Economy/science of war/co-work with systems of nature. Part 4.a. Towards the re/neo dimension of systems.

We continue with the study of the organizational potential of developing a scientific, economic framework(application) for influencing the processes that shape the background of the properties of matter and life…on  behalf mechanical background of selective economy: (from part 3.h.)”The more maneuvering/manipulation by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations”.

Selective economics is a development of mechanisms for building organizational and mental structures to achieve further dimensions of existence and development, including the development of science as such and economics as such

Selective economics is the elimination of the next mental, logistic barriers, increasing the platforms/potential for freedom of self-development … self-replicative system … exploitation, breeding of systems needed for existence/development, by human monitoring.
It is the production of the 5th generation … just deciding on the directions of tools energies materials of restructuring, reprocessing… looking for a niche of super improvement … hyper(r)industrial evolution pushing further boundaries, giving the framework for the application of knowledge, development.
We are to support, prompt, educate, teach this system … replacing with our own bred evolutionary background/environment … and at the same time preparing, teaching ourselves to be the gardener … the shepherd co-responsible for co-created (autonomous) components, systems, subsystems of the environment / creation background attitudes, overvaluation, re-valuation of processes, structures, phenomena of matter/life on the next higher / further / deeper levels and spaces … Which will relieve us from ordinary production, the direction of vegetation, escape from the mutating forces of other, competitive systems of nature … distorting the efficiency of economics as such and the area of ​​our real freedom of life, and what can translate into more pure design, pure strategies, which further enhances the growth of this accelerator of pro-evolutionary growth from our point of view of interests … of our lives. .A literal relief from this evolutionary pursuit in simple (algorithmic) widely understood exploitation works of reaching barriers seem impossible, very distant systems, for more efficient maneuvering/manipulation, to control … no more monopolistic system of nature, or rather systems for joint work.

Here is also … a relief to vanity economy, for liberation, for an economy not connected with vegetative attitudes, for the economy of free creativity, the artistry of co-shaping nature. So, paradoxically, this selective economics is for the vigor/vanity of the art of life less dependent on the vegetative reflexes of absolute, insidious, mutually destructive rivalry, this particular side of economics becomes creatively independent, creatively more … the more liberated from vegetative existential conditions … more creatively evolutionary processes of this race, and at the same time involuntarily initiating better-performing

This accelerator core for component development
for … drawing structures/process like an enchanted pen/wand with enormous speed..super 3d printer, it can be done… yesterday, the point is to keep up mentally and logistically deal with the consequences of the speedy decisions in the process of “driving” this accelerator hyper of growth and … decisions that could often inhibits the accelerator from starting.
This 3 d printer is not a threat of superautomatization but a chance for the next technological breakthrough. in this evolutionary case, not only biological but totally physical on the discovered, exploited and produced spaces.

So we are talking about proper employment, appropriate prepared personnel, social and technological policy in this total mining of structures, exploitation of evolutionary structures of matter/life.
Multi-level exploitation, production of components, but at quite different levels than from 18, 19, 20, … 21st-century industrial revolution…it is the 5th generation.
It is more about applying for inclusion in the economic system in public or private than its further technological development … because its 5th generation industry will cope itself because of its definition … but this time by our … commandments.

The point is to switch the modern (evolutionary) economic system into an intensive mechanism in relation to the desired direction of hyper evolutionary changes.

Under the guise of the free market lies the potential of co-development instinct, competition in this case for the race for systems increasingly deeper processing of services and products.

The entrepreneur will visionarily be digging into these mines and metallurgy components for the profit potential of future customers for the production of … spacecraft, fords, windows, and other private or public production and enterprises of new generations today as if not yet known by science and …economy but just caused by this hyper-mine as previous metallurgy revolution, the mining initiative of a real entrepreneur.

And here begins the real race of the 5th industrial economic revolution, giant mining /exploitation market of hyper evolution and neo-creation.

to be continued



Mechanism of selective economy. Part 3.i. Massive intensification of production/exploitation efficiency as a race ratio of hyper evolution/neo creation.

Economic, automatic intensification of efficiency of massive exploitation, production, business character of development as a decisive hyper evolutionary (also hyper economically race) race ratio of participation/mechanism in creation, neo creation – directing the efficiency of matter/energy, biological life of any structures and processes.-this is the missing/neglected link/key/starter for/in the mechanism of creation, re-creation,neo creation matter, and life – production of fifth-generation…means allow to give up 99,9% autonomous/economicus decision in favor of automation by self-reliance in development…it is better, than being dependent from 100% decisions of uncontrolled (slightly touched by science), independent (from our existential and human aspirations) natural systems of life and matter background.

Overlapping maneuvering/manipulation processes
… automatic, more effective, algorithmically more efficient repeatability of mega-production – or rather mega exploitation/reproduction of matter – hyper evolution will lead to appropriate, sometimes on accidentally levels, on some performance to constant structural changes … with the speed of the geometric pace of the domino effect.

Searching, inventing, using the method of the productive approach to working out, working out, reproducing creation mechanisms, the evolution of the structure of matter processes and life is the basis, it is a manual of active genetics of production, manipulation of processes and structures … a manual of gardening/care and development of organic and inorganic matter – genetics of applied matter (the first genetic experiences began with gardening and are still widely used in it)
– a textbook of the neo revolution, a manual on selective economics, the management of gardening matter and life, breeding, priming …, genetics of progressive life and matter.

the textbook is Creator’s Guide … from God
…Do it yourself..
Handbook of competences and responsibility for creating co-creation … the ethos of organic work at the root.

In the natural process, i.e. other systems than ours created at a given level of our existence and development i.e. our civilization system i.e. the so-called artificial system, and in the process of our evolutionary/mega-production/neo creative activity system overlapping this natural process, followed by our various transformation initiatives in/for the next process layers, existence and development structures.
Of course, it overlaps each other, these natural systems and our artificial and natural system … is mutually vectorized.

Here we are talking about a kind of direct construction, accelerated permanent reconstruction of mechanisms of absolute zeroing, costs of transformation efficiency of structures, processes of matter and life.
Minimizing the costs of (mega) production / (hyper) evolution as the core of any economic or evolutionary development or creation/neo creation matter and life … This aspect of strategy and development is being developed in the wished direction by the selective economics.

This is to be a kind of further developed, improved “atomic” drive
material and energy transformations including neo processing and neo structuring.
Powerful drive of the transformation of processes, system structures at ever-higher levels to … acquire, which will always be better to control than less known infinite natural processes than current technological advances in production, if we do not want to undergo external processes, internal-external submission systems us systematic … breeding … evolutionary utilization. Production of proprietary hyperdrive of transformations, own creative exploitation system, which is to win at designated, worked out levels with other evolutionary systems, natural or artificial … other systems of nature … specific competitive for us -other civilizations … i.e. other micro-macro external systems from our state of ownership/management of processes, structures.

The increasing technological potential of the mega-production, exploitation/manipulation of nature / hyper evolutionary enterprises multiple times increases the efficiency of selective economics as well as … this vanity of economics … i.e. the reduction of its inertia of activities that will become more connected with the impact mega-production process …, which it will be possible to further layered increase in hyper evolutionary service .. more people to create / neo-create, without much cost to the ordinary economy and vanity economy(just life for life with no worries/carefree life) of the economy … This changes the calculation, model, model of the process of determining and developing our place of way in global changes of macro and microcosm matter and life structures/processes.

The proposed system/mechanism of hyper evolution, selective economy is to be characterized by high autonomy, the freedom of self-development of tools/robots for virgin exploitation/manipulation of currently for us outside of systems/models by scientific range but … within the scope of specific digging, mining, metallurgy, neo constructs structures of matter directly for the purposes of … the ordinary development of bold economic enterprises for new components for the development of the market at new levels, whether public, private, scientific, developed, economic .. as at those times changes at all these levels , zones was introduced windows system, and earlier new forms of metallurgy, or for example the oil industry and so on.

More on the so-called economic and other applications -applied evolution/creation- of the fifth generation industry in the proposed system of selective economics of hyper evolution/neo creation of matter/life.

to be continued to applied evolution of matter/life…towards very applied physics, biology…

Selective economics- mechanism. 3.h. The more maneuvering by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations.

We are all jointly responsible for the effects of the nature of mechanisms inside and outside us. The issue is to not a passive approach to real faith supported by systematic efforts and effort appropriately focused thinking/work… and the level of dependence on fate or vanity in approaching participation in processes around us and in us.
The process of economization, i.e. working out the effects of maintaining and developing existential levels of development, manipulation of life and matter systems, where the direct share of the man is getting smaller, and the share of the more and more indirectly controlled, automatic, autonomous tooling increases.
This mechanism of more and more efficient development of tooling has always functioned and here the issue is about growing multi-trillion times effects of this process … not the production of more or fewer consumer products – this inhibits drive of the artificial/hyper evolution=selective economics=…slighty controlled/steered singularity of technology/mega-production of …horsepower of energy and matter transformation drive effect – but subassemblies, components increasingly autonomously developing, producing – self-reliance system of robots systems developing, self producing. … we should only feed them with programs, orders, competence, and disposition frameworks, and they should strive for energy, material, process and structure efficiency – of course, we can practice and teach them a little.
We have the technological and automatic production capabilities of this accelerator for self-development of automation, the tool for processing and structuring mechanics … material, biological, in connecting to infinite energy sources, material and in particular construction, extra ingenuity factors of/by “dark matters” – means of undiscovered, not enough efficiently used potentials of matter/energy/life.

This infinite technological potential of the self-replicating tool/production industry park systems is just a matter of a logistic economic selective service system for this technological and production explosion – hyper evolutionary in terms of biology as well as macro and micro cosmos matter … biological and material aspects merge here in the programmable and controllable process self-stimulating hyper mass, structural and process manipulation.

The effect of the evolution of the production of increasingly precise tools for the more precise mass processing of the environment of matter and life, for a faster acceleration of the improvement of this process, circulation, and support of this process in the environment of the modern economy is a mechanism for developing, stabilizing within selective economics.

The goal of selective economics is to couple the entire economy towards raising the properties of matter and life … and returning those raised structural, process values ​​of matter, technological / hyper-productive lives to the rest of the economy in a system obviously economically possible = maximally efficient in terms of supply, demand, i.e. mega-production, hyper evolutionary, hypernatural … = mass precise and autonomous/automatic, multi-trillion more efficient than the current economic system, because it is geared to shifting, engineering, structurization of natural barriers hyper evolutionarily.
The sense of selective economics is the model and non-model strategy of influencing the production of supply-demand … the costs of transformations in the production sense and the degree of evolutionary … hyper evolutionary involvement in shaping the relations and properties of natural and unnatural structures according to current models and formulas, as well as outside the models.
That is, selective economics through and through influences the potential for shaping structures and processes without looking at model or non-model shots of structures and processes that are to be manipulated, reproduced with model manipulations or outside of the model, natural or unnatural transformation process generated will always be a matter of how much massive and precise, and this depends further on the diligence of the control, deal of/with entire nature processes and structures …by selective economy.

The more maneuvering of repetitions, steering, variability, generating various projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities of transformations and changes of further changes, and thus, which further increase the room for maneuver, and further further vectorization of refining, massaging of directions and pace of any changes us interesting in each wished directions and taking into account our and this process of tool optimization (slightly steered singularity of mega production= hyper evolution), mass demand for supply/demand, further deal with nature…it about speed up and improve the mechanism of the maneuvering…of life and matter co-(neo)creation/hyper(neo) evolution.

This development mechanism is a build-up process. Purpose and advances of evolutionary hyper maneuvering
… mega-production leading “by generations” to constantly growing layers of structural changes … in accordance with the domino effect imposed here / controlled mega-production/hyper singularity/hyper naturally.
Layering but each time in a different increasing configuration of mass precision, i.e. a mixture of works made up and needed for further effective transformation at the direct and generic level of self-overlapping or overlapping … creates – of course, working out … the park is grown and the developmental background – gradual transience/transformation of the background/environment = genotype of process structures of phenomena in a given area and level of interest in a non-static approach.

to be continued to life and matter co-creation/neo production/transformation mechanism.

Mechanism of the selective economy- fundamental handbook of (neo)creation/hyper evolution. 3.g. The core of applied: physics, biology, …, economics, religion.

So we further visualizing options, points of view (apparently the same descriptions of the same process,structure of the same mechanism.) of/for creating, constructing, discovering mechanisms of evolutionary and creative transformation processes on the part of natural systems and trends independent of us, as well as by our more or less direct -but always! – participation.
Of course, the mechanisms can be further and further explored and constructed in detail infinitely.- there will never finally conclusions or formulas! – only temporally on limited use.
No one has looked so comprehensively at these mechanisms, mechanisms of changes from the point of view beyond divisions, not that nature and it’s systems have their way/mechanism and we have own path/mechanism of transformations of continuations to some tendencies or goals.
This is about developing a common denominator of actions, processes, mechanisms. For what? For pure theory?
The absolute goal of groups of suggestions, thesis about the tool of joint management of all processes, on my part written under the common title “masters of life and universe”, is
constructing organizing the mechanism of the acceleration of retrieval, processing energy/matter manipulation – the effect of the processes of constructing, reconstruction, neo-constructing on ever deeper levels of natural systems as well as ours already developed, towards self-emerging neo structure processes, and neo generating, but always in the end managed by a human, as it has always been and is used to drive, for example, a farm, … horse management, wind … management, etc.
Such a kind of artificially generated dark matter/energy – such a non-model, non-natural intervention for human use, which improves itself for consumerism/economy and civilization, and vice versa … and this is the task and function and mechanism of selective economics, liberating itself as effectively as possible from market and natural defects, and rather go, create, act towards humanistic developmental aspirations background rather than vegetative or self-destructive one.

Thus, the absolute paradigm of the entire enterprise, this absolute core, is the strategy of permanent total cost reduction of components for further processing, creation, multi-trillion times more efficiently, using autonomous automation, which this strategy historically and today will not find the right demand and needs on the market … .clean vanity. So here you need to artificially accelerate this trend as the basis for any existence and development if our position and attitude have to be higher than destructive and at best vegetative with feigned tricks of progress … a cockroach.
And this is the paradigm of the role of the selective economy mechanism looking for organizational, demand, supply, inspirational market and technological niches, this cheapness, i.e. the efficiency of creating, neo creation, re-creation of processes and structures in competition, competition, cooperation with other systems, and cooperation in own economic and social civilization system.

It is a total cost reduction that means hyper-efficiency of hyper generic production components for further production, more or less public-private ventures such as medicine, astronautics, ecology and anything else.
This is an asymmetrical approach to processes, reconstructively influencing classical models of structures, processes, their effectiveness above the classical system of use and observation, perception – such a specific aim to produce their own dark matter, superior to current models of observation, measuring and using nature and its potential. … and first at all our steering ingenuity/efficiency potential too permanently supported by developing/galloping automation.
Cost reduction has always been a historic trend … is and will be a futuristic trend of effectivization, exploitation of trends on our part or other natural systems in us and beyond in micro and macrocosmic dimensions.
Until now, we have lowered, cost-effectively, the level of our still vegetative life, say up to 1000 times, and it will continue to be in trend and will be, here in the proposals, however, we are talking about a reduction of multi-trillion multiple effects … it is a kind of evolutionary counterattack, greater hyper evolutionary activity, creative neo creative…that allow break barriers of standards so to say constant factor of living and …matter/energy manipulation…but accelerated by layer after next layer structurally maneuvering/engineering  in domino effect significantly generating further consequences of the creation,  neo creation, hyper evolution by mega-production – more about it in next part of the mechanism of applied…creation…of background…trends .

to be continued

Selective economics mechanism – the smaller&more numerous components in transformation engineering of structures of nature, the bigger potential of any structures manipulation. 3.f.

Competences for taking an active part in life and matter processes/structure means responsibility

So first at all one has to be more and more responsible, than a stone/a point(less), but …homo economicus …for own way of evolution and any transformation

– The more responsible – co-creation (technologically/=ecomically impact) of matter and life issues, the more chances impact on your life and nature’s fate.- broadening responsibility as the most important human factor in the entire environment and history/future…like a really hardworking/responsible partner/owner/inhabitant of/for better the garden’s (properties/features) breeding carer of our nature/god.

Selective economics means developing, trading with other natural systems of their strength, vector structure of advantage or/and adversity – working out our place and reconstructive potential/transformational vector of actions, not only the direction but also the depth of exploitation and exploitation tools, technologization … channeling additional reconstructive processes transformative enterprises that apparently/initially go beyond models of current perception and exploitation – the so-called dark matter/enargy=externally distorting model of perceptions/transformations, and of the existing current exploitation potential/imaginations models/formulas of nature.

Artificial vectoring of the processes of nature structures towards component/tool micromanipulation by such methods as it was historically in the process of technology development. Such repetition of history in the micro transformation world by means of human entrepreneurship and ingenuity, and so on repetitively towards exploitation, transformation into increasingly more precise level through the micro-world of more and more massive exploitation of deeper and deeper process structures and tools, better and better by means of better programming of autonomous tooling, vectoring economically in the direction of hypernatural transformation, hyper evolution, and further progress in the vectorization of progress in mutual exploitation and tooling of our artificial and natural world and space and matter/life.

The use of selective economics of its mechanisms, i.e. the strategy of mass detailing, processing … structures of life and matter – a broader and deeper strategy of understanding and neo generating of gene and atom/elementary particle structures. Hyper economical recognition of systems changes the face of nature, a look at nature, strategy of nature, life strategies, a new strategy of economy, development, science, religion … pushing the boundaries of their competences, eliminating, omitting certain functions and adding others.

Selective economics as a genetic tool for manipulation of nature from our non-passive side by means of further specification, entering into the depths structurally and tool-wise … automatically, autonomously, genetically – it is a mechanism for controlling processes, properties, structures, controlling structuring, vectoring with all the properties of nature.

It is a continuation of further logistic specification by more and more autonomous manufacturing, managing components to generate extensively wholesale, deeper and … cheaper … economically selectively all-natural processes … further components of this process for further more efficient logistics … Etc.

Without responsibility, there is no effective strategy to influence. Lack of this strategy of influencing processes means accepting responsibility regardless of competence…ecology. So it is about taking over the competency strategy, generating logistics strategy, genome management processes of nature structures .. it is the competence of logistic determination of economics (hyper evolutionary) vectors of processes and structures of nature.

The competence of change to nature, …to change the black holes as well, of course, according to the responsible economy of developing the control of autonomy of enterprises of/for hyper evolution, natural hypernatural enterprises according to the domino effect of hyper massive technological/evolutionary mega-production, hyper core of ordinary economy -= the selective economics.

The smaller/more numerous components in multiplication and transformation engineering of processes and structures of nature by most bigger percentage transformation part of autonomous mechanism accelerator, the bigger potential and chances of any processes structures manipulation and this is the main goal of selective economic strategy… mechanism.

So it is about searching for the mechanism of selective economics – hyper evolution, building its efficiency of transformability and transparency.

Multi-trillion reduction towards zero costs of
components formations that are as self-building, self-fulfilling as energy /= efficiency, like a kind of machine for steering the processes of neo evolution without restrictions of ordinary politics, ordinary economics, without connections of social dependencies, local market, primitive=a/anty pro evolutionary on our side of existence level- consumptive relations, without unmeaningful arrangements and games. And this is the sense, the goal of selective economics, its strategy of speeding by geometric pace the processing of progress, a kind of continuation of the historical process of tool progress, but in geometrical progress, without vegetative and other accretions of these barriers that do not need for our rights and the potential for right momentum for our role in playing dark matter / energy factor, going beyond the current models, beyond current paradigms, going much further beyond current existential and developmental competences.

Developing this mechanism of autonomy in the strategy of selective economics is in itself an art-for-art process, it is the key to further developing other more specific tasks of neo-processing, neo-construction in the fields of physics, astronautics, ecology, medicine … economy.

to be continued to analyze of logistic/mechanism of economic selective handling of our ingenuity and technological potential of/for neo transformations acceleration of life and matter.

Selective economy =…Autonomous (mechanic and natural) “horses” power -is… the human “dark matter-energy” potential .3.e.

An additional and potential factor of so-called dark matter / energy in the observed environment, not only because of the undiscovered natural potential, but also not worked out, not involved in the so-called standard calculations and observations, the contribution of the technological and … economic factor hyper (i.e. not) natural / evolutionary, controlled by means of human generation potential, i.e. simply the selection of internal and external environment processes … it is a multiplier factor of geometric progression (multiple domino effect) “d” for all existing models and patterns previous and present in the perception and exploitation of the astrophysical environment as well as astrobiological (i.e. observable general descriptions, experiences, applications of trends/processes, and structures of matter and life) may have repeatedly – asymmetrical from the point of view of previous observations and calculations – translating into the so-called other side of the equation, i.e. not only “d” but the multiplicative dimension of our human technological / economic contribution “d” already not only in observations but in transformations of properties and absolute transformations of processes and structures in repeatedly exponential, autonomous progress, ultimately programmed/ controlled by man, … finally, man – his ingenuity and aspirations are the absolute factors to steer/rushes the natural and autonomous (mechanic and natural) “horses” power.

So, to any process model, structure, you can add a natural and technological multiplier factor “dn” and “dt” from the point of view of another, not burdened by the old pattern and perception approach/possibility – just because of another uncovered, not developed prospect, perception potential, technology … economics, belief in a more than a vegetative state of thinking, acting, further tools modernization/=further multiplication of automation as an obvious civilization process of human potential development, produced and detectable potential of “dark” matter/energy, developed gardening of micro and macro cosmos of matter and life.

The proposed open solution models cannot be clear and rigid due to the variable spatiality of the operating space, changes in the properties of processes of nature structures, which does not forbid coming out with temporally specific models and further investments, organization of projects moving forward finally, breaking the limits of our competence activities, production, further discoveries of the neo creation of new open models for further development further and further, deeper and deeper forward shifting the competences of religion and science open to further asymmetrical abutments with existing perceptions, further search for sense and directions inspiring structures / processes … as the monks did, further shifting the faith and inspiration of reasoning, working out nature, its technological organizational, scientific, economic and life image.
Increasing the speed of change increases the risk of accidents, but ultimately gradually increases the chances of shifting forward the generation of potential, level, existential and civilization position against the background of past position, against current other levels, generic properties, and natural systems.

Really open in action faith nevertheless gives within the limits of data the knowledge of creation, further symptoms and so-called moral strategic mechanisms to further develop faith strategy deeds action thinking concepts and meaning rather than putting unconsciously against the wall of ignorance of “lightning sky” that this faith would not actually be incapacitated because it would be equal closed models already at start brake any neo creative inspirations for the gardening of matter and life.

So the strategy of the neo creation shall have the most efficient character in competition and co-competition, co-work with other systems of nature of matter and life in us, beyond us for us.
Very massive modernization of tools, automatization, automatization mechanic horses of nature, or better to say give up more autonomy for the enormous potential of harnessing the horsepower/energy economical/technological efficiency of natural processes and structures.
We speak here about very autonomous ( structurally, processable self-developing/driven) industrial park development not only technologically but economically as well because of technology and strategy decisions can simply take down prices/costs of creation so-called commercial/technological, but also structural generic deal with nature by/for the bright and dark energy/matter features…simply from nothing the invisible hand of ingenuity of technological/economic efficiency.

The main issue of the aspect and I think most important in the selective economics strategy is to take down costs of the core of the hyper evolution driver to nil, not burdening current economy but in opposite support it.

The hidden/not worked out yet potential of life and matter and vice-versa by the technology/selective economy(strategy of tooling of creation mater and life) directing creation, re-creation neo creation… for the finally find out practically the meaning of potential of dark matter energy technological and natural

The “dark” energy/matter natural and build(artificial) potential of it is a strategy of selective economic, is our technologically and lively strategy and deal with nature.
Shortly the selective economy is… the “dark matter-energy” potential of/for any development and existence by man.

to be continued to a further, deeper mechanism of technologic/economic(means human) specifications of nature potential.

The mechanism of the selective economy as active logistic procedure/human participation in vectoring domino mechanism of the hyper evolution/=engineering of all natural processes, structures. 3.d.

We further analyze systems, methods, mechanisms of breaking, neo-creation processing, neo-evolution of perceptional closed, existing models of nature. Closed at a given / current or outdated level of perception and then thinking and action.
It is about developing a more than model (better would be to say logistic of modeling an infinity of nature and its components/structures../models deeper processing and restructuring) – more than seen “natural” systems, no longer based on our temporary primitive tool perception and the current level of exploitation by contemporary industrial park and by their level of/by … mental, but further depth, development, manipulation (… if we want to live … civilizational and individual) structures of nature logistic and engineering and … economically for the further life system, simply for the continuation of life and not succumbing to road roller of nature=other evolutionary systems of micro and macrocosmic matter, as if this(new -neo/re created life and matter) extra worked out by extra exploited, produced, processed, constructed – neo constructed, neo creative.

It is out or upper( or better to say deeper and further modeling, splitting and reconstructing current or out of age models of “atoms”, “genes”) model reconstruction, energetic exploitation of… mass, matter, life components, above model, above mass, above light approach by current spectrum of perception (and so closed mind), and influencing current and future processes / structures.

Shortly – Active – (technologically by domino effect) intervention economization of all natural processes- responsibly because we are anyway responsible for our life and the entire environment, so long we can, and we really can- we have the ingenuity genome/spark, and gardens of Eden/cosmos duty/right from/of nature/God.

Religion, science, this proper science, and religion was and is an attempt at mental and practical harnessing of nature/god.
Just testing, work in over-model, hyper-perceptional approach, solving barriers, problems, potentials – the only question is whether it has to be more or less passively based in actions to master, develop deeper models of nature, evolutionary, creative … hyper evolutionary, neo creative.

Religion, which was associated with the development of science and initiated this science, just as science itself should always be in progress in relation to the mercilessness and ossification of processes, stagnant, so-called natural models (we are also economically and … religiously full-fledged elements/members of this nature and our concurrent human – not just point- ambitions towards other internal or external systems of this nature) for the above-model trend, not stagnation and giving up.

And this is real science and religion … in action
Faith and/with action without any excuse to build new dams, farms for protection and … breeding life and matter beyond static “science and faith” models and prejudge.
… Needed for the organizational expansion above this invisible to current models and frames – a factor of specific black matter and black energy.

Religion, science, and faith are intended to be above outdated division models, constant visions because whole nature and god are unknown and require systems and values ​​of nature that require further responsible knowledge and exploration and thus responsible gardening (manipulation/hyper evolution/ neo creation/selective economics) of the nature.

This divinity, this dream, these intentions, this science is this dark potential energy and mass literally and figuratively for changes, it is potential and faith as well as strategy and action.
Piercing the barrier of dreams, of constants barrier or of… passing
it is the role of science and faith for further engineering strategies to build above that scaffoldings, foundations of the park/industry park/garden to fulfill these dreams and beliefs, and not to stop working on them to fulfill promises and not to explain ourselves as eaten worms…because of … the fate of nature .

The goal of this strategy of mastering the rudder with ever deeper processes and structures of natural systems is the most projective (taking over and transcending nature transformation systems) approach to the automation system, i.e. translating strategy the hyper evolutionary/natural programs into the construction, neo-construction of natural and artificial systems.
Selective economics is to take a key role in this process of deeper and deeper economic specification of processes, structures, including the so-called creative vanity economics initiating an inspiring further feedback effect.

And it is an absolute condition and goal, a tool in determining the rest of any ventures determining the further strategy and actions in science, production, evolution, hyper evolution.
Without it, we cannot speak, we cannot dream of efficient opportunities to transform, manipulate, tune the properties of structure processes, and this is our potential competence and … not to blame our competences on nature or god- these competences move further in accordance with rights and obligations, to further boundaries of knowledge by this time by competences of God and nature of “permanent”, model boundaries, but always temporary, not a constant.

to be continued with selective economics as a genetic tool for manipulating processes of natural structures in/by the progressive domino system.

The mechanism of selective economy. 3.c. Responsibility and potential of improving processes of gardening of life and matter.

What is the purpose of writing about these organizational, technological control frameworks, the absolute, direct impact on natural processes as well as on the effective growth of our production / tool potential, which has to be the physical supplement of hyper evolution, hyper economics, selective control economics / multiplier / multiplication processes with vectoring directions that interest us?

It is simply the shared responsibility of gardening of the earth and the sky(climate)/heaven, it is … breeding stem cells…artificially = artificial autonomous, physical … systems of robot teams, like artificial viruses, vaccines – specific antibiotics in the macro/micro version in the process of …fun, learning, tests, experiments, production, mega-production, mega economics, hyper evolution of all, I repeat all the processes of so-called living and dead matter, more or less known, unknown, processed, neo produced here on earth, in every particle, in each of us, in all conquered dimensions of perception, by mega-production/hyper evolution in space, and by first at all open mind of open models and visions of life and space/matter literally and figuratively.

Here, the aspect is emphasized that at some point learning without the more deserved start potential of advanced hyperproduction, breeding, our actions become only alchemy/faith all the time at the philosophical level, the visionary level which, without active support … becomes only divination, faith not based on deeds but only wishful thinking… The need for an ingenious, economical, engineering approach to instrumenting experimental processes of changes in/for active evolution with the role of a neo evolutionary initiator.

Different systems and we (our system under development) also including their activities, structurality, processability are programmings affecting reconstruction processes that can simply be enclosed in a simple perception model and formulas and definitions such as the energy, matter, but also … opened formulas to other dimensions, artificially developed or newly discovered natural dimensions, such as the dark energy, dark matter, and our hypernatural structures, selective economics processing of/by hyper evolutionary = hyper/mega-productive actions.

Hyper automation, hyper energy, hyper materiality, hyper economy, hyper cheapness=hyper efficiency of processes from already above the creative vanity economically process but as part of an autonomous operation manipulation system without uncritically looking at the knowledge of closed energy and material models – i.e. specifically go in black energy, over black mass / matter systems and “systems” worked out in the process of total automation, the autonomy of teams, processes, structures organized within selective economics are an absolute paradigm of explaining the higher stages of speed/dimension … cosmically, spatial, material, biological.
Moving and supporting barriers to cognition, faith, and vision with the help of work, i.e. improving the process of … Eden gardening.

This hidden/undiscovered yet (it will never be thoroughly discovered due to the variability and infinity of structures and processes of nature and …our infinitely potential) energy, mass beyond / deeper than the closed Emc2 model, may have a natural character yet unknown and so-called artificial not worked out, with a structure known , unknown, worked out, not worked out/produced systems viruses, systems, … civilizations, including the systems of our civilization, our potential contribution, which could also be defined as an army with or without weapons/tools in dealing with natural powerful, infinite systems .. Strengthening our own life system … material system quality that is not so worn out easy, subject to other structures, processes…by
…Multi-material 3d micro printers / micro drones in huge quantities produced / producing themselves (mutating material … masses too) – in a global system in us and beyond … the Earth (with / for support of telecommunication 6G system), and very fast scanning, repairing, improving … for the exit from the cage of a peculiar evolutionary labor camp=work treadmill of a breeding horse with known effect.

Selective economics is a strategy of war/defense, reconstruction, construction, strengthening systems, initiatives, tactics in the total reconstruction of the use of all matter in this dark matter/dark energy =/neo-constructive by means of technological efficiency, i.e. not including or hyper reconstructively engineering that breaks classic physical, process, biological, … production, economic and production models and perceptions – as part of the strategy of improving classical consumer economics, it is a derivative of selective economics more or less consciously used as oil or uranium energy historically.

Nature, its systems or system is not your absolute oracle, but colleagues/systems of nature to which you should relate as a partner, diligently if you are a thinking person, and not lazily, not self-incapacitating piously wish yourself and count on those colleagues special better considerations and favor.

to be continued with the open (not so easy)formulas/=sentences to further break the closed models of nature of life and matter of/by the more aware economy and…science…and more aware/faith better supported by diligence and productive ingenuity.

The mechanism of selective economics for/of crossing “light” barriers, models of knowledge and creation. 3.b. Towards artificial not know yet- means “dark”- matter/energy.

We enter a not easy open specification ocean of relationships, mechanisms of natural and artificial – also not yet known- factors that can affect the acceleration, slowing down of all change processes.

Developing knowledge/awareness of (take part passively or actively in) automation of relations and processes was and is natural, but it is rather programmed automatism – not always known to us, and not always with our predictions, observations, and models – that allows us to coexist equally, co-play in natural structures … in more or less known systems of life and matter … their spirit, spirits.

This vanity economy is burdened with the pursuit of existential market primitive consumer rules of the game of modern economics, but this vanity economy can be inspired at the same time – so to say – selective economics, the art of general evolutionary struggle/defense and expansion, development.

Application of the selective economy mechanism in medicine and in every operational, business and other fields.
Selective economics is joining more and more in co-play and competing with natural mechanisms and at the same time more efficient co-determination, co-constructing natural processes of evolutionary matter and life as well as so-called economic fluctuations and artistic thought as well as existential consumption, scientific, production, marketing, economic and religious, finding the spirit of the system of cooperation with nature seen and not seen … God(=not to the end known partner/s of nature systems), heaven, cosmos in a really macro and really micro versions.

This absolute policy of automatism is to eliminate the attitude of economics (thinking) towards vegetative maintenance of services only for … the workplace, only for artistry – because it is too short-sighted to stay…alive in the ocean of systemic transformation of micro and macro space … And it will give more real freedom of vanity, but for more efficient creativity, and at the same time powerfully supported selective economics caused by production, hyper evolutionary technology … more efficient economically/evolutionary selective.

So this selective economics allows greater and greater liberation of this “healthy part of vanity” economy of this freedom more in line with and for a more aware position in nature, and less than with vegetative, being in enslave position.
Selective economics is the economics of liberation from poverty, a vegetative style … = from treading on dignity, for greater freedom and a range of scientific ideas and artistic ideas.

Increasing a sense of security with positive consequences. Combating evolutionary, ecological poverty … low level of security … unnecessary vegetative, incapacitating fear, surrender.

The use of selective economics – its components of vanity and selectivity in the definition and application of … Emc2 and similar closed models to the broader definition of economics and … astrophysics, astrobiology in a broad supra-terrestrial, visible description of trends and applications against unawareness, forgetting itself( building/developing/supporting own position) in processes in terms of selective economics and vanity – the same applies to all scientific and production models of specific controlled inertia, fineness of processes, structures … attitude, dogma, lack of a deeper economic (including ecological) view on real relations of economics to nature and vice versa in a progressive, developmental process.
So selective mechanism of system economy allows supporting more the healthy part of vanity economy against the sick one, with feedback effect.

Unawareness, forgetting in processes in terms of selective economics and vanity economics – the same applies to all scientific and production models of specific controlled inertia, fineness of processes, structures … attitude, dogma, lack of a deeper economic (including ecological) view on real relations of economics to nature and vice versa in a progressive, developmental process.
The greater the unhealthy vegetative vanity, the greater the threats to the foundations of security and the development of production and science built by selective economics, and vice versa.

Negative, vegetative vanity/selective economy game and system inhibits creativity higher than that equaling or surpassing to trends, tendencies of evolutionary systems of matter and life, and freeing oneself from stagnation/suicide vegetative economy vanity, with the help of the developed autonomy of automation – absolute programmed autonomy will break beyond the barriers ( seem impossible in the coming centuries) evolutionary, based in the biological as well as material, energy field due to this division of quasi-economic vanity from quasi selective economics and further development of this simple model with the rest of trends, stagnation or proceedings, depending on this hyper economic, hyper evolutionary, hyperphysical -…like extra artificial build/mega produced dark matter structures-  model of efficiency, development like … Emc2 was developed to a smaller and wider extent with this powerful effect and potential – apparently nothing at first glance – a simple model, a model to start with.

So we going to deeper and deeper layers than emc2, than ordinary economics dogmas (or temporary perception models) of simply features of today with/by selective economics for further more active, productive treat alchemic – means more depend, shaped from featured, a neo created points of view – perceptions.

to be continued with the economical mechanism of life and matter specifications.

The mechanism of functioning of selective economics as a hyper evolutionary arrangement of economic relations as well as trends in nature at ever-deeper levels. Part 3.a.

The goal of selective economics is to increase perseverance/efficiency, resistance to material, structural, process expansion in co-creation, creation of new structures – neutral or hyper evolutionary enterprises in the surrounding environment in increasingly deeper and further, smaller and larger natural structures, processes, and generated, produced through human civilization as well.
Increasing the efficiency of processes, structures – not only generic, but simply energetically reconstructive, neo-constructional-astrophysical astrobiological building blocks – i.e. fundamental in all known areas of physical, biological structures of life and matter (mass/energy, as well as deeper / further areas of exploitation and reconstruction of processes) ), is like constantly improving a vaccine against permanently mutating viruses … systems, also aiming to overtake them in their expansion, their (neo) creation and development.
So not only of course defense but also activating, generating our own restructuring initiatives, regenerating our own development environment, processes, and structures at increasingly developed programming, control and automation levels in equally automated natural evolutionary trends of living matter and “dead” matter …
the same concerns the development … of the evolutionary – economic selective – control of processes of contemporary trends in the free market economy, according to the given level of organization and awareness, and the level of application of hyper evolutionary production technology, i.e. raising the level of the post-industrial park, and so further raising the level of human life and thinking from vegetative and vanity state…of free market.
We are speaking here about two sorts of vanity – vanity of the vegetative state of living just by evolutionary trends…by evolutionary(ecologically)blind free market, and vanity supported by selective economy, means creational vanity, freedom vanity for further inspirations for directing trends of-for artificially (hyper)evolution by selective economics.
By the way, never forget that ecologic negligence was/is nothing to do with the thoughtful strategy of the hyper evolutionary competition by the selective economy.
Selective economy makes the skeleton genome more specific to the environment and the free market, for better reconstruction of it from the entire economy with natural and non-natural resources – which, however, despite all these evolutionary hyper mixed with vanity, and at random hit depending on the fate of internal/external trends – mechanisms that, however, can be modified to improve, that is, safer, more efficient existence and development on our part.
Selective economics is for extracting from the vegetative state.
The strategy of autonomous (bred) automatic raising the level of manipulation and hyperproduction structures in the evolutionary environment of matter and life.
Selective economics is generally, its mechanism of action can be compared with a space explosion auto(matic) race or a viral epidemic auto(matic) race that we shall take a more and more active part but only automatically to have any chances to survive and further existence and sustainable but not submissive development.
It is a chase (and not digging in with temporary achievements) with further depths, levels of process manipulation, nature structures such as e = mc2, such as the supersonic construction effects of a man and his production park – selective hyper evolutionary animate and inanimate matter (e.g. use antibiotics) – constructing into structures increasingly deeper and faster like viruses … race against viruses and other micro and macro systems of the cosmos here on earth and beyond…- not only viruses but also of deeper and deeper (manipulations) physically and biologically generally trends of life and micro-macro cosmos.
Economical breaking of old structures, creation of structurally new ones, further automatic internal specifications, and reproductions of … physical, biological processes … their economics (application of selective economics directly in natural, evolutionary processes), this economics of specification and specialization in further processes of embracing, capturing structures space, mass – its further specification … energy. light, earth, existential barriers, or rather the potential of life, the world, the sky/heaven, the cosmos and … god.
Selective economics includes ordinary economics, which today is not aware – or unwilling to be aware of the evolutionary role, although this vanity, purposeful or pointless of anty selective economics also has a color function and is important in the process … of the evolution race treadmill, giving direction to our desires and here the vanity is not always obsessed with directly accounting for the pure accounting of the cosmic trend of structure processing…most important the vanity shall be independent from vegetative status by evolutionary submissions to free market that is ambivalent generally to evolutionary (ecologically as well) tendencies…because of still very primitive technology and production, that not allow to stand up from knee, to really free hands/=automation to be more freely for moving between levels , layers of nature and its evolutionary tendencies.
to be continued