Working out the system of mass exploitation of the transformation natural and artificial environment is the right development strategy/trend and already historically growing up mechanism of any system. 6.d.

Man can achieve everything sooner or later without any exceptions …by science and economics, that is invisible lever of opportunity … this strength of the meaning of the word can=possibilities depends on hyper evolutionary, neo-creative strategy allowing to produce/develop/support more and more effective production bases of mixed development with the momentum of the expansive explosion accelerating (not slowing down) … as the observed system of the entire cosmos does. So these possibilities have/are to be constantly increased dynamically. these possibilities do not have a static character but expanded at a geometric pace – our issue is to work out of effective service of this process, which has historically been always present – the economically expanded potential of the industrial technology park of the man(historically and…{by us artificially accelerating} futuristically bigger and bigger park/tool per one person) and its development potential. Here we are talking about capturing, accelerating and improving this – like always again but this time more and more efficiently grabbing the steering wheel of our future/fate- emphasize of the “discovered” mechanism.

Developing the advantage of the scale of the industrial/technology park for catching up and servicing of achievements/models/scientific patterns, their utility, also overtaking these scientific achievements/models in their further extension, reconstruction, replacement, worked out, discovered, invented, supporting subsequent achievements and so on step by step.
We are talking about mass exploitation, mines…of inner structures, environmental transformations of… the background … the gene of any achievements, substitutes for achievements, i.e. generating the basis for new qualitative, quantitative, mass development stages and their production, more and more controlled massiveness of any action( that will… change freely/directionally gravitation/ally{law} and other influences/factors/properties forever), hyper evolutions, neo creativity, neo (selective) economy applications.

The proposed neo-economic, selective, multi technological, very massive and targeted directional, algorithmic(partly more and more self looking autonomous re/neo production system for further …algorithmic decisions, directions of investing, exploiting components for development, overtaking deeper and deeper structures/processes of life and matter…energy, gravitation…and other not know yet naturally and …artificially{our production/reproduction/transformation} discovered, made/produced factors ), the neo-evolutionary intervention has neo-genetic … neo-physical, neo-biological, neo-medical, neo-chemical … neo-chemical … neo mathematic/economic … by “fourth dimension shortcuts” character.

Working out [more and more of the work shall take over by automation by very massive domino/chain reaction effect] the system of mass exploitation of the transformation natural and artificial environment of mass systems (new chemical engineering chemistry …) is the right development strategy/trend and already historically growing up mechanism{of life and matter neo creation} and not the manual modeling manufacture … “and then we’ll see”.
The economization of evolution processes, i.e. hyper evolution, gives greater confidence and security for further economic development because it is better in terms of direction, strategy, and what is further improving the economy of our civilization as such, which will further drive the process of economization of processes of the nature of evolution…hyper evolution and so on accelerating this process … the mechanism of development of life support and processes in global cosmic inward and outward dimensions, including those beyond old/current models/formulas = “beyond dimensional”.

They are the basics of existence, the basics of life because life is making decisions, not so modeled, not so templated, own decisions, which, thanks to our own expanded apparatus/system of massiveness for influencing other systems and border models of transformation, are supposed to affect the management of the mass of external processes … systems … of this matter, this life … mutual wrestling of systems ( including our system of aspirations and decisions), … this is the strength of the basis of global/cosmic scale of controlled and transformed life by us and other systems…of selective economics/=hyper/co-controlled evolution of life and matter.
We shall mention very deep political consequences of this mass transformation of political, economic and technological hyper evolutionary cosmic, global of human life and …the entire cosmos fate.

There is no ordinary/generally absolute efficient design, modeling, formulating gradation of processes/structures changes. [ If someone does/did it I would call it pure mockery against nature – not that me mocker about somone].The scale of changes the usefulness of factors in the next levels of interpretation and neo creation/neo/reproduction changes on a large scale – an increasingly larger scale of the neo creation changing qualitatively/dimensionally/spatially of the entire environment of the neo creation/neo production/neo exploitation.
In all respects … at a pace of speed “production exploitation” generally patterns of application are not enough. The is a need for a dynamic approach to all phenomena of large/mass-scale/ use in nature and production .. transformation of strategies in/for…neo determining energy, mass, … gravity, … definition of life … the environment of nature and produced systems (not only neutrality but … taking over an active initiative/role in shaping the climate environment, .. geology, atom, cell … biology, physics, … life … in huge areas, on more precise and more mass levels of structure stages.

to be continued sketches to resolve/exploit further stages of natural and artificial mechanisms of existence and growth of systems of matter and life…by physics, economy, etc mass utility development/engineering.

(Economic/productive)mechanism of neo creation. 6.c. You can get as much from nature and life as you can make a contribution in a given direction.

Continuation of humanization/economization/…reproduction(grabbing structures/processes) of the infinite massiveness of processes of systems of nature, that is, giving this nature structures, processes, aspects of life, non-drawer aspects, outside of the template … but in…a dignity of an infinity of senses and purposes of consistent, contradictory, neutral actions for our system of humanity and for other systems(between systems of nature) unknown to us so systems hidden/mixed one another in an infinity of structures.
So the continuation of breaking the codes of life and matter that would seem closed to further … (hyper) evolution, (neo) creation…by today’s dogmatics and …agnostics …of knowing all or …knowing not at all.

Is this a mockery of modern science? No. Rather, it is broadening the horizons of faith, cooperation, competition strategy with nature, with…god as a partner and not as a guardian of natural prison of already absolute limited existence/vegetation and limited development.

The structures of nature, including human structures, remind us of the structure of the planet, systems of planets that need a responsible, developed self-service, as well as our entire planet earth as well.
Every human/cell as a whole planet … need a strategy for self-service … development … more and more effective self-exploitation, … mining, metallurgy, production … reproduction, re/creation, neo creation.

The need for expanded models that will be the scaffolding of the park versions of industrial accelerators of components in the direction of miniaturization for this exploitation of the new hyper evolutionary man as well as other evolutionary hype (hyper /(selective)economic) physical, biological, etc. projects.

Lack of strategy of our existency/=primitive (vanity)economy is terribly unfavorable for both man and nature( of course including climate). The development and awareness of the potential of technological and economic coupling with decks of nature transformation gives a chance not only for further existence but also for further more efficient and…dignify development( but not just limited primitive vegetation) of our and other life at the global and (macro and micro) cosmic level.
This hyper evolutionary development strategy or selective economics is an absolute novelty tactic never used in dealing (but not submissive) with the treatment of (systems of)nature. -Neither in parallel, nor protective, nor dictation = or rather mindless contempt and vanity, nor surrender.
It is a total hyper evolutionary global cosmic exploitation in terms of genetic exploitation of/for nature’s systems background co-production, background processing. This (selective)economics is the soul of genetics, the essence of all processes, human/matter transformations and vice versa of the rest of external/internal systems more or less with crisscrossed or contradictory ones.

This is a new, inverted theory that …demands/beg or resignations from nature/god.
It is a theory, a paradigm required above all in this economy – never before used – as a paradigm of the direction of transformation according to aspirations, just required from own contribution to ever deeper co-production/transformations in/of all processes of nature/any systems.

Requirements for nature/god – … you get as much from nature and life as you make a contribution in a given direction … this is the economization of all processes/enterprises… so selective economization.
It is known that not every action, even the so-called ecological one, does not have to contribute to active, non-subjective/passive participation in natural processes=other than those directly subject to our (civilization)system.
For example, NASA activities, ecological are generally …vain means not hyper evolutionary strategically, not selective economically but they are rather occasional actions, trials, possible amplitude of ad hoc growth or rescue directions/action, may not have to be included in the schemes of the strategy of/for nature of selective / (hyper) natural evolution/economy.

The garden of nature, systems of nature is to be no:
longer a jungle in which we are to surrender/submissive in a mutual/competition battle for the position in different structures/processes/systems,
or a separately developed infrastructure,
but also not blowing up/completely destroying the garden as an alien system.
It is about total and systematic co-transformation … of roots/background of/for development. It is about how much we work out, how much will be the contribution of our work of transformation, care for this garden, so much from this garden we can get to the infinite degree and potential … and infinitely … short time. And it is all about organizing this work, working out an infinite mix of endless threats and endless opportunities.

Nature is a competition of systems, it is hard “(selective)economic” work of systems. As far as we bring something to this economy (evolution) of natural systems, we can potentially deserve the effects of this work. Nature/God will do nothing for our whims/=prayers, we must fight for the improvement or maintenance of position in relation to others(other systems in us and out of us) who also work for… their standard of living, their value of life, their quality / … life expectancy, their position at an infinite degree and time of manipulation of these processes.

to be continued to the accelerated massiveness of algorithmic composing the tools and materials that strengthen our chances, our position in the micro/macro world of systems of life and mater…which have to scoff at methods of measuring and modeling that limit alternatives to …structurally deeper and deeper expanding laws/opportunities/development paths…development by (neo/creative) fun but …not by (destructive/unresponsible) vanity.

Economic mechanism of neo creation/evolution. 6.b.Eliminations of primitive status quo of economy and technology development.

We continue the insane ruthless anti-primitive, anti limitations modeling (neo-neolithic revolution of farming of evolution/creation of nature)- temporal and yet dogmatically conceived – of matter and life, but ruthless dynamic recognition of plasticity phenomena and changes above handmade-manufactured formulas, that tried to describe/control, show properties of the massive character of nature character/evolution/creation.

This given model 3 to the dynamic 4th dimension of life changes will always have a temporary character, shifted as the perception and mutual technological creative potential increases, and it is only and exclusively subjective (as the proper definition of life should emphasize) … of our transformation initiatives, our observations and conclusions, and decisions … independent of static physical and biological models … maybe useful in a given time, but not for further functioning, for guaranteeing life and development of this life … because life is still arranging with others equally variable and “capricious” systems … never fully known … finally, our system will be also never fully understood.

This transitive 3/4 model of the dimension of life, matter … mass, energy, gravity and all other processes of structures is the key to conducting economics of hyper evolutionary environment … all activities including medicine, economy, space science … politics= expansion policy and not stagnation = degradation of our civilization … our system of life’s nature, aspirations, and values.

Crossing the theory of creationism with evolutionary theory … in transitioning, mutating from the level of the known model, the state to another breaking out of the given system, winning the existing system by introducing in part … the next system, the addition of the new system.

Selective economics is to eliminate the primitiveness of economic relations caused by unnecessary harsh conditions of the natural, social, economic, technological environment by just supporting mass, total and not manually manufacture modeling of a new climate literally and figuratively – not only atmospheric factors for existence and its efficiency and …dignity for humanity and development…means really life.

It is impossible to use the wooden mallet to get to know/tame black holes, the life structure of nature, the background environment.
Only a very massive instrumentation of the environment … the components of matter/life gives a chance to reach structures trillion more distant in depth and extent of those structures that are now unattainable to us, as current achievements in relation to hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Even the use of this wooden mallet (environment/current technology park, production park) will not be creative even by the most economically and technologically tools efficient until the right environment is produced.

For example, 50 years old metods used…on the moon/mars “new” programs! where it is impossible to accelerate effectively without hyper-technological mass invasion and the autonomous method of rebuilding, and then we will be able to successfully/efficiently venture this and other neo-natural actions.

Humanity(in the margin – understanding humanity issue of the very bold initiatives in nature) shares responsibility but not surrender to nature, or vice versa, contempt/disregard for nature … but a humanistic approach to the technological and natural paradigm.

The level of the scale of autonomous co-construction of one human body is by size/difficulty reminiscent of mastering the autonomous coordination of the entire human civilization infrastructure of today’s world – of the planet Earth …
And this human infrastructure equals the infrastructure of all modern civilization, so by this infrastructure, you have to multiply by billions of people.
And the infrastructure of the atom equals this whole civilization … initially.
So only massiveness of the background of positive support of the technological accelerator of the production by bigger autonomous “style” of production “margin” gives a chance to efficient co-operate between the matter/life processes and our production/technology.

We will aim for a specific infrastructure from the Earth scale world self-sufficient infrastructure to … a small world … self-sustainable cells…by self …nutrition, repair, development self of own properties autonomously and by program and occasionally remote-controlled by man.
Building teams of robots capable of developing to fulfill the vital functions needed to support the human body(cells) and further projects … That is towards mass … process miniaturization, and because it is a huge challenge, the need for giant autonomous domino effect of programs, teams “mining, metallurgy, production” structures matter, energy, life, their components, brackets/scaffolding.

So we have to chase for investing, after reaching headlands, …the hand-made manufactures of the science workshop achievements to be completed by multi-million multiplication effects and this is the task of selective economics, … constantly adding, and thus building autonomous giant platforms/industry park complexes, tools for further discoveries, achievements, i.e. for further development footholds and further this resource baggage of potential economics … achievements = footholds.

The difference between selective economics and vain economics … that is, contemporary economics is that vain economics (modern/current economics) is completely unrelated to cooperation, full responsibility, competition with nature.
Selective economics is cooperating, taking over responsibility for all processes of nature for which it can have a potential expanded impact, potential and in this direction of development this hyper economics is oriented …
Competition with nature as with cancer … not destroying nature as such, but fully utilizing the resources for transformation, hyper evolution of interest to us.

Vain economics has nothing to do with hyper evolution .. there are some random relationships but overall they leave us in one place with a potential …of increase in potential
And the selective economics of strategy preparation tends to evidently move from the level of infrastructure development to higher levels, the forefronts of science, constantly shifting the entire process the mechanism of this development.

to be continued to hyper economical/technological generation of bases of further hyper evolutionary development of life and matter properties/efficiency.

Revive, neo creation/economization, dynamization of existing/limited models of nature and development. 6.a. Mechanism of life and environmental transformation – sketches.

Further suggestions of economization or production, dynamization, and control of any mechanism of nature structures/processes.

Selective economics, i.e. economics of the background, i.e. co-creation/exploitation of the environment/infrastructure, contributing to further shaping/means not passive( from our points/interests of view) influence … construction, generation … genetics of all processes and structures given according to the constantly developed/structurally raised level of potential and … (our)bottom-up initiatives of the transformation of life and matter,
is the initiator, coordinator, service technician of the accelerator of hyperproduction of quasi-natural /hypernatural/artificial components for further co-transformation of systems .. process structures.

Just selective economics is the economics of the (included our aspirations…not only desires)background of nature, economics … influencing / generating genetic..generating hyper evolutionarily/neo creatively any further processes and structures of matter and life … going beyond the passive models of nature … that shows that … “you can’t change nature”.

This hyper evolutionary, i.e. the hyper breeding economics of physics (hyper physics), biology(hyper biology), etc. denies the role of the breeding lamb, that we would be subject to in the processes that surround us from inside and outside.
We do not have to be passive victims of overlapping systems of nature … overlapping from evolutionary war positions, specific genetic concentration camps, slaughterhouses to carry out such as us in the processes of evolutionary metabolism and life. Here, we are put this time in the position of competitive reciprocity of these war/or cooperation relations of transformation/evolution of animate and inanimate nature … of breeding (by our strategy/economy as well) systems of nature.

Because most look, if at all look from the position of this incapacitated lamb convict of the eternal sacrifice of the fate of nature/god creator and torturer in one.
… a convict who vegete in the ghetto, and what was left to him just fun and some hobby in justifying his vegetative position of observer and man from the nomadic pre-Neolithic era, this time in a position no longer global but more micro and macrocosmic (hyper) evolution.
Such a lamb (a Jew in the Hiler’s ghetto) without any development strategy, maybe some elements of an unworthy vegetative struggle or just pointless actions … even quite scientific …

New technological/hyper evolutionary relations, and thus further neo economic is destroying the current evolutionary strategic static sense of traditional economic and… natural relations. These new proposed relations are to contribute directly to the potential of processing, creation of instinctive actions/hyper evolutionary proposals/initiatives on the part of man, his intentions and aspirations from a non-static position, i.e. … position of 4th dimension … just as phenomena from this 4th dimension arise on/above 3th dimensions fixed static models/dimensional patterns of nature… because every currently made/achieved 3th dimension model of nature/or cope with the nature, is static(on not achieved but wished levels) because it simply has no chance of taking into account the next unknown factors, system initiatives we are less or less familiar with as infinite decks of initiatives/potentials of our system/our civilization, our innovative, ingenuities potential, i.e. our hyper genetic, neo-creative initiatives as well as internal and external factors of micro macrocosm affecting a given process.

Any transition from a static (achieved model/potential) 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension (reaching new/further potentials) is this dynamic approach to the 3rd dimension of any structures and processes that we are interested in.
It is simply coming to each subsequent stage of cognition/exploitation/ transformation of any the background of nature for further development, next development above the 3th model dimension of nature known to us so far and our existing perception potential, exploitation of this nature, i.e. neo creation/hyper evolution, which after some time lack of this 4th dimension dynamization initiative becomes … the recession of the 3rd dimension model of the known/old processes and creations. So, to further raise the level of the 3rd dimension/space of the transformation model, we are still heading towards the dynamization of the 3rd dimension model, i.e. we are heading to the 4th dimensions…that after while becomes 3rd dimension out of age model…and so on.
It is a process of further nutrition – supplementing/living up static elements of …current 3-dimensional models … This is … the mechanism/essence of generation, support, development of life and any processes of changes, initiatives … i.e. beyond any current models/formulas, beyond current dimension/perceptions … beyond primitivization of the description of the complexity of phenomena, exploitation, transformation of the environment – beyond the existing ways of changes, of impacts on the environment … we come to the essence of life … the cosmos and us … it’s functioning, support, development, and (creation/hyper evolution) initiative.

to be continued to a rolling productive/autonomous mechanism transforming limited existing structures(models) of the 3rd dimension into their dynamic 3/4th shifting dimension(domino effect) model.

Selective economics as generic/background function factor of any transformation economy of nature and so …trends of entire economy development and any enterprises- including the vanity( not directly connected with hyper evolutionary competition). part 5.b.


Harsh existential climatic conditions … economic … production / own contribution to the more efficient decomposition (and this is about artificially raising the level of background/climate development) prevented the proper level of civilized existence, the momentum of development, whether in arctic regions, desert, pre neolithic peoples and … contemporary aspirations to leave the passive position of shaping foundations, background of processes, structures of the environment.

The proposed leap (for the generating of natural processes), economic, selective, technological is to take out( from the permanent mind and technologic/economic collapse)/push us for a higher era of civilization development potential … just like mild comfortable natural climate conditions and more comfortable conditions of economic relations thanks to … technology, selective economics, and neo-evolutionary technology will allow a further hyper neolithic revolutionary leap of greater creative freedom with specific (by the hyper economical impact)climatic environmental conditions, in this case, a more technologically mechanically and automatically production-hyper hyper evolutionarily set, and at the same time liberated from a specific treadmill of organizing (influenced by its time neo-creative decisions) time, currently 100 percent based on vanity=existential/vegetative incapacitation hyper evolutionary, that is not so based on higher consciousness, freedom of action of hyper evolutionary – (rules of) games, economic struggle, existential freedom additionally inspiring by conceptual power of pro hyper evolutionary industry park and strategy for generating development.

This hyper evolutionary industrial park for mass production
more and more precise tools for the digging/exploitation in structures of nature, for producing to more and more precise tools for producing next generations of components for the production of … control, next generations of industrial parks in domino effect, where the selective economics is to be the general programmer, selector, coordinator of generating all this evolutionary hyper-production process.

Selective economics is the soul -and more a link between the thinking of a given system/= life with matter (its raw material), it is a paradigm of all subsequent decisions, trends, and process trends.
The economic soul of the hyper evolutionary system, systems of structures/processes of matter and life and the entire (micro/macro)cosmos.
… it is the soul that really moves massive “productive” activities that change the direction of trends of life and matter.

Selective economics is the soul, initiative, impulse/spark … that allows understanding the initiator, factors of life, animations/animating the matter of structures/processes, gives them the plastic nature of mutual relations.
Selective economics:
is a source of impulses, the initiator of action … of soul and matter,
is that energy / electrical impulse connecting the soul with the processes of re / structuring matter,
is the initiator of the massive transformation of large scale, but also any other, all scale,
is the production of our own natural system by own priority values ​​of the directions of creation …,
is joining the club of these other (parallel, in us and outside) systems of nature on equal conscious rights .. to co-create the background, generate restructuring, neo creation, neo / hyper evolution, but also according to equal rights in the process of competing with these systems background re/construction, which does not mean equal opportunities … here our own selective economy has to earn, develop and not in vain expect alms in a position between these already personal objective (economical/hyper evolutionary/neo creative) positions of other systems of nature.

Here we come to the essence of the mechanisms of action, on the micro-macro of the cosmos level and potential i.e. biological and physical, etc, and thus the mechanisms in co-shaping the course, the generics of these mechanisms, trends of any changes.

Selective economics, i.e. the economics of the background of all processes and structures of a given level of potential and initiative, is the initiator, coordinator, service technician servicing the accelerator of hyperproduction of components for further transformation of systems .. process structures.

Each system of so-called animate and non-animate nature (not only our civilization) conducts its … economic policy … selective, generating … and not according to static models such as Emc2, which can be an infinitely, very simplified, very limited model perception and application of entire nature …systems/factors.


Each system has its own economic policy, transformation e.g. … acceleration of over-model over explosive … space, self-destruction of cells …., etc.

It is about the improvement of the directional transformation according to this selective economics of a given system = here, of course, we will focus on our civilization system(the selective economical hyper evolutionary/neo creative system), … of our biological life as well.
Economics of different systems are coming together … they fight one another, lives in symbiosis, developing according to their …developed economies… by selective/hyper evolutionary economics.

to be continued to a dynamic model of third and fourth dimensions of transformation processes by selective economics.

Neo economic/neo natural reconstruction/revaluation of background/gene of matter and life. Part 5.a.

I continue to sketch deepening into more than static /model mechanisms of active restructuring, transformation, processing, i.e. … mechanisms of life of …matter and … life.

Selecting evolutionary/selective economics is crucial for biology, physics, etc … the desirability of strategy … it is like separating a gene (driver … a deeper influencing factor) from a cell and the capabilities of this control cell … … of the whole cell, other cells, atoms, elements of the cosmos of matter / life, their additional components indicating, shaping their properties … because this selective economics is this ingenuity human gene, an additional extra-human factor in the processes of cognition, background transformation, basics, platforms, background, decks of development program, evaluation, property characterization, potential – including economics as such – of all processes, structures …
So it gives a better / additional boost, a strategic sense of directing investment, marketing towards the client and citizen … the taxpayer and above all human … and towards nature as well … according to individual and social/political life, religion, science, pushing the foundations of borders of vision, cognition, scientific, economic, social … religious development strategies …

(Selective) economics is the driving force (potential) initiator of environmental change.
It’s about coupling this mechanism of influence, using it like … Newton’s law. The selective economy mechanism is an absolute factor of change
The point is that it ( the neo economy) does not burden our usual free vanity attitudes … and at the same time is an efficient autonomous pusher, the engine of the usual economy of …its vanity and … mega productivity(hyper evolutionary), informatics character as well in powerful coupling with the acceleration of hyper mining, hyper instrumentation, hyper metallurgy, and hyperproduction on ever-deeper levels, decks of micro-macro cosmos of matter…and life

It is supposed to be a real bomb exploding the present known … and the next levels of established status quo of any genome of matter and life … never before and completely reached, broken, overtaken
Turning this autonomous processing machine on so that it … would be so efficiently … as directing with the IT wand / mega-production = evolutionary hyper to drive further, more and more jointly responsible, correct participation in (hyper evolution, (neo) creation of matter and life on ever deeper exploitation decks … intercourse, co-creating, co-responsible for the lives of us and … the whole globe (including climate, … geology), … the whole (micro-macro) of the cosmos.

The objective of economics is to effectively improve this accelerator of reconstruction, construction, hyper evolution, neo creation using the economy for components, tools as well as the management of these components, tools to control less or more directly structures of processes of nature transformation .. using this “mine” / metallurgy / production “of the next structures of the infinite potential of nature.

Learning the cognition alone will no longer help the economy co-creation / cooperation with the evolving environment, changes in its structure due to … their gigantic system of mass supply relations and demand, to which balance of power we have to make our own gigantic/mass contribution to make this supply system deserved/worked out (and not prayed) for our demand.

An independent / possibly autonomous industrial, technology and evolutionary park is to be this hyper (“invisible”) hand, it is a kind of serviceman/men to support scientific, economic, space, medical projects … generally, neo-technological very mass applications.

This industrial park, this accelerator, this hand is the initiator, the background for the next consequences of this hyper evolution. This park is to be a platform, a base separate from classic economic, social, model natural systems … as an extra x service factor.
… as a competitive background (background, and..ground!) for the emergence of new properties, properties of structures, processes currently mastered by other systems/(generic/genome)backgrounds of nature, and not (although almost never to fully to be mastered) met by us, mastered at a given stage .

Artificial production (possibly discovering the next) structures, decks, background layers for further processes … restructuring, co-construction, co-decision in this hypernatural process by means of and for new economic/scientific activities strategies …We produce these mass transformation accelerators by accident and unconsciously, and this is about deliberately separating this generator of actions, in which we could play a selected(selective) role, raise our potential for collaboration in the processes, structures of the micro/macro cosmos a billion times.

It is about triggering the modern Neolithic era revolution, i.e. freeing itself from modern vegetative economic and technological conditions, by means of an explosion of specific new agriculture of nature on the significance of deeper decks by means of infinitely more mass-production technologies, processing, hyper-deep-structural structural mining, and metallurgy … satisfying in this case, all the needs … at a given level reached … which allows us to move to higher levels of exploration, expansion inward and outward of any matter and life structures and processes.

to be continued to processing background structures as a form/platform of hyperdimensional/hyperstatic life/matter ..genome processing.

Selective economics of mass production, “infection”, exploitation, growing of new spaces by massive reproduction, reprogramming and so control of further structures and processes of life and matter. Part 4.d.

Continuation of drafts of proposals to use selective economics separation as a tool for …nature …economy totally hyper evolutionary/tendency transformation of every encountered processes/structure of the nature.

Selective economics is the final dot over and, for the multi-trillion multiplication of the effects of scientific breakthroughs attempts as well as the increase of technological, production potential, comfortable evolutionary hype platform = hyper economic = hyper-productive emergence of these breakthroughs, without any inhibitions of contemporary vegetative economic backyard – games with zero = vain result … over naturally evolutionary, vegetatively … i.e. ultimately insufficient development result … to develop the right “weather/climate/environment” (harsh natural conditions did not allow peoples to achieve above vegetative / above evolutionary / above natural trends, sufficient developmental levels – as history shows), conditions for freer development, not succumbing to trends of external micro and macro space systems … and even manipulate them … but only on the condition of a massive scale, because the trends are only massive in nature.

Going out, developing a position above the vegetative, scholastic – copying the status quo of some absolute (in fact a temporary) models of the nature of the closed world of passive vegetation of play … as the self destructive medieval crusade / children’s dance, …but for initiating new creation, creation, neo creation global, cosmic.

Exit from the mental cocoon precisely in the neo-religious acquisition, sparking ideas … literally and figuratively neo-economically / neo-producing / neo-evolutionary massive reaction, massive actions, massive process control, creatively responsible for the next undiscovered unknown spaces of life … matter / energy.

Selective economics separated from the strategically vegetative state as a paradigmatically artificially produced quasi / hyper evolutionary gene to work out, initiate the direction of the momentum of the momentum of the properties of traits, phenomena of behavior in nature, and included, separated from the generally known models of economic processes / models of nature, giving much more evolutionarily conscious creatively play a role in the strategy of activities, inter alia, in the economic field, scientific achievements of taming, learning about processes, structures of nature, and the resulting social and developmental relations and aspirations.

Selective economics is a generator, the key to the next levels, the background space of the creation of the evolution of matter and life, in which man will finally be able to look and act in advance observing them co-creating being aware of the potential and technology of influencing more consciously the processes of nature which we are and have to have the right to be active members.

Selective economics is an impulse
is above all an absolutely indispensable tool for fostering further programming, controlling structure processes in increasingly distant and deeper areas of the environment – their exploitation, neo-creation – in/of us and outside us.

Selective economics introduces us to forth dimension over third dimensional barriers Emc2, third economic dimensions also, opening potential tools for managing hyper vegetative/ hyper evolutionary, hyper economic development, sense of development, a new hyper evolutionary marketing argument for supply/demand ventures, healthier in terms of evolution (also climatically) impulses, producer/consumer instincts and so development/existency trends, for more effectively strategically developed scientific development directions, investment enterprises.

The task of selective economics is to follow the scientific blow as efficiently as possible as much as possible through mega productive, hyper evolutionary use, support in the selected direction of neo-evolutionary, neo-creative trends … because of this more according to broader aspirations of life and development.

Here, the newer solutions are proposed in three repetitive leaps: 1. hyper mining of ever deeper micro-macro space/areas, 2. hyper “metallurgy” processing, 3. mega-production preparation of this component, and which will mutually drive each other ever faster and massive in this hyper-exploitation for/of next areas, levels, spaces of the structures of nature, its systems … productively, massively autonomous digging into ever deeper layers of structures, their acquisition, production of new components that will be the basis of a new background, new platform, new matter/energy and life generation for development, further any processes and properties overruns that are facing resistance today because of not fully exploiting the potential of the mega-production, through neo-economical = selective economy.

We are like in the Stone Age … stone mechanics but at the quark level … quark mechanics, limited genetic engineering
We are in the age of industrial quantum cellular genetic mechanics …a quantum, cellular, genetic of …hand made industry … and here is proposed 5th generation industry accelerator, which is as a mega-production industry, neo economically to fill out trillions of times barely touched areas, potentials of today’s discovery made by barely mechanically, hand-worked out processes, structures to further increase their level of exploitation, manipulation in the environment by… this time new massive hyper-production park by/for 1,000,000,000 … % use of the current achievements discoveries, productions, at an additional geometric rate.

To be continued to creating a competitive background for a new generation of events and phenomena for new properties/values of processes and structures.

Taking part in the war of worlds/ competitions of systems/…laws of nature by selective economics. 4.c. A human contribution/law to transformation.

I have been continuing of writing/working out unconditional(but economical) not so easy formulas/sentences of dynamic factors for changes of nature, of the economy(selective) of systems of nature…sorry …so not anymore by patriarchal(=copy like) status quo dogmatic/”scientific/=religious” achievements…always a bit out of date for further potential/progress
towards …changing perspectives of science and… entire economy, but first at all changing entire mankind and entire universe potential once at all.
We need not more excuses but solutions that deserve to be more salvatory human(not so lazy but more responsible) face of nature/god.

Matter/energy + life = just nature, but this nature of transformation with our participation (our system, our initiative, our process) or without our participation (participation of other systems/trends), it is simply “digging up”, race (ever faster as space observations show) , efficiency competition to the next decks, finer mechanisms of process structures in the macro microcosm, + generating, developing new mechanisms for maneuvering with ever deeper/finer structures of particles of matter, mass/energy, elements, bastions of protection and life development and higher than vegetative needs, aspirations of children of nature/god…higher than stone/ape …and higher than retreating, conservative nature aspirations of dogmatists(in some part of science/=religion of today) of …status quo of nature=their systems.

Yes. This is the economics of war(yes, we anyway take part in it) of worlds/systems, the economics of war, of defense, of reconstruction and cooperation, to develop the economy(our human economy contribution with the entire environment inside and outside) laws and rights! as well, improve the(human towards nature, or better nature towards human)economy place, improve their contribution to transformation, improve the directions of matter/energy structures and structures that interest us.
Economic biological, physical specific attitude to positioning, maintaining and improving position in the most targeted, automated way not only involuntary vanity/ordinary economics but more coordinated, inspired by selective economics giving some autonomy mass development processes to direct and generic structures, processes improvements that would interest us.

The mechanism of selective economy : “The more maneuvering by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations”…
… in total it is a kind of extension
Newton’s First Law that states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. It may be seen as a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion.
… positioning redefines all existing structures, laws, processes of nature including Emc2 and other “genetic” systems so-called of living and nonliving matter … economics too.
As an amonolithic approach to phenomena in the direction of initiating, responding to structural and process changes, internal and external factors, systems.
Here, we introduce the acceptance of active economics as something so far not sufficiently, not complementarily was recognized in the recognition of phenomena more than the so-called “medieval” horizon of micro-macrocosm in the static, passive approach.

The open economy of the mechanisms of all processes and structures becomes a renewal of religion, challenges, and visions of life and matter
To acquire new elements of bridgeheads of new spaces, new positions of the borders of life and matter … is the next paradigm strategy for further action and not stopping in one place- in fact in place on lossy, lost positions of life and its perspective literally and figuratively.

Amonolithic approach to phenomena, redefinition of observed processes to emerge from the next cocoons of perception and strategy – this is the selective economics … renewed religion/faith in the perspective of responsible shaping of the next framework, platforms of existence and development (because staying in the same place means massive regression in time of speedup processes of the entire environment of the universe).
Technology, production strategy / neo-evolutionary … the economy of new, further, deeper micro/macrosystems of the cosmos of life and mater differs from the usual, where there are not:
-mixed attempts to make sense of actions in the field of natural coexistence of systems and their frameworks/laws with
ambivalence/vanity of the sense of existence and life,
-shifting responsibility and rights to some other more or less imaginary entities.

Selective economics has to help in scientific breakthroughs, in the multibillion multiplication of their effects and intentions,
as if exactly going in the next dimension of the space of manipulation of influence, uploading, maintaining, improving properties and values ​​on new created, discovered, exploited, processed on a very massive scale of infinite decks of components of nature by their properties, “melting”, processing, mass processing properties, and just take gradually over basis/background of life and matter properties positioning, working out here on it literally and figuratively in ever faster speed.

To be continued with the importance, further consequences and effects of separating selective economics as the common denominator of economics and science, as a breakthrough in generating all processes, structures of systems of nature on a very massive mega productive scale.

Economy/science of neo nature. 4.b. Selective economics for remodeling of creation of nature processing of any level of structures.

Currently (live), I continue to write (for next book but first at all for solutions), develop a model of selective economics, i.e. economics of exiting models, from patterns of mass nature of systems or rather economics of adding to these systems additional mass dynamic factors, initiators of continuous creation/mega-production.
Not (only) science, but investments by simply systematic (automatic) development, increasing tool efficiency in geometrical progress, direction of use of exploitation, reconstruction of the environment at a given level developed deeper and deeper, their components for further reconstruction, production, generation, regeneration, neo generation, further digging in … digging out the necessary elements/components from structurally deeper decks of systems of nature, their self-automatic, algorithmically programmed mining/peculiar mining, mass processing – “metallurgy” of the industry, tools of the 5th generation components, which by definition of this 5th generation of industrial development they will be autonomous components also of /by software / IT total exploitation, environment manipulation, change of basis, background of generation, regeneration of relations in living and non-living matter, but according to more established by man and his very autonomous 5th generation industry serviceman(robots), trends and properties and laws at a given level cognitive, reproductive, adaptive, neo-creative.
This economics of the 5th generation industry is selective economics, i.e. directly focused on the conscious direction of the trends of change, the development of matter and life literally and figuratively … it is simply the economics of the industry of neo creation/neo evolution … it is taking over competences = responsibility and technological skills over the management of the world and (micro/macro) cosmos … as it is partly in the matter of responsibility for the use of atomic forces/energies in the geometric potential/explosion of development.
This economics of the 5th generation industry … direct and massive interference in the processes of nature … for the expansion of perception boundaries of the current science combined with selective economics, with further consequences of the process of more effective, more compatible industry accelerated behind this science…or before … They are supposed to push this development. … brave industry of these components for further automatic development in the process of technological, exploratory domino effect … lowering industrial and operating costs, production efficiency on given performance virtually to zero … only the issue of development directions … and which organization here on earth, whether on the moon will starting from a small team of robots, this process of accelerator of automatic exploitation, process control structures will go deeper, faster, further and more automatically … so that our task would be to use this enchanted pencil/wand…/processor effectively and wisely to use in drawing, modeling, regenerating, neo creating, neo evolution of processes including the depth of interference in the processes of life and matter, including the properties of maximum velocities, life processes of cells … stars, quarks and so on and so deeper … without any interruptions … because nature and its structures, processes also have no inhibitions.
Not only market game, not only scientific perception/vision but above all virgin hyper evolutionary mega exploitation projects have been to set the tone, bluntly and directions of change in this market and scientific/visions…dogmas/religions games/market.
Brave businessmen are needed
Like 100 years ago, such as Rockefeller, Ford or today Gates,  on such bonanza of new exploitation, a new production for a new space, a new market perspective and a developmental leap of economic, civilization leap – neo-creative, hyper evolutionary development/leap.
Support the hyper evolution by selective economic…
by enterprise of free market in the hyper evolution direction that in a feedback effect will accelerate the market
starting from such gadget productions like for example swarm of micro-drones
robots for.. cleaning teeth, blood, etc as inspirations start for autonomous systems and marketing support the selective economics system of autonomous super cheap support for the entire economy and science enterprise.
…Market and its consumerism enterprises will take down prises of costs of core of the selective economics goal…efficiency/perspective of the hyper evolution, neo/regenerations of life and matter now and tomorrow.
According to this economic approach, the issue is a kind of catching up, pushing and pushing the scientific boundaries
shifting competencies … perception, vision of science/religion, further providing space for selective economics that fulfills the potential of vision in a productive way, multiplying back, making the efficiency of observation and vision more realistic
Shifting scientific competences on the back of entrepreneurship and … vice versa.
Scaffolding production for new components and tools where science just barely touches the boundaries of knowledge will multiply the effectiveness of influencing the phenomena that are today in the scientific cavemanual machining …in this case, it will be

case it will be stone processing … at the quark,gene-level on a scale rather higher than manual but … total, mega-production, mega operation… neo creation, neo evolution, regeneration, neo generation of matter and life.

To be continued with the brainstorm but neo creative writing to amonolithic/neo generic approach to any phenomena – economically redefinition/reconstruction engineering of any known processes. (selective)Economic -massive 4th dimension approach( …not only from other systems but from ours as well) to any processes, structures of nature…as a new era for mankind and the entire environment transformation process.

Economy/science of war/co-work with systems of nature. Part 4.a. Towards the re/neo dimension of systems.

We continue with the study of the organizational potential of developing a scientific, economic framework(application) for influencing the processes that shape the background of the properties of matter and life…on  behalf mechanical background of selective economy: (from part 3.h.)”The more maneuvering/manipulation by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations”.

Selective economics is a development of mechanisms for building organizational and mental structures to achieve further dimensions of existence and development, including the development of science as such and economics as such

Selective economics is the elimination of the next mental, logistic barriers, increasing the platforms/potential for freedom of self-development … self-replicative system … exploitation, breeding of systems needed for existence/development, by human monitoring.
It is the production of the 5th generation … just deciding on the directions of tools energies materials of restructuring, reprocessing… looking for a niche of super improvement … hyper(r)industrial evolution pushing further boundaries, giving the framework for the application of knowledge, development.
We are to support, prompt, educate, teach this system … replacing with our own bred evolutionary background/environment … and at the same time preparing, teaching ourselves to be the gardener … the shepherd co-responsible for co-created (autonomous) components, systems, subsystems of the environment / creation background attitudes, overvaluation, re-valuation of processes, structures, phenomena of matter/life on the next higher / further / deeper levels and spaces … Which will relieve us from ordinary production, the direction of vegetation, escape from the mutating forces of other, competitive systems of nature … distorting the efficiency of economics as such and the area of ​​our real freedom of life, and what can translate into more pure design, pure strategies, which further enhances the growth of this accelerator of pro-evolutionary growth from our point of view of interests … of our lives. .A literal relief from this evolutionary pursuit in simple (algorithmic) widely understood exploitation works of reaching barriers seem impossible, very distant systems, for more efficient maneuvering/manipulation, to control … no more monopolistic system of nature, or rather systems for joint work.

Here is also … a relief to vanity economy, for liberation, for an economy not connected with vegetative attitudes, for the economy of free creativity, the artistry of co-shaping nature. So, paradoxically, this selective economics is for the vigor/vanity of the art of life less dependent on the vegetative reflexes of absolute, insidious, mutually destructive rivalry, this particular side of economics becomes creatively independent, creatively more … the more liberated from vegetative existential conditions … more creatively evolutionary processes of this race, and at the same time involuntarily initiating better-performing

This accelerator core for component development
for … drawing structures/process like an enchanted pen/wand with enormous speed..super 3d printer, it can be done… yesterday, the point is to keep up mentally and logistically deal with the consequences of the speedy decisions in the process of “driving” this accelerator hyper of growth and … decisions that could often inhibits the accelerator from starting.
This 3 d printer is not a threat of superautomatization but a chance for the next technological breakthrough. in this evolutionary case, not only biological but totally physical on the discovered, exploited and produced spaces.

So we are talking about proper employment, appropriate prepared personnel, social and technological policy in this total mining of structures, exploitation of evolutionary structures of matter/life.
Multi-level exploitation, production of components, but at quite different levels than from 18, 19, 20, … 21st-century industrial revolution…it is the 5th generation.
It is more about applying for inclusion in the economic system in public or private than its further technological development … because its 5th generation industry will cope itself because of its definition … but this time by our … commandments.

The point is to switch the modern (evolutionary) economic system into an intensive mechanism in relation to the desired direction of hyper evolutionary changes.

Under the guise of the free market lies the potential of co-development instinct, competition in this case for the race for systems increasingly deeper processing of services and products.

The entrepreneur will visionarily be digging into these mines and metallurgy components for the profit potential of future customers for the production of … spacecraft, fords, windows, and other private or public production and enterprises of new generations today as if not yet known by science and …economy but just caused by this hyper-mine as previous metallurgy revolution, the mining initiative of a real entrepreneur.

And here begins the real race of the 5th industrial economic revolution, giant mining /exploitation market of hyper evolution and neo-creation.

to be continued