (political), space and medical projects.

to be continued ….with further open sentences notes of my virgin ideas suggestions – …the drones issue, etc too.
Ps Correctly with the proper size of text and footnotes, they would have occupied too much time and too often for readers – and this is about an open dialogue for further … applications.